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Mere Sai 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai ki anokhi leela!

Mere Sai 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kids are relieved to see Sai. Are you fine? Sai nods. Have you made preps for Holika Dahan? A girl says we weren’t able to focus on anything when you were locked inside. we will do the preps in no time now. They leave.

Sai asks Subhan if he is afraid of punishment. Subhan denies. I am only worried for my family. What will happen to my kids? Shanti does not keep well and my mother is old. I will continue to worry about them. Sai says why worry when you have sought shelter in Ram ji. He will look after your family too. Look in front if you don’t believe me. Subhan looks up and notices his family coming there. His eyes well up. His family looks at him emotionally. Subhan looks at his handcuffs. Sai requests Inspector to let Subhan meet his family once. He wont run away. I take responsibility for that. All villagers vouch for Subhan as well. Inspector opens the handcuffs. Subhan folds his hands in front of everyone. I gave you a lot of pain yet you did this for me. Thank you! Sai says I told you this isn’t a mob. This is the crowd that has gathered because of love, unity and faith. Subhan nods. Sai tells him to meet his family.

Subhan meets his mother first. She asks him if he is fine. He nods. I surrendered to police. Are you happy now? She nods. He looks at Shanti. He folds his hands and apologizes to her. I am your culprit. I dint change my ways even though you tried your best. Shanti says you have chosen the right path today. I don’t have any complaints anymore. Somu requests him not to go and hugs him. Subhan pats at his head. I will be back soon. You must take care of everyone till then. Subhan walks up to Devki. I know that I am very bad but I love you very much. Law may punish me but it wont be as big as your silence. I promise you I will change for good. You wont be ashamed of your father ever again. You will be proud of me. Please forgive me. Will you give me a chance to be that Baba? Devki recalls Shesh’s advice and calls him Baba. I am not upset with you anymore. I know you are going to turn into a beautiful butterly. He nods. Devki hugs him. Subhan is overwhelmed. Everyone smiles. Subhan tells Sai he would have surrendered if he knew that he will receive so much love after surrendering to police. Sai says things happen only when they are destined to happen. Inspector says wish others could also realise their mistakes like you. There would be no crime in the world then. Subhan says I cannot rectify my mistake but I can surely guide them on the path shown by you in jail. Shanti says we ae very proud of you today. We will wait till the time you come out. Subhan asks her how they will survive till then. No one will help you. Shanti assures him that everything is fine in Kopargaon now. She tells him everything. Subhan asks her who that boy was. Shanti says He has come with us. She points at Sai. There He is! Shesh! Subhan says He is my Sai. His family sees Shesh in Sai. His mother insists it is Shesh. He tells them to ask everyone. That’s my Sai Baba. Shanti is surprised. How can it be? Baizama steps forward. This is Sai’s miracle. He comes to help the needy in any form. Subhan sees Shesh in Sai while his family members see Sai in Shesh. Entire family is pleasantly surprised. Sai blesses them.

Subhan says I misbehaved with you yet you helped my family. You are amazing! Sai says I am only a medium. Maalik is the one who does everything. He tells the villagers that Subhan did wrong but what society did to him wasn’t right either. They forced an innocent kid to turn into a dacoit. It was society’s mistake. He tells Subhan to go and start his new life now. Don’t worry about your family at all. Subhan says who needs to worry when you are on their side. Sai blesses him. Subhan goes with police.

Sai says it is time for Holika Dahan. Let’s burn the evil inside us with Holika. Evil has gone away from your family and from Subhan’s life today. He will be home soon. It pains to see him go away but it is good that he could overcome his weaknesses. Let’s celebrate that. Sabka Maalik Ek!

Sai lights Holika. We celebrate many festivals to show how good won over evil. We don’t see that many people around us want to get over the evil in their heart and take the right path. They only need assurance that society will help them in this journey. It is our responsibility to support and encourage them. We must help them change. That’s when good will truly win over evil!

Next morning, Sai notices a kid crying. Why are you crying? The kid shares that his Baba is not well. Vaid ji has asked for an ingredient to make Baba’s medicine which I cannot find. How will we save Baba now? Sai tells him not to cry. What’s your name? The boy (Siddhav) tells him. Who are you? Sai says everyone calls me Sai. Don’t worry, Ram ji will fix everything.

Siddhav’s mother tells Vaid ji that it is impossible to find that ingredient in Shirdi. Vaid ji says I wont be able to make the medicine without it. That’s the only medicine that can save your husband. Bheema and Chandu are also there. The lady prays to Ram ji for help. Sai offers to help just then. Bheema and Chandu fold their hands while the lady asks Sai who He is. Bheema shares that you came to Shirdi yesterday so you don’t know Him. He is Sai. He is like God to us. He helps everyone. He will help you too. She says forgive me but what will He do. Who can do anything in what we need here? How will He find what no one else could? What will happen to me and Siddhav if something happens to my husband? Sai asks Vaid ji what he needs. Vaid ji tells Him. Bheema reasons that Sambar deer haven’t been seen in Shirdi since years. We cannot even kill any animal like you say. Sai says we don’t have to kill anyone. Sambar leaves his ears on his own. Chandu says there must be a time of the year when he does that. Sai asks for conch. Siddhav’s mother gives conch to Sai. Sai takes it outside. Siddhav’s mother wonders why Sai took it outside. Sai blows conch. Bheema and Chandu become positive. Something must have happened! They all go outside and see Sambar deer coming towards them. Siddhav wipes his tears. Sai requests the deer to donate his horns to them to save a man’s life. Will you help us? The deer goes near a tree and breaks his horns. Everyone is amazed at the sight. Sai and Siddhav’s mother thank the deer. The deer walks away.

Sai returns the conch to Siddhav. Om Sai plays. Sai picks the horns and looks up gratefully. Vaid ji says what we saw wasn’t mere miracle. It was as if nature heard you! Who are you, Sai? Siddhav’s mother says I kept calling out to God all this while yet I couldn’t recognize God when He came here. Sai says everything happened as per Ram ji’s wish. He gives the horns to Vaid ji. Please make the medicine now. Siddhav’s mother thinks I am not worried anymore. I am positive that my husband will recover.

Vaid ji has applied the medicine on Siddhav’s father’s chest. He opens his eyes in a while. His family is overwhelmed. Vaid ji says it takes a day or two to recover but he woke up immediately. Siddhav’s mother is sure it is Sai’s doing. She thanks Sai for saving her husband. I will be forever indebted to you. What can we do for you? How can we repay you? Sai says you can help those who are in problem. She agrees. Sai blesses them.

Precap: Srikanth asks a kid (Ujjwal) if he knows the answer to the question. Ujjwal picks his books, bag and runs outside. Srikanth shouts after him to stop but in vain. Ujjwal is standing on a stone. He loses his balance and is about to fall when a hand holds him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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