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Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 23

Let’s begin

Sanskar couldn’t believe his ears… That what just he listened… He was looking at Shekhar who is looking other side with a stiff face…

Shahveer:but uncle why???

Sanskar: uncle did i do anything wrong.. Uncle!!!

Shekhar: don’t you understand in the simple language….!!please..never come here and tommorrow we are going back to Delhi…

San: but why?? There should be some reason…

Shekar:i think it’s not my need to explain you!!!

He leaves from there!!!

Sanskar looks at sahil: Sahil!!

Sahil moves to him

And holds his shoulder!

San:sahil…atleast i matter to know why??

Sahil:i have nothing to reply you Sanskar…i myself confused…may be may this is the fate

Sanskar: fate!!i have decided my future and it’s Ragini… And whatever be it HER only… Give me some valid reason then only i may back off but without telling what wrong i did…. How can you do that??? Sahil you tell me…. Did i do any wrong!!

Sahil:Sanskar now you go…i will talk to dad about it!

San: no i myself want to talk….
Sahil convinces him to go and he will speak..

Sanskar unwillingly goes with shahveer and Aliya

Here Shekar could listen his talks.. He sees sanskar going from the window…

He knew sanskar had many questions with him


Shekhar was so happy about sanskar and he didn’t wanted to test him anymore….. His happiness had no bounds… He even decided that this day he will accept him by asking forgiveness because knowingly or unknowingly he doubted his abilities

He was coming out of the office and he sees Sujatha there

Shekhar smiles: Sujatha ji!

Sujatha:bhaai saab mujhe aapse kuch baat karni hai

Shekar: yes tell me

Sujatha; not here

Shekar: let’s go inside….

Both gets seated..

Shekhar was about to speak

Sujatha:Plz i beg you to leave my son…
She folds her hand

Shekhar couldn’t understand: what?

Sujatha:i don’t want my son to marry your daughter…i told him a lot and tried to make him understand about…..but…now i have only hope is you bhai saab…plzz i am begging you my son’s future

Shekhar doesn’t tells anything but now

Fb ends

Shekhar was hurt…. Not because of her plead to leave her son but the way she indirectly degraded his daughter but he couldn’t say it’s said that a daughter’s father should bend his head…but in his case he was proud of his daughter…but the thing is he have never degraded his daughter neither does now nor he will do it… For his daughter he can anything… Any farther would never accept a relation where his daughter has no respect… He trusts Sanskar
And he won’t blame Sujatha too …any mother wants best for her son…but her words hurt him a lot….

Janki: Shekhar why did you do this?

Shek: because i want my daughter to live in a respect

Janki: but sanskar…

Shek: yes janki he is very good… But not the society….i want make my daughter to live with her self respect…i have never considered her as a victim of autism she is my first daughter… She was the one who made me a daughter’s father…. And i am so proud of it…and tell me one thing even if Sahil is against you for some matter at the end end where he would come?

Janki: why are you asking such questions?

Shekhar: he would choose you right?

He didn’t notice the surrounding

Sanskar was standing at the door

Shekar: because you trust your upbringings

Sanskar goes from there….

Shekjan sees it…

Shekhar gets worried and follows him…

Shek: sanskar

Sanskar stands: now i don’t want to talk to you…but to talk to someone else…

He goes to Ragini’s room… He sees she hasn’t slept

Here sujatha has shared this with dasi

Dasi: finally we are free from that girl

Sujatha:ab sanskar ko sambhalna hai

Monali: don’t worry aunty..i will console him

San:laado…will you come with sansii for some time

Rag immediately stands…

She goes to wardrobe to pick her dress

San: no need to change the dress

She has wore night dress

Rag: laado hairband

Sanskar takes a hairband from the dressing table and makes her wear it

Rag: laado shoes…

She takes her shoes.. She wears it and sanskar ties her shoelace

Shekar: where are you taking Ragini!!

Sanskar: because some people thinks Ragini as abnormal and i want to prove them wrong!!!

Sanskar holds her hand and was about to take her.. Shekhar comes infront of him: no…u..i don’t want my daughter to be the reason to create rift in your family

Sanskar: if you trust me… Then you will not stop me today Uncle…

He leaves him

Sanskar takes Ragini along with him

Janki to Shekhar: Shekhar.. Now someone else have entered Ragini’s life who has created different amd a special place in our Ragini’s life and even if you try hard you can’t stop him…and now i feel my daughter with get the respect in society more than i expected!

Shekhar looks at her….

Sahil follows him….

Here Monali:i can understand… In which pain you are going through… But trust me sanskar everything will be alright…and Sanskar i think you should move on…

Monali was practicing the lines she was standing out of the house waiting for Sanskar…

Monali: yeh ladka abhi tak aaya kyun nahi…?monali tu tho pagal hojayegi…first of all… sanskar#handsome husband#rich husband#mm#alishaan sasuraal#monali#daughter-in-law and wife#richest sasural

Monali smiles dreamily: what a beautiful life!

She sees sanskar’s car and runs to his side being over excited

Sanskar gets down the car

Monali: sanskar

He looks at her

Monali:i can understand… In which pain you are going through… But trust me sanskar everything will be alright…

San:what you are taking about?

Monali:that shekar uncle have rejected you….

San: how you got to know this? Upto my knowledge there wasn’t anyone

She then gets being over excited what she did…

Sanskar: i am demanding for you an genuine reply…

Monali gulps

San:tumse baadme niptoonga…

He goes other side
Then monali notices Ragini in the car she was shocked……

Now only one question was coming in her mind what about her dream!!!😜😜

To be continued…

So how was the part???

Jald hi Monali ki band bhajne wali hai😉

Guess what will happen next?

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