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Chandrashekhar 1st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra joins Kashi school

Chandrashekhar 1st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with someone rescuing Chandra. Police discusses about keeping a watch at Chandra. Chandra is at lake side. He tells Shiva that a noble man has saved him. Shiva says those men are policeman’s nephews. Chandra shows the man who saved him. Shiva says he is Guru ji of Kashi school. Chandra says I should stop him. He goes to Guru ji and clarifies that it was not his fault. Guru ji says Azad, Gauri Shankar Shastri told me about you, you are brave, will you study in Kashi school, are you ready. Chandra says yes, but I have no money. Guru ji says don’t worry about money, just come tomorrow. The students in ashram talk to Chandra and wish him the best. Shastri ji comes there. He blesses everyone.

He says Chandra’s dream is getting fulfilled, I m happy, but we will miss you. Shiva

reminds their old days. Shastri ji asks Chandra to always have patience. Chandra thanks him for everything. He says I will always be ready to help you. Shastri ji says you are Chandra Shekhar Azad, we will miss you, take care. Chandra leaves. He reaches Kashi school. He meets Guru ji. He gets a good welcome. Guru ji asks him to study well, learn from the students and teach them something, he is given the chance because he loves his homeland. He goes to see his room. He talks to his room mate and befriends him. The room mate talks much. Chandra settles in the room and sleeps.

An incident is shown when the people opposed Britishers’ goods. Gandhi ji gets upset with the people’s deaths. He stops the non violence cooperation movement. He tells everyone that we can’t get freedom based on violence. He refuses to achieve such freedom. Tikaram tells inspector that people are angry, they can burn the police station. Inspector says we will not leave the station, we shouldn’t get scared.

Chandra dines with everyone. Some guys rag him and ask him to sing a song. Chandra sings Ganga maiyya…. His room mate recalls where he has seen Chandra. He says I remember now, you are Azad right, one who has tolerated much tortures. He tells all the students that this guy is Chandrashekhar Azad. Everyone gets silent. Shiva catches Chandra and says you forgot me. Chandra says I visited your home, where did you go. Shiva says I went to ghat for some relatives’ last rites. Chandra says my first day was good there. They see some people running. They rush to see a man dead. Shiva asks what happened. The man says this freedom fighter was killed.

Chandra gets upset seeing this. Shastri ji gets to hear Gandhi ji’s decision on radio and gets sad. Chandra comes and asks him about Gandhi ji’s decision. Shastri ji asks him to freshen up first and come to talk. Chandra goes. He gets ready and comes. Shastri ji says Gandhi ji’s heart got hurt by the incident, he was upset over people’s death. He wanted to stop violence. Chandra and his friend discuss the same. Shastri ji says I have kept a fast today, we all know that Gandhi ji is also observing the fast, will you support Mahatma Gandhi and observe fast, the food is already made. The students agree. Chandra recalls the tortures.

Chandra eats food and refuses to follow on Gandhi’s way. Shastri ji asks him not to say this. Chandra still denies.

Update Credit to: Amena

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