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Swasan ff- No feelings (Friendship)

Shot 3

Parvati Gadodia is praying near Tulshi plant🎍.

Parvati: “Khatu Shyam ji🙏 keep my family safe from evil eyes.

She tries to light the diya but matchbox is empty.

Parvati: “Oh my Khatu Shyam ji big ominous… Some evil shadow came in my house.

Mam don’t panic take this.” Sanskaar gives her matchbox. “Kill all the ominous shadow.”

She smiles after Pooja she blesses him.

Sanskaar you are auspicious for this house.” Sanskaar feels blessed but this happiness is only of short time till post man comes there.

Postman: “Who is Sanskaar Ali here? It’s his ID card.

Give it to me.” Swara checks this ID details and signs on paper and he leaves and there is a loud noise as Pooja’s thal falls from Dadi’s hand.

Khatu Shyam ji, big ominous… This Muslim boy maculate my Khatu Shyam ji.” She pulls Swara away from Sanskaar. In few seconds he feels dejected.

Kalki and Swara don’t go near to this boy.” When Kalki tries to speak something Dadi shows her eyes. “Shekhar send him away from this house.

Ma, we took advance from him.” Shekhar doesn’t want to give money back. Sanskaar has already paid more rent than actual price and if he leave from here. They might not get other tenant like him. “And Ma please come out of your conservative thinking. I gave money to Ram and now he will stay here for 5 months.

Meantime Laksh comes there to call Swara but stops seeing the drama. He smirks looking towards Sanskaar. He knows how much Dadi hates Muslim.

Dadi gives disgusting look to Sanskaar. “You are so clever, but if thinks you will trap my granddaughter then…” She raises her hand to slap him.

But Swara stops her and stands before Sanskaar.

Swara you are going against your Dadi for this cheap guy.

Dadi why you want to throw him outside this house? And why are you treating him like this?” Kalki becomes happy as her di take stand for her partner.

His religion…” Parvati Gadodia lost her father during Hindu Muslim Riot during partition. A pain that converted into hate.

But he is a human and it’s enough for me to allow him stay here. Dadi Sanskaar will stay here and you will not talk to him like he is an criminal else I’ll not talk to you and I’ll also not read shlok for you.” They way she takes stands for him, makes a space for her. A soft corner is occupied by Miss Swara in his heart and now he can’t throw her out from there even he wants.

Even Laksh is shocked to see Swara taking stand for Sanskaar, for a second he thought might be Sanskaar was right about their relation but then later he drops the idea. Because he thinks Swara will always loiter around him.

Parvati accepts her defeat because she knows no one can win from her. Her love for Swara is letting her to accept Sanskaar but only as a pain guest.

Okay but tell him not to bring non-veg in my home.

Dadi I don’t like non-veg.” He smiles and Dadi leaves from there followed by Shekhar and Shomi.

The first thing that Kalki does is to hug her Di. “Love you di, today you won my heart. You know di I thought Dadi will throw handsome out, but you saved her.”

After all body can’t live without soul.” There words are for Laksh. Sanskaar don’t even know why he is doing this but he is showing Laksh that Swara did for him for her love.

Handsome whose body and soul?” Kalki asks as she is unaware last night incident. Swara doesn’t want to drag that matter she just simply changes the topic.

Kalki you are getting late for school and don’t forget to take your lunch.” Kalki takes her lunch and say bye to them and while leaving she intensionally pushes Laksh and he slips floor.

Sorry…. Lucky Bucky…” And she runs from there. Sanskaar smiles seeing her kiddish nature.

Swara immediately goes towards Laksh. “Laksh are you OK? I’m sorry from Kalki’s side.” Sanskaar doesn’t like the way Swara is showing her concern for that Lucky Bucky.

Laksh guessed the emotion of jealousy in Sanskaar’s face. “Swara I think I can’t walk please hold me.” When Swara helps him to get up he intensionally keeps his hand on her waist. “Aahh Swara my leg…

Easy Laksh, I’m here. Everything will be fine.

Sanskaar removes Laksh hand from her body.

Sanskaar are you mad? Lucky is hurt and you…” When Swara scolds him, Lucky shows Sanskaar what’s his place in Swara’s life.

Swara, I’m helping him. He needs support of strong hand. You don’t worry I’ll take him to hospital.” Sanskaar takes Swara in his words and agrees. “Swaar I think Laksh can’t able to go to meet Kavita today.

Okay I’ll convey this to her. Sanskaar you take her out I’ll call auto for Laksh.”

Swara I have car, I’m not poor like you…” This is the reason Sanskaar doesn’t like him. Don’t know what he thinks about himself.

