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A sweet moment (OS) by Monaa

“Come behind your music studio NOW” texted Kunj to Twinkle

Twinkle read the text message she received in between her recordings.

“What could it be? What he wants this time? Its just been 2 hours i am here and see he already came here.. Dont know whta happened to him these days.. He dont leave me alone for much time” Twinkle thought in mind. But shrugged her thoughts away and went to meet her husband taking a break from her recording for a few minutes.

As Twinkle reached there, she saw his cutee husband standing there waiting for her looking into his mobile nad smiling, God knows why, thought Twinkle.

“Why did you called me here?? Dont you know, its my recording time?? And yes.. Dont you need to go office today??What are you even doing here? Tell me” asked irritated Twinkle. (Mood swings u know 😉)

‘I thought I should tell u something right now’ replied Kunj in his usual demeanor.

“What is this Kunj? Cant you wait a little bit untill i am back home to tell me whatever you want to tell” she asked little irritated (may because of her pending recordings which she wanted to conplete today and take a week break to spend more time with her husband.. byt here his same husband is making her irritated disturbing in between her plans).

“Woh I felt like my breath gets caught in my throat If I dint tell you this immediately” he replied to her mumbling.

“What? Are u alright? Do u want me to call a doc?” She tried to call somebody to get help thinking he is ill.

“No. Wait. Listen, I want to tell u that” while she listened to him all ears he gently smiled and said “I love you”

He waited expectantly while looking for any kind of reaction from her and she was shell shocked and found no words to reply.

She cannot believe that he called her to say this now of all timings.

He raised his hands slowly, touched her cheeks and caressed it with his thumb. She shivered with his touch and looked at him still not able to give him a proper reply.

After few more minutes of him caressing her cheeks she found herself whispering slowly.

“Kunj.. U scared me.. You called me here to tell me this?? This Kunj?? Have u forgot? You said it million times already” said Twinkle.

” I have said it yesterday, day before yesterday and day before that..Not today.. U remember, you didnt wake me up in morning before comming here.. So i thought to tell you this coming here only” Kunj replied smiling sheepishly to his beautifull wife.

Anybody who would see him now can tell easily that he is in love. The foolish grin he had on his face was not to be missed. This is one of his moments.

She smiled at her 2 years ‘old husband’. He always made her feel precious. He knew all the ways to make her feel special. Like she is the only one for him. He is born ready to surprise her and melt her with his gifts. He never missed a chance to say an I love you and steal a kiss from her. And he is doing it now.

She can never be more happy that she is married to this ovely husband or hers. She loves him.. from the core of her heart.

She found her reason for existence. She found somebody for herself who loves her irrevocably. Her eyes get moist on its own accord.

After doing a little scan on the area and confirmed that nobody is around to bother them, Swara stood in her tiptoes placing her hands in his chest for support and pecked him in his lips.

As soon as her lips touched his own, Kunj gently held her waist in his arms and heard her say,

 “I know you love me. And I Love you too”.

Like this.. they always find some or the other reason to show their love to their beloved.


Hello friends… How are u?? Hope everybody is doing good…

Actually friends.. This is my last one shot for the time being as i m having my exams from 7th may to 28th may .. So i nay nkt be able to post anything soon.. Maybe till 10 of july due to some or the other reasons… Plz dont forget me.. But will be starting a new ff soon after the break.. Hope to get good results this time..

Thanks for bearing me till now and even my bak bak sometimes.. Bbyee.. See u soon..

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