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Yuvani, a unique story, part 29

It was a fight between Suhani’s heart and brain, and her heart won the fight. She decided to come back to Birla house. She couldn’t let them suffer.

Dadi was very angry on Pratima as she went to get Suhani back, and she blamed her that she doesn’t love the family. Pratima answered her saying that she knew all about the business issues and went to get a solution for it. Her taunting Rags and Menka was nice to see. She came along with Suhani.  Yuvraj smiled seeing her.

Dadi fumed seeing her back and scolded her; rather insulted her ad said that she won’t let her stay there and threw her bag. But Snoopy stopped her. Yuvraj stopped Suhani asked Dadi to let her stay. He insisted. Not only him, but his brothers too and finally Dadi allowed. She gave Suhani 24 hours and asked her to solve the issue or else leave the house. Suhani agreed to her condition. Dadi left with her chamchis.

Suhani saw Ramesh taking her luggage to Yuvraj’s room and told him to keep her things in Pratima’s room. Yuvraj was shocked to hear this.

The brothers were happy having her home and she promised them that she would stand by their side.

Yuvraj messages Suhani to meet him outside, he typed everything in full from and then deleted it. He wrote the message in shot hand to trouble Suhani and send the message, he smiles.

In Pratima’s room, Pratima and Sharad were discussing about Yuvraj. Sharad was angry that Yuvraj still didn’t accept his love. Pratima explained to him that things are not easy for Yuvraj, because Suhani is entirely different from his concept of wife, which he had made much earlier and hence it would take real time for him. But one day he will realise that he loves her


Yuvraj waits for Suhani and things that she might not have understood the message she comes to him. They talk and she tells him that she came for her friend. When he asks just to help her friend she said she came to her both her friend and also herself. He didn’t understand what she meant and she told him that she will tell him at the right time. They talk and he said that she started to see and understand things better. She said that as she had eyes and brain she had o use them. He hopes that she understood why he couldn’t stop her. There was a silence in the between them. Suhani then said him that she does and asks him to not feel guilty about it.

She started to go and fell down, and Yuvraj was about o give her hand. Snoopy turned on the sprinkler and water fell on them like rain. They smiled. He teases her saying that the right time will come only after she learns walk properly. She smiles and gets up and tried to go, he held her hand. He said that the right time may not even come and that she can tell him now. She smiles and turns off the sprinkler. She asks him to go inside and leaves. (9 May 2015)

Suhani got ready and took Pratima’s blessings.

Yuvraj and Sharad were to accompany her when Dadi came and asked Yuvraj to come with her. Then taunted that he won’t listen to anybody or go with anybody when Suhani is there. Suhani said that she will manage without him and leaves with Sharad. They go in different directions. Sharad finds about an employ still working at Birla Company when they have thrown out. Suhani finds out about the misdoings in the company and takes pictures. They comes back and calla Saxena.

Unfortunately Suhani looses all evidence and Saxena defends him selves well. Suhani realises that her memory card got exchanged in godown. Dadi scolds Suhani, but she tells her that her time is not our yet. Suhani asks Yuvraj to trust her and he tells her he does and asks what she is going to do next.

Suhani, without saying anything ran outside. She then realises that it was Dadi who warned Saxena. So she decides not to tell family about her next step and leaves in auto, but collides with Ramesh before that.

Yuvraj comes out looking for her and he too collides with Ramesh. Ramesh tells him about Suhani laving and he follows her.

Suhani, with the help of Murari calls Saxena and asks him to come to Birla house, but couldn’t succeed. She gets tensed thinking how to bring him and Yuvraj comes in asking why she needs to bring him to Birla house. Suhani get shocked to see him there and he tells her that he was following her as she felt the house without informing anyone. She gives her reason and he calla Saxena to Birla house. (10 May 2015)

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