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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-20)


Anita : Geethu…are you telling the truth…Arjun aur eachother

Geethu : Of why should l lie..

Pakhi : Poor arjun..sometimes life doesn’t go as well as we planned..

Geethu : Haa..I hope he is fine..

Just then Geethanjali’s phone was ragini on the otherside..she takes the call and ragini tells her all those which hsve happened..Geethu is so happy that she is jumping in happiness…and luthras were confused what suddenly happend to her..she hangs up the phone

Geethu : Mom..bhabi..guess what

Pakhi : What??

Geethu : Arjun aur maya ki shaddhi hai…

Pakhi : Are you could..

Geethanjali tells everything to Anita and pakhi and they are also happy..just then geethu gets Maya’s call ..she picks it up

Maya asks geetanjali to meet her at shopping mall now geetanjali afer geting ready goes there


Geethu : Is everything fine maya??

Maya : No..nothing is fine..

Gethu : what haopened now..

Maya : Dad has invited Arjun and his family to see me

Geethu : So??

Maya : I have to look i have to buy a new dress…

Geethu : Okay..

Maya : And I don’t know his favorite are arjun’s help me..

Geethu laughs loudly and drags maya to the ladies section…..After few hours they finishes there shopping..


Anshuman : Twinkle I hope you have kept all your documents ..

Twinkle : Ofcourse..jiju I have..

Raj : Looks like your jiju is more concernd about you..

Sakshi : Oh..guys don’t be senti..there is One week left for here..

Twinkle : rude mom are you not sad that i am going..

Sakshi : I am..but..its okay..

Twinkle hugs sakshi..


Payal : Place those things carefully they will be here by any minute..

Falguni : But jiji where Maya..

Payal : In her room


Abhi : Look should not tell anyone about what vansh has said to you..

Maya : But

Abhi ; I am here for you..still you wants to share it with can..say this to arjun..

They hug..Just then the door bell rings Viraj snd vikram invites Mehrothras inside..

The elders talk a lot about the foolishness Maya and Arjun have done..Ragini , Lucky ,Yuvi and naira teases Arjun..Arjun gives them a werid look.. Payal asks Yuvi and lucky to call Abhi and Maya..

Yuvi and lucky opens the door..

Yuvi : Di…

Lucky : Jiju is here.

Maya : Huh…what..

Yuvi : They are asking for you..

Maya : Oh no scared …again..

Abhi : Oh..shut up.Maya

The three brothers drahs Maya downstairs

Maya is in

Jhanvi asks maya to sit besides her..she does as..

Jhanvi : Don’t be nervouse..infront of us..we are your family..

Maya smiles hearing that..

Ashwin : I think we should leave them alone for sometimes..So that they could…

Vikram : Yeah..of couse..

Falguni : Maya take arjun to the lawn..

Maya and arjun leaves from there


Few minutez they kept silent without knowing how to start the conversation..

Maya : Arjun!

Arjun : Huh maya tell me..

Maya : Do you know ..why chachi asked us to sit here..

Arjun : So that we should speak those untold things..

Maya : No..This is the only place in this house..which can be watched from 4 sides..

Arjun : What !!

Maya : Look slowly at your left..

Arjun turns his neck..

Maya : I said slowly..

He does as per she said..

Maya : You can see my chachi mom and your mom..

Arjun : Yeah..

Maya : If you look to your left you can see my chachu, Naira and ragini..and on the corner left there is Yuvi, Abhi and Lucky..

Arjun looks to the directions..and sees them all.Abhi yuvi and lucky hide seeing them..Arjun looks at Maya confused..

Maya : Don’t worry they can not hear us..

They smiles

Ragini enters there..

Ragini : Bhaiyya its time to go they are calling you

Arjun : You go..i will come

Ragini : Bye bhabhi

Maya : Bye ragini

They share a hug..

Arjun was also about to go…but maya..

Maya : Arjun

He turns to her

Maya : You said that there was some untold things between us …pls won’t you tell that.

Arjun (smiles) : I love you..

By saying this Arjun goes from there..Maya stays silent..

precap : A problem in marriage..

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