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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 14)

Hello frnds…

Sanskar blames on swara…

Ragini stood up with a jolt. She started running towards kaveri’s room. She stopped a guard.
Ragini: where is adarsh?
Guard: he is going to prison for a work..
Ragini ran towards the prison. Guards again stopped her.
Ragini: please try to understand… Please..
She knew they will not understand. Afterall whole kingdom thinks she is insane. Ragini knew no other way. She ran towards sanskar. She stood in front of his room.
Ragini: is sanskar Bhaiya inside?
Servant: no… He is discussing some important matters with kaveri ji.
Ragini ran towards kaveri’s room. Drops of sweat were shining on her forehead. Her eyes were showing her tension. She stood in front of kaveri’s room. Before she could have entered guards stopped her.
Guards: we beg your pardon but Kaveri ji has forbid any one to come inside.
Ragini looked at them with anger.
Ragini: have you forgotten who am I and what’s the difference in her and mine position?
Guards were shocked.
Ragini: i don’t need anyone’s permission.
Ragini entered the room. She saw sanskar and Kaveri sitting together.
Sanskar: ragini… What Happened…
Ragini’s condition was definitely concern worthy. Drenched in sweat…red eyes… anxiety on the face… body shivering. But she didn’t care..
Ragini: sanskar Bhaiya i want to talk to you…
Kaveri: yes ragini beta… He is coming in a while..
Ragini ignored Kaveri and again said
Ragini: i want to talk to you now…
sanskar was shocked on ragini’s behaviour.
Sanskar: what happened…
Ragini: please come outside… Please…i beg you…
Sanskar nodded.. both of them come outside.
Ragini: please Bhaiya… Save swara… She us innocent…
Sanskar felt anger but composed himself.
Sanskar: ragini you are not trying to understand what she has done….
Ragini: and you are blinded by the fake affection of your so called brother adarsh.
Sanskar: ragini… Go now… This is the Matter between elders…
Ragini: i am elder… I am old enough to understand the cunningness surrounding you… You don’t believe na… Come to my room…
Ragini held sanskar’s hand and pulled him. Sanskar was terrified by her behaviour. Ragini locked her room from inside. Sanskar looked at her. The next moment ragini uncovered a portrait of lakshya. She took a garland and placed it on his portrait. This was enough to give sanskar a big shock. Ragini folded her hands in front of the portrait.
Ragini: i am so sorry lakshya… I am not able to conceal the truth anymore… I was not able to give punishment to your murderer…
Ragini turned towards sanskar who was looking at her with great disbelief.
Ragini: yes .. i am not insane… I am completely fine…
Saying this ragini beat her hands on the wall. Her bangles broke down. Sanskar tried to stop her. She threw her mangteeka one side and rub her hair… Her sindoor erased.
Sanskar: ragini stop…
Ragini: there is no need to sympathise with me bhaiya…
Ragini rubbed her forehead and her bindi got erased. Ragini opened her hair. Seeing ragini in this state was enough to bring tears in sanskar’s eyes..
Sanskar: ragini….
Ragini: yes… I did a drama… A drama to get proof against the murderer of your brother. He was murdered and thrown in the river right infront of my eyes.
Sanskar: who is he…. Tell me…
Ragini: the one who is swaraa’s culprit… Adarsh….
Sanskar was shocked. He didn’t believe his ears. He turned his back.
Sanskar: i don’t believe.
Ragini: your extra believe on adarsh snatched the right to even grieve on my husband’s death. I knew you will not believe and that’s why i did the drama.
Sanskar was still in disbelief. He didn’t want to believe on her.
Ragini: u will not believe still… But for God sake save swara… Please.. the beast will devour her.
Sanskar: you don’t know ragini… You don’t know anything… She is very cunning.
Ragini: cunning is adarsh… Not my swara..
Sanskar: ok… So you don’t believe me.. read this…
Sanskar handed her the letter he got from swaraa’s room. Ragini opened it.
Sanskar: even after reading this will you believe..
Ragini read the letter. She handed the letter and opened her case. She took out some pages.
Ragini: match the handwriting. These are the poems written by swara in front of me…
Sanskar took both the papers. He matched the handwriting. Paper fell down from his hands. His eyes teared up. His heart ached.
Ragini: you started to love her…. But where was the trust sanskar Bhaiya?
Sanskar: ye kya ho gya…. Ye mjhse kitni badi bhool ho gyi…. What i have done…. What i have done….
He felt as if someone was holding his legs. He looked down and found ragini.
Ragini: save her… Adarsh will devour her…. Save her….
Ragini broke down. Tears were wetting sanskar’s feet.
Sanskar: come… Come fast….
Both ran out of there. On the other hand swara was sitting on the bench. Suddenly someone came. Before she could have done something someone tied her hands.
Swara: what are you….
Someone stuffed a cloth in her mouth. She was not able to scream. Suddenly she felt a tight slap on her cheeks. She fell down. Suddenly she felt a kick on hee back. She felt her hair being pulled. A voice came in her ears.”you hit me with stone…. How can i leave you so easily,”
Swara was terrified. Her nightmare was in front of her. Before she could say anything her dupatta was pulled off from her body. Her back was exposed to him and he hungrily bit her. He again whispered”i ll give you such a pain that you will beg for death”
Swara felt goosebumps of horror. She was trying hard to escape. Suddenly she felt a numbing pain in her back. That man had scratched her back so hard it made her bleed. Swara was trying to get free. But this time all was vain. The touch was enough to make swara feel a strong sensation of disgust. She wanted to go to Sanskar. All she wanted was sanskar. She shut her eyes to escape from reality but the pain waa increasing every moment. But suddenly the pain stopped. She felt the man away from her body. And then she heard a tight slap and the man was lying next to her half unconscious. She turned around and found sanskar and ragini standing. Even in sucg condition her eyes glittered seeing sanskar. But she was not able to keep her eyes open for a long time. She tried to close them when she felt two soft pair of hands opening her hands. She tried to move her hands but they fell down. She felt she was being ungagged. She took a sigh of relief. She knew she was safe. She tried to sit. With ragini’s help she sat on the floor itself. Her head was spinning hard. She felt something wet on her hands. She opened her eyes and found two chocolate brown eyes with tears twinkling in them.
Sanskar: you alright na swara..
Swara nodded. Her eyes were trying to close themselves. Sanskar took the dupatta and draped it around her. He saw the marks of assault on her hands. His blood boiled. He looked at adarsh with great anger. He held his hair
Sanskar: first my brother then my wife.. . How dare you…
He punched his face hard. Adarsh fell unconscious. Sanskar was about to stab him but he stopped in middle.
Sanskar: not an easy death…. Guards…. Keep him in the cellar.
Sanskar looked at swara who was falling in and out of unconsciousness. Sanskar wanted to hug her. He wanted to make her forget all the wrong things. But more important now was her treatment.
Ragini: swara… Let’s go… Your ordeal is over now…
Swara looked at ragini. She then looked at sanskar.
Sanskar: don’t worry swara… You are safe now… Take rest… Don’t fight back… Close your eyes…
These words were enough to make swara feel comfortable. She closed her eyes and dozed off. Sanskar took swara in her arms. Ragini was also with him .
With the most care sanskar put swara on bed. Ragini sat near swaraa’s head. She kept her head in her lap. Sanskar put a blanket on her. Doctor came.
Doctor checked for all the wounds on the hands and legs. Each time a wound was touched swara let out a sigh. A painful one. Her moans were enough to shiver sanskar. The wounds on her back were unbearable for sanskar to see. He walked out. Ragini saw this. She looked at swara.

