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Hi guys I am a great fan  of I am here  to write a ff .i am starting  my story with current  plot. Hope u guys would like my ff.

At adi’s birthday :

Zoya is busy preparing fpr adis bthd party .Here adi is unaware of that .adi is in office  is thinking  about zoya .suddenly  he gets the flashes of  yash and pooja    and holding  their hands . he gets angry.then he thinks about  the way he is treating  zoya .

Fb starts

While zoya is out and  adi sees zoya happily talking to  her office colleagues  and  goes to her and other colleagues leave  them .

Adi: hell ms zoya ,why do u look happy today .

Zoya : every timr u get  angry u come and talk to me and  I am getting hurted  by  ur words  and I get hurted .so I have decided  to stop worrying  about  it . why should I worry  about it for some one’s mistake  and she makes a puppy face wuth a smile and she leaves  from the place.

Adi comes back to his sense and realizes his mistakes  and  how he had been hurting  zoya  by his words and his actions .

Screen shifts  to zoya

Zoya is busy preparing  for adi’s  birthday  celebration  and is doing  the preparations  very quick

Adi is not interested to celebrate  his birthday after the death  of pooja  and he likes  celebrating his birthday with pooja only .

Zoya informs about her surprise  for adi and she asks him to help her arjun accepts it  and zoya  tell arjun  to bring adi to the venue  without informing about the surprise .

Arjun : bhai , I am gmg for a party  can u join with me today.

Adi : arjun . you seem  to behave like a small kid  to attend parties .

Arjun: bhai u are coming with me and t  is final and no  more questions .

Adi : ok my bhai

Adi and arjun at the party

Adi and arjun enter the party and suddenly lights goes off and adi is shocked to see this and calls arjun and he is no where seen .

Here  zoya is ready with all the preparations  and she looks so cute. Lights gets on and he sees zoya standing infront of him  with the cake in her  hand and a cute smile in her face ,she sings  and others join her with the birthday song .

Adi is shocked to see this and he thinks was all this planned by zoya  and he is perplexed .

He comes back to his senses  and he cuts the cake  and a  presentations is shown .

Adi  is seeing the presentations

It show various pics of adi.

Adi is happy to see  this and he says to himself this is going be my best ever birthday  in my life  .

He  searches for zoya  and he finds her  talking in phonea nd goes to talk to her but she leaves  the place  and goes to see the preparations .

Precap: adi to thank zoya

Its a mere attempt of penning down my thoughts.I would like to hear your comments.rotten tomatoes as well as roses are welcome.

bye.will update soon.

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