Sorry, I’m going to call your driver.” She leaves. As soon she leaves Lucky jerks Sanskaar.

She is my servant whatever I want she will do it. You think she will love you. Never ever, she is born to do my slavery.” He laughs. “And you said you both… Haha do you think Dadi will gave her lovingly Granddaughter to a Muslim.

Soon Swara will break friendship with you.

Seriously… If she never listen to her sister then who the hell are you? Her hirer boyfriend.” Sanskaar just want to puch on his face. blo*dy Laksh laughing before him and he can’t able to control more. “You know what she can do anything for me, mad girl. I can even touch her she won’t show any objection….

And this is out of his limit. Sanskaar punches on his face and his head directly hits on side wall and he starts bleeding.

Laksh…” Swara shouts… She immediately runs towards him. “Oh God you are bleeding…” Her eyes drops tears and Sanskaar is watching all this.

Ma Baba, help him…” She shouts and

Sanskaar is standing there. “Why are you doing this Swara? Let him suffer. He doesn’t deserve your love.” He wish he could take his thoughts out form his mind.

Swara moves to take bandage but Sanskaar holds her hand and she slaps him. “Can’t see my Laksh is suffering?” And he jerks his hand and goes outside.

Sahil’s home🏡

She is blind… Can’t she see? He is blo*dy….” Sanskaar throws everything form table.

Since half and hour Sahil is watching this. His whole room became dustbin. Sanskaar is just taking his frustration out.

I’ll kill that Lucky Bucky…” He punches on wall.

Hey easy Sanskaar you are hurting yourself.” Sahil cleans his wound. “Sit here…” He tries to apply lotion on his wound but Sanskaar refused.

I don’t want. You know if anything happens that Lucky Bucky Swara just ran to him… And he thinks her as his slave.” Sanskaar doesn’t know what is happening to him but he can’t see Swara near to that jerk.

I can understand Sanskaar…” Sahil tries to pacify him and applies lotion on his hand.

No you don’t, She slapped me for that jerk.” He is not hurt because she slapped him but she did this for Laksh and he can’t take it anymore.

Relax Sanskaar… You are not here for Swara.” Sahil words bring him to reality. “Kavita is your target. Forget Swara, it’s her life you tried to show her his real face bit she like to live in false hope what can we do.

Ya you are right. Let Swara suffer, I don’t care. If she like to being Lucky Bucky servant then good. Why would I care?” Sahil becomes relax that finally he is calm. “But if Lucky Bucky again said anything I’ll kill him.

Okay my boy kill him but now take deep breath.” He gives him water. Then Sanskaar smiles. “What happened?”

Nothing, I’m just crazy.

Yes you are. See this is mobile for you and whenever you need me just give a miscall. And every detail about Kavita I’ll give you in it.

Thanks yrr.” He leaves.


Kavita is returning back to home from shopping. She moves towards her car but a car passes in very fast speed as she is about to die. “Aye idiot are you blind.

He takes car back. “Sorry mam.

Pull the mirror down I’ll not leave you. Who the hell are you?” He directly comes out of his car. For a second Kavita forget to breath.



You said who the hell am I?” The way his lips are moving, his smile that pears directly her heart. He removes his goggles and his brown eyes. He blinks his eyes twice. “Sorry…” He waves his hand.

Woh I…

Sorry Miss… I was in hurry. Come may I drop you.” He offers her lift but Kavita is still not able to recover from his charm. “Mam may I?

Ya sure.” He opens door for her and his generosity impresses her. “What you do?” Kavita thinks might be he is business man. His personality shows he would definitely a big tycoon.

I’m a driver.” Her expression changes.

What?” She is shocked. 😱

Kabeer Roy’s new driver. He told you to take you hospital.” Kavita guesses the whole situation. Swara called her 10 times. Kavita beats her head on seat.

Aww Dad… I don’t want to go that Lucky uff he is big chipku😵.” She sees Sanskaar smiling. “You know Sanskaar how many times I said him no but he just…

Then just complaint against him simple.

This is not so easy Sanskaar, my bestie Swara she is Lucky’s friend and I can’t deny her and moreover my dad wants me to marry Lucky Bucky😒.” She tells him her problem and how she accepts defeat before Swara. Sanskaar gets to know that Kavita doesn’t know Swara’s feelings for Laksh.


Kalki calls him Lucky Bucky. You know what Kalki is Swara’s sister they look a like…” She keeps talking and they finally reaches to hospital.

As soon they reaches there, Swara comes. “Kavita he is calling you his condition is not good.

Sanskaar you stay here I’ll just come.” Kavita leaves with her Dad.

Swara looks towards Sanskaar they they remind slap. Sanskaar thinks Swara will not leave him because it was he who is responsible for Laksh’s condition.

