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hiii guyss i know i know i am very late sry for that and tysm for commenting so here strts the Epi 7


nxt dy (sunday)

leela wakes up tw. t- maa 2 min more leela- no tw today we have to go to savita tai’s house t-why?? l-her daughter is getting married thats why wake up tw thinks-oh god mujhe kunj se door rehena padega and says-maa we will stay there?? l- yaa maybe we will atay in mummy’s house and will come in 1-2 days tw thinks- oh godd 2 days without kunj and shouts nooo l- aree what happened what no?? tw comes in senses AMD says- nothing…maa actually i dont want to go can i saty here with chachi l-beta rima di was asking for u she will be upset na t-ok l-now pack ur things fast we have to go to bus station within 2 hrs and goes

tw- oh god how will i live 2 dys without kunj

(n- ufff kitni tension thi mujhe mai kese rahungi kunj ke bina kunj kese rahega mere bina pehele pehele pyar ki peheli peheli judaai hone wli thi ya fir essa kahu ki hui hi nhi haan bhagvan ne toh kuch aur hi socha tha hamare liye haha)



nxt scene

tw and her family reaches to nearby place for her cousin’s marriage tw greets everyone and she was having one sister who was like her best friend and her name was preeti tw & preeti were together sitting in a room and tw was lost in her thoughts and was thunking abt kunj when preeti ask- tw what happen everything alright?? where r u lost tw- nothing tell na what u were saying p- tw u r luking upset what happened??now u will hide from me?? tw thinks- preeti ko du du kya kunj ke baare me maybe mera sth de….no no no tw pgl ho gyi h kya agar ghr pe batadi toh nai tw- nothih preeti and smiles preeti thinks- kuch toh h jo tu mujhse chupa rhi h tw

nxt scene

at party

tw comes there wearing blue lehenga with open hairs luking adorable. just then one boy is seeing entering in black suit and his face shown who is none other thannn kunj (n- haan doston sahi smjha aap sab ne hamari kismat me toh judaai likhi hi nai thi kunj bhu ussi shadi me aaya tha uske papa ke friend the dulhe ke papa)

tw comes with preeti. preeti goes to get some water just then she collides with someone who is none other than kunj preeti nnt see him and gets angry and shouts- andhe ho kya delh ke nai chl skte just then she turns and sees kunj and gets surprised by his luks and gets lost in him kunj smiles and says- sry preeti- aree app ke liye toh sb maaf its ok kunj lauvhs and goes from there preeti- haaye bhagvan jii esse logo se toh baar baar takraya kro

preeti goes to tw. t- preeti were were u??kitna time laga diya tune p- voo and smiles t- have u lost it why r u smiling like maniac p- aree u know i saw one boy yrr he was totally luking like salman khan uff he was soo handsome (n- hahaha preeti ko toh pata hi nhi tha jispe vo itna mar rhi h vo toh uske jijaji h vese mera kunj h hi itna smrt aur dusre shabdo me bol skte h salman khan haha un dino salmam khan new hero tha uski 1st flim aai thi aur tab kisi ko salman khan se compare krna bohot badi baat thi) tw smiles and remember kunj and says slowly- vo kya salman khan dik rha higa salman khan toh mera kunj h preeti- tww what happen tw- haan…nothing p- u wanna se him?? tw- no i am not interested p- aree 1 baar dekh toh shi interest qpne qap jaag jaaega come na he must be there somewhere.

tw and preeti were roaming here & there. someone calls tw.

tw- preeti chachiji is calling me i am coming p- but salman khan tw laughs & says-aree bas 2 min aa rhi hu tab tk apne salman khan ko dhund ke rhk ok? p- ok

twinkle goes. chachiji gives her a bucket full of rose petals and saya to kept it in the room tw takes it and goes tw was going and her face was covered with the bucket and from the other side kunj wqs coming just then both collides and the rose petals falls on them and there hands were abt to meet but they stop themself (sajna ve plays) both smiles and says- tum and pauses then again says together- yaha kese and laughs ku- batao tw- meri cousin h ki shadi h aur tum ku- papa ke friend h dulhe ke papa tw-oh and smiles kunj sees tw and gets lost juat then tw notices this and sqys- kunj where r u lost??? k- in u tw blushes k- i mean u r luking beautiful in this lehenga tw- thanks just then preeti calls tw AMD tw says-

preeti bulari h jaana padega ku- jaana jarori h tw- ji haan ku- mujse bhi zyada tw- umm let me think ku- tw. t- haan ku- pata tum jabse meri lyf me aai ho na meri luri lyf badal gyi h tw smiles- meri bhi ku- tum mujhe door toh nai jaaogi na tw- kabhi nhi hum esse hi hamesha sth rahenge ku- promise? tw-pakka promise but abhi jaana hoga ku- this is not done tum apna wada tod rhi ho tw- kunjjj k- haan twinkleee tw- tum naaa ku- mainaaa haan i know mai bohot smrt hu amazing hu ty ty kitni tarif krogi tw laughs & sqys- vese u know preeti ne na yaha kisi ladke ko delhi and she was saying that he luks like salman khan but i know mere salman lhan toh tum ho kunj smiles both laughs and talks just then preeti comes and sees them talking AMD gets shocked. twinj sees her and gets shocked preeti gets angry and gets teary eyes and goes from there crying twinj gets tensed tw- oh goddd


to be continued……..


sooo how was the Epi?? was it ok??? plzzz do share ur veiws and opinions through ur comments and r u all liking the storyline if u want some changes do tell me i will definately trb to improve…bye love u all and will the nxt Epi soon pakka😅

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