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Aankhon mein Teri

Episode – 22nd

Recap :- Ahil and Naina gets married , Janki disapproved their alliance .

Naina : Yes , I am blind , But it dosen’t mean that I can’t see love , Love is not seen it’s done by heart and I promise you I’ll try to become a good wife .

Janki raised her hand ” No please, I’ll die , But will never accept this alliance , Never ”

Kamini : Ohh ! all this stupid things could be solved later , But It’s my Riya who should be here , Get out of here Naina .

Janki : Neither Riya Nor Naina could be my Ahil’s wife .

Adesh : You people have already insulted us a lot , Now it’s getting on my nerves . I can’t bear this anymore .

Kamini : I think you’ve forgotten that we’ve your sons pictures intimating with Riya , Now I’ve to take a next step .

Ahil : Yes , Off course , Please call the police so that I can tell them that how you made fake pictures and tried to scam us

Naveen : what ?

Ahil : Yes , This all was a plan I’ve that photographer .

Ahil waves his hands and Abhay comes in .

Abhay : Yes , He’s that man who did all this . Now should we call the police .

Kamini : Please Please don’t call the police .

Naina : I never thought that you could ever do this , Tell why did you did all this

Kamini : Just for money , I was mad , I thought after marrying Ahil my daughter would live a wealthy life .

Janki : Chhii ! just for sake of money you can go this far .

Kamini : Please tell me where’s is Riya ?

Janki : How  everything happened ?

Ahil : ( Flashback ) When Abhay was bringing Riya in car , Naina was tracing them in another cab . In midst , Abhay gave Riya some water and she fainted as water was chemically treated  and Naina replaced Riya .

Kamini : Please Please give me my daughter back .

Abhay : Wait I’ll call Rahul he’s there with Riya .

Abhay calls Rahul ” Rahul is Riya awaken Now ? ”

Rahul : Bro , A big happening has happened here

Abhay : Rahul what are you saying , Come now , Ahil has married Naina

Rahul : Bahi ! Riya isn’t here

Abhay : What are you saying Ha ?

Ahil : Abhay what’s the matter .

Abhay : Bro , Rahul is saying Riya is not with him.

Everyone gets shocked hardly .

Kamini : What does that mean where’s Riya ?

Ahil : She must be there only with Rahul .

Everyone goes out and sees everywhere for Riya , But she’s not anywhere .

Kamini : Oh lord where’s my Daughter .

Ahil : Rahul , When you’re here with her , Then where she could go ?

Rahul : Actually , While she was unconscious , I left her alone to attend the wedding and when I came back then she wasn’t here .

Ahil : Oh god , The surroundings are so … Where can she be ?

Kamini : This all happened because of you , I’m telling you , Naina if I didn’t found my daughter them I’m gonna kill you with my hands .

Ahil : Don’t worry she might be here only , Abhay call police right now .

Naina broke down : This all happened due to me ? I just hope she’s okay .

Ahil : Don’t worry the police will come and she’ll obviously find her .

POLICE comes and starts it investigations .

Ahil : Mom , Dad you please go home , We’ll handle

Adesh : But why do you want to be here with those people and help them

Ahil : Because you only have told me to be a good person always and help others , Right ? You go and take rest .

Janki and Adesh leaves .

POLICE : we tracked Riya’s phone and last location is the near jungle area , we’re going there .

Abhay : We’ll accompany you .

Ahil : Yea ! Abhay and me will accompany you , Rahul be here with Naina and Pinky keep me updated .

Naina : But she’s my sister , I should  accompany you

Ahil : Believe me we’ll bring her back , Okay stay here .

Ahil and Abhay goes with Police , While Naveen and Kamini leaves to look in surrounding areas .

Rahul sobs : This all happened because of me , I’m so careless .

Naina : No , Rahul you’re not at fault okay .

Rahul : No Bhabhi this all happened to me , I destroyed your marriage Party .