Sorry and thanks.” Swara says in low tone.

Come again.

I shouldn’t slap you but that time I was… So sorry for slap.” She holds her ears and how could he be angry from this Kiddo. “You helped Lucky, you take Kavita here and I😢.

You want my forgiveness.

Yes, I can do anything for that as you helped my friend.

Sanskaar know Swara can do anything for Lucky Bucky but this is the thing he hates in her. “Don’t talk to him.


If really want me to forgive you then promise me you will never talk to Laksh.” He is ready to bear all consequences. May be she will again slap him. “I’m waiting for your answer.

I can’t…” She starts crying. “If you want then I will give my life but…” Her hiccups comes…

He immediately hugs her. “Hush Jaan, don’t cry…” He runs her back. “I was jocking.” He wipes her tears. “This love only hurt you Swara, he doesn’t love you.

I know Sanskaar… But I… My heart is…😢😭” He smiles.


Buri Bala hai mohobat kiye ja rahe hai… Kiye ja rahe hai…

He takes her with him. Sanskaar is thinking why Laksh didn’t tell Swara that it was him who beat him. Might be something is cooking in his evil mind.

Now hiccups gone?” She smiles and nodes her head.

Whenever, hiccups comes I ate cupcakes.” She loves cupcakes, too much. He wipes leftover from her lips. “I’m little careless😂.

That I can see.” She knows his meaning. She thinks to change the topic.

You tell about yourself.

I have no one… Alone and happy.

No girlfriend? No crush.

No.” He becomes sad.😢

Why? I don’t believe you.” She tries to cheer him. “You want to hide…

Girl don’t find me handsome they say I’m cute.” He makes cute puppy face😰😰😰😔.

Aww but you are cute.” She giggles😝😝😝😝.

But girls don’t like cute boys.” He again becomes sad😔 as if no one loves him.

No, no they like cute boys see even I like cute boys.

Then become my girlfriend friend.” He holds her hand. “We both are alone Swara and I promise to keep you happy and I will learn making cupcakes for you.

She pulls her hand back. “I can’t be your girlfriend.

He starts crying. “See no one loves me, even your Dadi hates me and you also...”

Okay fine. We can be friends okay.” She extends her hand. “Hello this is Swara Gadodia.

They shake hand. “I’m Sanskaar Ali. But dosti k hai to nibhani padegi.

I’ll ☺.” She smiles.

So you have to follow rules of friendship.

Your friendship has rule.

Hmm but only one. Dosti mai no sorry no thank-you😉.” He winks. They talk for sometime.

At night🌙

Great handsome, I wish I could see when you punched that Lucky Bucky…” Kalki comes as she is facing some problem in accounts and Sanskaar said he can help her.

Yup and one good news.” Since Swara accepted his friendship he can’t explain how much happy is he.

Tell na…

Swara and I… We both are friends now…

Really.” She starts dancing. “Yepii now soon di will realise from the cage of that monkey🐒.” Then she takes a pause. “But I’ll be your first priority.

Okay Partner.” He gives her chocolate. “I got a job.

Wao😋, my favorite one. But di likes.


How do you know?

She is my friend now.” Kalki hugs him.

I know only you can make di realise the true face of that Bucky😢. My di is my life.” And Swara is becoming his life also.

Till I’m here, no Lucky Bucky hurt my Swara.” Kalki smiles Sanskaar doesn’t notices but likes ‘my Swara‘. Then she leaves.

Sanskaar gets call from Sahil. “Sanskaar did you get any information.”

No Sahil, I joined today and Kavita is not fool that she will do anything for me.

Yarr I saw that she is already impressed by you. Just trap her in your love then you will get your goal.” Sahil and his so called plans.

I’ll not play with a girl’s feelings for my motive.” He already seen Swara and he doesn’t want another Swara. Playing with heart is not his way to work. Then he hears sounds of footsteps. “I’ll call you later.

It is Lucky, whose head is cover with bandage and lips got injured. “Sanskaar Ali are you shocked.

Why you came here?” If Swara doesn’t love this germ he would definitely beat him till death.

You are thinking why I didn’t tell Swara that it was who did this… So it’s because I don’t like easy games. Ab tu roj dekhega k mai Swara ko apni uglio pe kaise nachata hu.

Sanskaar pulls his collar. “Don’t you dare.”

Easy bro, it’s Swara’s house or I can say my slave Swara. Let’s see who wins.

Swara is not your property.

She is, and will be my slave and I can’t let you take away from me.” He turns to leave.

Soon she will hate you Mr Laksh Maheshwari.

Good Luck.

Who will win?

Or Swara’s love for Lucky create problem in SwaSan friendship?

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