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The magic of love, part 23

Sorry for the delay, thanks for your patience. here you go.


Bhavna went to Sharad and she was very happy.

Sh: Why are you so happy?

Bh: Day before yesterday, we had Suhani’s brain scan and the results came today.

Sh: (eagerly) Good news?

Bh: Very!! Doctor Uncle told me that he saw and improvement in her case, like…. like everything may get fine, he said the chances are more!!

Sh: Really?

She nodes happily.

Bh: He is unaware of the reason behind this improvement, as the working of brain and nervous system functioning isn’t fully known to us humans! They always do behave weirdly and here too, HER STATE IS IMPROVING!

They hugged each other.

Sh: Did you tell guru and Suhani?

Bh: No, we will, where are they?

“Where are they?” a wonderful question. One ran out of hock and the other was numb by shock!

Yuvraj couldn’t move a muscle; Suhani’s shocked face flashed in front of him. Dadi was still there, and was telling about his marriage, he wasn’t paying any heed. She felt after wishing him good night and he came back to senses.

Yuv: Oh no! What just happened?? I wanted her to know about my feelings, but not like this! How can I face her now? But I have to, I have to talk to her, I have to clear everything!

He started to search for her and found her on the terrace. He was at the door. He wanted to go to her, to tell her everything, but he was afraid. He was afraid of losing her. He was afraid of her reaction, for now she understood that he had hidden things from her, that he didn’t tell her the real reason for bring her to Birla house! She would be angry, she had to be, in a way he cheated her. But, what else could have he done? He tried to tell her about his feelings, but he was not able to and then, everything just happened, and this time too, he was about to tell her everything, but before he could……… Now she might misunderstand all these, but it is not late yet.

With greatest effort he took a step forward, he never found walking this difficult. And somehow, by hours, as it appeared to him, he reached her. There was complete silence and hence his footsteps echoed, but she didn’t turn towards him.

She is very angry with me, he thought.

Somehow he managed to call her name, and it seems to be the hardest thing ever to do, to speak, and she turned towards him.

He was not able to read her face, she wasn’t angry, hurt, shocked as he expected nor she had her beautiful smile as she usually does, there was some other expression on her face, and he looked blanked seeing her. There was complete silence. He tried to speak, to clear the mess.

Yuv: Suhani, you, I, want, hear, speak,

She looked at him and he sighed.

Yuv: Ok fine, I will go on again, wait a second, are you not angry with me?? I mean you,

He stopped speaking, for she thrust her memory book to his hands, with the page of his details open. He looked at her again failed to read her face. He started to read the book.

In the first page, she mentioned meeting him for the first and becoming friends. She also quoted that she never fought like that with anyone before. He smiled thinking of their fights that day. They fought around three four times, on that single day.

He turned the page.

She wrote about meeting him at the temple.  Also that day they finalised about the event.

“I had a nice time with him. Don’t know how time passes when I am with him, all I know is that I love spending time with him.”

He looked at her, his hopes increased, she blinked her eyes. He turned to the next page.

“Event was a grant success, but I am happier to have a friend like him by my side. Thank you for coming in to my life. But I don’t know why I felt odd when he mentioned bout his marriage!”

Next page:

“I am so happy today. Today I was able to bring smile on his face. It is a very pleasant feeling, so pleasant that I can’t express it by words.”

His heart was beating faster with each passing page and she kept looking at him.

“Today, I realised my feeling for him, I love him! I just do.  I can never forget what he did for me today; he turned the worst day of my life to a pleasant one. There was always something missing in my life, and today he filled the void. The way he cheered me up, he comforted me, cared for me, and diverted me so that I remain happy. She stayed with me through out, and no one have ever done something like this for me, and I doubt anyone ever could. But will he be able to love me??”

He looked at her again, this time he was able to read her face, she looked contained. He was about to burst, his feelings were just getting out of control; she signed him to read further.

“I don’t know whether he will love me or not, but I know that found my man, my soul mate in him, he might not love me, or does he, was it that he was trying to say today, after the birthday party? I don’t know. I wish if it was that, but even if it isn’t, I know one thing for sure, that I will always love him and him alone”

Yuvraj couldn’t control his feelings any longer, he hugged her ad tight a he tight.


She too was very emotional and hugged him even tighter and whispered “I love you too”


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