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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 14)

Let’s begin….

For a second too sanskar didn’t stop gazing Ragini….
Rag couldn’t look at him and she couldn’t speak wat she has to say… She couldn’t say laksh that she loves him….

Sw holds Ragini: Ragini… Don’t…..

Shekhar: swara…. Let her decide her life

Sw:bt baaba.. Ragini only made me agree to marry laksh…bt now….

Sharmishta: once she sacrificed for you swara… Now she is getting the chance to love the life as per her wish….

Lak:sw i m really Sorry…watever i hv done with you was wrong bt..bt i got that you were just an attraction to me…i thought Ragini wont suit me…bt i got a lesson that we should not judge a person by their appearance..bt their heart….i love her golden heart…

San who sitting the stairs..claps all of a sudden.. everyone shift’s their gaze to him

San: wah..wah..irshad irshad🙄🙄

Lak glares him..if he could he would hv killed Sanskar for his ugly behaviour 😀

Nik:yeh phir bola….Sanky plz be quite

San: oh sorry….

He looks at everyone who were looking at him like he is an alien

San: wat??o2 now it’s your time…


San:my oxygen my Ragooo…my laadoo..nai samjhe(he waves his hand) my Ragini urf my future wife urf my o2

San signs all to look at Ragini…

Rag was trying to tell only………….

San sings looking outside:Meri Wafayein Yaad Karoge Meri Wafayein Yaad Karoge RooOge Ahaaaan Fariyaad Karoge

Kavya:plz sanskar
San:arey ab mein gaana bhi gaa sakta..ok ok..sanskar hv temporarily locked his lips

He again looks at Ragini who was already looking at him… He smiles and winks at her

Nik audible to kar:we should take sanky from here…nai tho Ragini cant say one word too

Kar:try kar…yeh use kuch kahne nai dega.. usne kuch kaha nai tho yeh yahan se hilega nai…

Rag takes a deep breath… She hv warned herself to ignore sanskar

Rag:laksh ji…i wanted to say this before only…

Lak:i know Ragini…bt here someone needs to know that….that is the reason i m asking you to say so that the person closes his mouth and gets away from our life….

Rag:i m sorry swara…i know u would be hurt…i myself made u agree to marry laksh and now this….

Dadi:laado..take a brave decision think abt the future….dadi sees sanskar who smiling shaking his head 😉😉

Dadi somehow controls her laugh seeing him

Lak:Ragini..now tell him

Voice:yahaan kya ho raha hai

And the person is revealed to be dp

San immediately jumps from stairs: time please..!!!!
All his friends hits their head😃😃

All Maheshwari’s looks at him

San:Can someone tell me why the police comes after the climax..bt this time u r on time..maana ki you came at the climax…bt jis movie mein sanskar hero ho woh bhala khatham kaise ho sakta hai…

Rp:Sanskar..wat is all this???

San smiles: dad

Rp angrily: sanskar…

San smiles: dad
He waves his hand to him like kid

Dp: laksh….. Wat is going on here…? You cancelled marriage with Swara and now Ragini

Lak:papa..i love her i couldn’t identify it before….

Here suji goes to Sanskar

Suji: did you do anything

San:i didn’t do anything
San smiles mischievously:mucchi

Suji: then i m sure you hv done big thing

San laughs.. suji smiles nodding her head in disbelief
San goes back to his place

Ap:laksh..tumne shaadi ko mazzak samajke raka hai

Lak: yes ma..i was..bt now i seriously in love with Ragini…i want to live with her mom.. Why aren’t you all understanding

Lak turns to Rag: bolo Ragini….

Rag looks at Shekhar

Shekhar goes to her: Ragini tell..i will support you …

Rag: baaba…I Love Laksh

San smiles widely

Lak smiles and he looks at sanskar who is already smiling

Nik:i think he is gone mad… Why is he smiling?
Kar:i too don’t know

Rag: i loved him from the time or alliance was fixed

Nik to san:u asked na..see you r here for singing channa mereya only

San smirks

Rag thinks that now she should be happy bt still she isn’t happy

Lak: i know Ragini… Now i hope nobody…(looking at San) nobody would come between us….

Nik to san:teri koi value hi nai rahi…tu kya apne barbaadi pe hass raha hai

San:kabhi kabhi kuch jeethne keliye kuch haarna zaroori hota hai nikhil…aur haar ke jeethne walon ko kya kehte hai….

Nik smiles: SRK

San smiles points to kavya… Who phn starts to ring:O… dil leke dil diya hai sauda pyar ka kiya hai Dil ki baazi jeeta dil haar kar
Baazigar o baazigar Tu hai badha jaadugar

Kavya cuts the call…

San: thanks to your phn Kavya

Here lak convinced dp for the marriage…

All Maheshwari’s goes

Lak comes to San: now wat will you do Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari..baazi tho mein jeeth gaya….oops sorry Maheshwari is for the sons Maheshwari’s..bt you were thrown out ryte…i m feeling pity on you

San:breaking news…dulhan madap chodke aashiq ke saath faraar

Lak angrily held his collar: how dare you??

San: this was the news i saw yesterday… Nowadays to break a marriage only some silly reasons needed…

He goes before laksh could react…

Rag looks at him… San smiles at her

He goes to dadi

San audible to dadi: tell me truth.. Now you want me as your son-in-law ryte…

Dadi smiles

San: thankyou dadi.. For liking this…harami😉

He goes to Shekhar: sorry uncle

Shekhar was mood off.. He didn’t wanted Ragini to choose laksh

San:uncle i m hvng a separate company with my friends..in which i get minimum 20 lacks per month…i will work hard more..thodi si nut crack hai..bt dont worry uske liye ilaaj hai

Shek: why r u telling me

San:bcs your Ragini is going to get married…

He goes smiling

Shekhar was left confused

Rag looks at swara.. Who has broke into tears… She angrily goes inside….

She goes to sharmishta

Sharmishta smiles weakly at her

All has left…

Rag was alone standing there…

San comes from behind: my o2

Rag turns: why r u not leaving me in peace

San smiles…….

To be continued…..

So how was today’s part??

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