Naina : Rahul you’re my good friend , And I know you can never do like this , Believe me , Pinky go and get some water for him .

Pinky goes and gets water , ” Naina is this your phone ”

Naina : No this phone is of Kamini aunty , I remember , It has a metallic cover to it .

Pinky : Ya , I found it fallen near car

Naina : She must have forgotten .

After some times , Naina ” Rahul could you please call Ahil and ask him what’s going on there ”

Rahul ” Yes “, ” Hi Ahil did you got to know anything ” .
Ahil ” Not really much , But yes , A few people saw that a girl was brutally taken in a car through this road and she was shouting , So police thinks it could be kidnapping ”

Naina : what ? What Now ?

Ahil : Don’t worry they’re trying their best .

As soon as Rahul cuts the phone , Somebody calls Naina with an unknown number .

Naina : Pinky see who’s calling me

Pinky : Show me , It’s a unknown number .

Naina : But who can it be

Rahul : Just answer it . Put it on loud speaker .

Naina does as told ” Hello , Who’s this ”

On phone ” Is this Naina Rai ”

Naina : Oh Yea ! who’s this ?

Man on Phone : I’m whom , Whom you’re finding since past hour

Naina : Sorry I couldn’t understand

Rahul : See Man we’re already in tension , Don’t joke tell us what do you want

Man on phone ” I’m the kidnapper ”

Naina : what , What who are you , Where’s my Sister ?

Man : Hey , Hey chill , What do you think I’ll free her so easily , Nay , Then why’d I kidnapped her

Rahul : What do you want , How much money do you want tell us ?

Man : No , No if you want your sister , Then please , Come to the address I’m sending you right now .

Rahul : Ohh Bhai , Listen

Naina : Hey listen , Don’t do anything to her

Man : Don’t worry reach within half an hour and don’t you dare call police with you .

Rahul : Wait I just call Ahil .

The Next scene begins from , Ahil , Abhay and Naina are sitting in the car .

Ahil : What does this kidnapper want

Rahul : God knows , Where are we being called

Naina : And what does he wants from me , He ordered me to come .

Abhay : This is a crazy man , We’ve to be careful .

Ahil : Come let’s see , We’ve reached the address .

All of them goes and knocks the door , Of the house where they’re called.

As soon as Rahul knocks , The door opens itself as if some magical power did so

Abhay : Is this a place where kidnapping can be done or some witches live here and do magic .

Rahul : Oh god save me from bad people .

Abhay and Rahul goes in , Ahil holds Naina’s hand and steps in .

Naina : Ahil is the place really scary , It’s freaking me out

Ahil : Don’t worry and keep holding my hand okay .

Rahul : Hello , We’re here

Abhay : As you said , Naina and Ahil are here but No police

Rahul : Riya , Mr.Kidnapper , Somebody here .

The whole room was terribly dark , Someone from behind that black color spoke ” Welcome to all my dear peoples ”

Man : So want Riya , But promise me that you’ll follow one of my condition .

Rahul : My brother , We’ll give you as much as Money you want .

Abhay : Speak up , Show yourselves .

Suddenly the lights are turned on and Everyone is surprised to see in the front

Rahul : OMG

Abhay: It’s a dream

Ahil : Naina I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now

Naina : Ahil !! Tell me too Na !

Ahil : It’s Superstar DANGU BHAI

Naina : What ! What !!! I can’t believe , Pinch me .

Yes the man is DANGU BHAI – One of the famous Actor , Director from Udaipur .

Ahil : Sir you kidnapped Riya

Abhay : No we’re on wrong address really , He can’t

DANGU :- Oh yes you got it right I did it , Why can’t a famous actor do a kidnapping

Rahul : By the way sir , Can I ask you , How are you feeling after kidnapping Riya Rai , I hope you’re okay

DANGU :- you got it right !! I really remembering my NAINI , after kidnapping her

Naina : But sir , Why did you did it ?

DANGU : I’ll tell you , I did it for Naina , It’s a long story .

