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Ishk Par Zor Nahin 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Ahaan apologizes to Sarla

Ishk Par Zor Nahin 1st April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Mayank’s mum saying Saas is also like mum, you can feed the halwa to me. Ishqi hugs her. Everyone dances in the jagrata. Ahaan and Ishqi have a moment. Mayank says I will take dad to doctor. Ishqi says call me if you need any help. He goes. Sarla’s nephew comes there. He sees a lady and dances around her. He tries to touch her. Ishqi sees this. Sonu comes and sees this too. The guy goes to open the blouse string. Ishqi stops him. She pushes him. He calls out Maasi. Maasi says its Ajit’s voice. She asks what happened. He says Ishqi made me fall down. Sarla scolds Ishqi. She shouts on Sonu’s family also. She says I won’t keep any relation with you, where maids hurt my nephew, to hell with this maid and relation, Raj and Sonu’s marriage is cancelled. They get worried. Sarla takes Raj.

: Dadi says stop, you can’t break relation like this. Chacha apologizes. Sarla asks Ishqi to apologize. Ishqi says it isn’t my mistake, else I would have apologized a thousand times, you know what he was going to do, he was going to open a girl’s blouse string. Ajit says she is lying. He says you are lying. Sarla scolds Ishqi and asks where is that girl. Ishqi says she was here. Sarla asks where did she go now. Ishqi says I m not lying, Sonu was also there. Ahaan asks Sonu to say if Ishqi is saying truth.

Sonu gets scared. Ishqi says you had seen, tell him. Ahaan says don’t drag Sonu in this. Ishqi goes to find the girl. Sarla creates a scene. She asks them to make Ishqi apologize. Ishqi sees that girl and hugs her. The girl thanks her for stopping that guy. Ishqi says that guy can’t do anything, come with me. Sarla says we won’t have the relation where we have no respect. Ahaan says stop. Ishqi comes. He signs her to stop. He says its my sister, my house, its my responsibility, I m sorry, don’t punish my sister, don’t break this relation. Sarla says so simple, so sweet, Ahaan you don’t need to apologize, I was angry on that girl, not you, your sweetness has won me, start the music. She asks Ahaan to keep their respect. Ahaan gives Sonu’s hand to Raj. Sarla says Malhotras will always bow down to me. Ginni says you are so smart. Sarla does aid to Ajit. Raj comes to Sonu. She cries and says why did Sarla do this, Ahaan had to apologize. He apologizes and asks her to have a chocolate, she is fasting since morning. She says I have to tell something. Everyone says you did wrong by apologize. Ahaan says they are guy’s family. Kartik says there is no difference, Sarla created a big mess, you didn’t hear Ishqi’s name. Ahaan says this happened because of Ishqi.

He says its real life, we have to pay a price for every mistake, rules are different for guys and girls, Sonu got taunts about our mum, if I didn’t apologize and her alliance broke, then she would get taunt that her alliance broke, no one would blame Sarla and Raj, they would blame Sonu. Dadi says there is one rule, girl’s family apologizes always, I would have not tolerated if the alliance broke. Ahaan says guy’s family is guy’s family after all. Ishqi comes and asks what are you saying, can they do anything if they are guy’s family, Ajit had misbehaved with that girl. Ahaan says that girl would have called everyone, but she left the Jagrata.

She says she knew that men like you would question her. He says you didn’t get that girl, its my fault right. She says Sonu had also seen it. He says stay away from her, I don’t want her to become like you, you don’t care for traditions, you still have the chocolate. She says I can do anything, why do you care. He says I don’t like all this, your mom and dad didn’t teach you family values, I just want you to stay away from my sister, I will ask Mayank to keep marriage separately. She says that guy had misbehaved. He asks what will happen if the girl doesn’t wear proper clothes. She asks is that her clothes’ mistake. He says yes. She says you shout about family values all day, is this your family values. She says sorry, if robbery happens in your house, don’t file a report, he will tell in court that its their mistake to have money. She claps for Ahaan and taunts his low thinking. She says I don’t want to get married from this house where you stay.

Ishqi scolds Ahaan. She faints on the road. He goes to help her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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