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Roses have thorns – Roses have thorns and love has pain (Characters)

Rihaan Raichand a cheerful, confident and genius billionaire with looks so perfect that girls crave for a single glance. A friendly, light hearted person turns into a ruthless businessman. Rihaan used to care so much for his family and friends but something happens which makes him indifferent towards everyone. Some incidents forces him feel only two emotions anger and regret. Played by Parth Samthaan.

Kaira a shy, reserved, sincere and kind hearted girl. She is an orphan, for her rihaan and his parents are everything. Her world revolves around rihaan, she cares for him so much that she can go to any extent for his happiness even if she have to bear pain for that. Played by Niti Taylor.

Alia Mathur an elegant, proud sole heir to her father’s wealth. She is beautiful, smart and her look is perfect to make any man fall for her. Her arrogance is her charm. She is obsessed with Rihaan. She is selfish and can be cruel to anyone to get what she wants. But may be love can change her.

Raj Raichand father of Rihaan. The richest businessman in india but he have earned this position with his hard work. He is a self made man. He loves his wife very much. Rihaan’s cheerful and friendly nature comes from his dad. The saying that sons are the xerox copy of their father fits perfectly here.

Nandini Raichand mother of Rihaan and wife of Raj. A soft spoken and lovely woman. Always believes in good in people. Her kindness made raj’s heart throb for her. Madly in love with her husband. She treats kaira as her own daughter.

Kabir Singh a womaniser and spoilt brat.

Veer Singh a true gentleman. Twin brother of kabir but complete opposite of him. He have huge crush on Kaira from childhood days.


Hello everyone. So here are the characters of my story. Please don’t forget to comment, share and like. Even comments for improvement are accepted. 

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