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“Beee.cauuss.ee….” and i was interrupted by the cheerful voice of krystal. who had brought some healthy food for me that also what i like… ‘little weird ..how she knows that what i like…’ i thought to myself.

lisa pov ends………………………..


I suddenly turned to krystal….she can hear our talks from hall also… that means she knows lisa was about to tell us something very important about her, then why she interrupted us. she had never did that. though, she sounded cheerful i know that their is something fishy.

“what happen krystal?….. why you had interrupted us?….is  everything okayy?….. you knows that i dont like interruption then why did you?…….what happened tell me… i know something had happened….tell me?” i said in frustration, concerned, angry too.. that i couldnt hear her, and tensed too for krystal. so many mixed emotions i have. ” tell me dammit?” i again asked her in my mind.

“broo!!.. its an… emergency…. A message from Queen Aana.” she said in thoughts by taking takes as if she had runned from somewhere very fast. it surprised me that mom had send a message for me at 8 pm and how did krystal got the message…. and and and why she was running so fast…. did anyone has seen her?… a lot of questions were running in my mind with the speed of light.

” bro .. bro.. bro.. you take a breath please i, i cant answer this much question answers at in instants.” she said me in thoughts.

” like seriously, you are telling me to take breath, first you take it and explain me” i said to her in thoughts.

” I had to explain everything here only, you come in the garden i will explain you there, lisa is looking us.” i said in thoughts to my stupid brother.

“you said me stupid” i angrily said her in thoughts.

” dont start again bro….their is much more important things to do now.” she said like seriously she said me this…….she always start and blames me only.

” Oohh..no! i forgot to bring water for you lisa, you start eating i will bring water for you”. she said to lisa. she excused herself so smartly.

” because i am smart bro…” she said me in proudness of her childish excuse.

” i have to make a call, catch you in couple of seconds.” i also made a excuse and went in the garden where princess was waiting for me.

“what happen explain me clearly?” i said to krystal.

“brooo………listen me and dont say a word in between………….I thought that its been 5 hours lisa didnt eaten anything…. and as she is very week i thought that i will go and bring some food for lisa. when i was returning home i heard the ultrasounds of vampire which they were sending in the bat form that, ” Queen Anna is calling you Prince Lucus………..its an emergency”.  and then i sensed the vamps too.. thank to that medicine that you given me to drink yesterday and thank to moon goddness that i drank it today so… they couldnt sense me. but they can see me and if they see me they will understand that i am a dhampire. so, i runned from their very fast as could I. and finally reached at are place, without being noticeable.” she explained me her side.

” what a fool you are, if they had seen you they would have got to know that you are alive krystal…., it was so risky … and how you are so sure about it that they didnt saw you.” i said in concerned fearful angry ..

” ohh godd…why vampire has this much mixed emotions ….. some times they have emotions in dozen and sometimes nothing like nothing at all… you just ignore every single thing………..”she said me or i can say she was taunting me.

“what you mean to say….and ignoring is also a emotion. and whatever you are telling me about  my emotions towards lisa is nothing like nothing”. i tried to clear my thoughts to her, but like always, all in vain.

“dont try to fool me bro… that passionate hug told me everything” she said in taunting way by stressing on the word passionate hug.

“dont try to change the topic krystal, you are careless, due to my powers you are just safe on this place in the world, and becarefull everytime. vamps cant see this house and this place so, you are safe here and i cant risk your safety.” i tried to change the topic and as well as instructed her also.

“i know bro…!! but , bro i think you have to go now to vamp world because, Queen anna will not send message if its not an emergency”. i said to bro. saying bye to him is always painful for me.

“i will come back… very soon”. i said by planting a kiss on her forehead.


As i reached their , i saw that everyone was bussy . it was like their is some ball in palace. i was looking the palace when i heard ” LUCUSS!!! thnx to moon goddness that you camed before the ball, go and get ready in 10 minutes, i have arranged everything in your room ….go get ready fast…go goo.. hurry up..” she said pushing me towards my room.

“but…bu…butt… mommm…” before i could complete my talk mom went to George my elder brother who is a kid now also. and i went to do what i was instructed to do.

As i entered the ball everyone greeted me with the bouquet ….. and i was hell confused what happened……….then my eyes went on Kiara my childhood friend that they were treating her also the same. when i reached the stage i got to know that this ball is for engagement of me and kiara…





what you guys think/ will lucus will engage to her…next time i promise i will update long chapter.





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