Sanskar was standing outside. He was trying hard to conceal his tears. Murderer of lakshya was in front of him for two years but he…. Swara was purely innocent but because of him she had suffered such a trauma. His Heart was blaming him. He was blaming himself. Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned to find ragini dressed in all white. She was looking pious and gentle.
Sanskar: ragini…
Ragini: hmm…
Sanskar: m….. M sorry ragini….
Sanskar sat in her feet. His tears were inconsolably falling down. For the first time he was seeing ragini as his brother’s widow. Ragini: please don’t cry… Bhaiya please don’t….
Ragini too had tears in her eyes. Sanskar looked at her.
Sanskar: he will get the worst punishment ever…
Ragini: he should Bhaiya….
Sanskar wiped his tears. Doctor came outside.
Doctor: princess is unconscious. She needs rest. No wound is dangerous. There isn’t any need to worry.
Sanskar nodded. He entered inside. He found his love lying unconscious on the bed. Some bandages were on her wrist. Dark circles were around her eyes. Her both hands resting on her side. Sanskar sat beside her. He held her one hand and caressed her hair with the other hand. Drops of tear fell down from his eyes. Never in his worst dreams did he imagine swara like this. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was ragini.
Ragini: she will be alright… Don’t worry.
Sanskar nodded. He again looked at swara. Suddenly swara moved her fingers. Ragini saw this. Swara moved her fingers again. This time she was trying to hold sanskar’s hand tightly. She was mumbling something. Her face was restless.
Sanskar: swara… Swara… Calm down….
The mumbling became clear… ” Leave me. .. please leave me…. It’s paining… Leave…. Leave……. Sanskar….. Sanskar….”
Suddenly swara opened her eyes and hugged sanskar so tight that he almost fell on her. Sanskar felt his shoulder being wetted by her tears. Swara was clutching his clothes. Sanskar felt his heart will burst out. He hugged her tightly. All he wanted was to ease her pain.
Sanskar: it’s okay swara… You are fine…. You are with me….
These words did a magical impact on swara. She immediately calmed down. Sanskar caressed her hair. She opened her eyes for a while and closed them again. Sanskar put her hand on her belly and looked at ragini. She was staring lovingly towards swara.
Ragini: i am happy for being able to save at least one innocent life from that adarsh.
Sanskar patted her hair. Suddenly he heard a noise. He looked and find ap running towards swara
Ap: kya ho gya meri bachhe ko… My daughter….
She came and pushed sanskar away. Sanskar was not ready for this.
Ap: why did you marry her…. To give her pain….
Sanskar: ma…
Ap: i got to knew everything.. if ragini wouldn’t have been here then….
Sanskar lowered his head. Ap caressed swaraa’s hair.
Ap: until swara forgive you don’t show me your face.
Sanskar dropped a tear. He took a look at swara and moved out of the room.

Adarsh flew from the prison…. Sanskar lying in a pool of blood… Adarsh tries to stab sanskar but a hand comes in between leaving adarsh shocked…

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