Naina : For me sir please tell me ,
Please .

DANGU : Okay , See that long clock back ( Everyone looks here and there ) Guys I mean long time back , I mean a few days back , I saw Naina standing at road , And she sang a beautiful Lori to that crying child

Naina : Oh yes I remember , When Ahil we were going for cricket match

DANGU : That time I was standing near you , But you didn’t noticed and I heard your melodic song , And that day I decided you’ll sing in my movie .

Naina : What No ! No ! My voice isn’t that good .

DANGU : That is why I did it , After that day I was searching you everywhere , I saw your family photo, And in morning beside temple I saw RIYA your sister and then a evil Plan came into my mind .

Ahil : Naina it’s a golden opportunity for you , Say Yes

Naina : No I can’t sing , Please

DANGU : Please don’t force her , I’ll give you a day to decide , Here’s my card , Call me and tell me your descion , Before 4 th may , Okay , Now please take your sister and you may leave

Rahul : DANGU BHAI please keep her with you only

DANGU : Sorry I can’t even think of it , Take her , And I’m sorry .

§ÌñHÄ’§ MÄñ§ÌÖñ

Janki : Ad , Ahil just called , Said They’ve found Riya and he’s coming back .

Adesh : He’s coming Alone

Janki looks into his eyes , Adesh : He must be coming with his wife

Janki : I’ve decided already , She’s not my daughter in law

Adesh : Your consideration dosen’t matters now , You used to say , You use to fly high saying my son , My son will marry the girl which I’ll chose for him , See the reciprocal is happening

Janki : Don’t worry , I’ll do what I’ve said , If I didn’t turned that girl out of my house , Change my name to anything then .

The security guard comes and informs that Ahil and Naina have come .

Ahil and Naina came and stood threshold and Ahil finds The doors of the house closed .

Ahil rings the bell ” Mom I’m here open the door now ”

Naina : Ahil should I ….

Ahil : Shhh Naina .

Janki roars : For this girl the doors of my house would never open .

Ahil : what’re you saying mom , I’ve married her

Janki : It was a Fraud marriage , You lied to everyone there .

Ahil : But I didn’t lied to Naina , We know what we were doing

Janki : Now whatever you’ll say I won’t pay heed , I you enter then set this girl out of my house

Naina : Ahil , I think I should go , Mom is right , This was a Fraud marriage .

Janki : Don’t call me mom , I’m nothing for you .

Naina : Remember aunt we met at Temple once and you kept your hands on my head and gave me blessings that I’ll get my love soon

Janki : That time I was mad , I didn’t knew who you are and it’s my biggest mistake ever .

Ahil : Mom , she’s the best , There’s no one like her in this globe

Janki : I don’t know , Now the doors will open only when , You’ll say I’ll come home alone otherwise it won’t .

Naina smoothly : She’s right ! I don’t deserve all this , We don’t have any match .

Naina steps back ” I am going back ”

Ahil grasped her hands ” No , I have took pledge during PHERE that I’ll never leave your hand , And will always support you ”

Ahil strongly : Okay Mom if that’s your condition , Then it’s mine , I’ll keep my foot in this house only when you’ll accept Naina and Me both as husband and wife , Otherwise I’ll never come back here .

Ahil holds Naina’s hand and took her away to car ” Come let’s go to your house , To our house .

Precap :- Ahil and Naina shifts to new house , Ahil strengthens Naina to say yes to offer and Sing .

  • For curiosity – Will Naina say yes
  • Soon She’ll become famous
  • Ahil has a gift for Naina
  • But something drastic happens with him

If you found any mistake please tell me , And yes I’m planning some names for next NAAMKARAN fan fiction , suggest me some , Like :- Tere dar par sanam , There Sang yara , Ashiqui yeh hai ask etc , Suggest me some titles like these .

Hope you liked it , Put thumbs up 👍👍, If you did , Do comment . Good night 💖💖

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