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Remember twinj ff part 3 (twinj first meet)

Remember twinj ff part 3 ( twinj first meet)

Twinkle packed everything to go for mangalore and she is referred by MD of company yuvi but also kunj took her some online test and telephonic interview everything

Twinkle- what is his name kunj sarns i have to work under him oh my god how many question he asks in phone only if i go infront of him then what all he ask save me baba ji yuvi called her

Twinkle- hey jiju

Yuvi – why you sound so dull she told him everything

Yuvi – hahaha he is like that only yar in work matter he is so strict be careful got it and from when you planning to join

Twinkle- monday yuvi said yes abd informed kunj

At mangalore guest house  (kunj’s place)

Kunj woke up in morning 5.30 am looked at his sister still sleeping they sleep in one room which is two sharing there are 2 king size bed side by side in middle study table there is many rooms in that guest house but wherever they go they both share one room that is happening from there childhood manohar kunjs dad he built amazing room like that for his kids when he was alive and told kunj to take her care always he keeps his promise now also manohar was famous business man and was rich too he loved usha and there parents agreed for there marriage happened after year kunj born and after few years chinki born there family was leaving happily and suddenly a storm came that is manohar death in some accident .chinki was little to understand anything. From that time usha took care of them .and taught them good values gave them everything what she have and kunj studied hard and comoleted his studies by scholarship and his mother and sister is world for him and yuvi best buddy always he has so many responsibility from childhood only so little kadus type .and his sister is his best friend too who help in him some matters as you all know how she was suggesting him to do somethings they are close and share everything they feel and its not like kunj dont order her anything he always does it and shows power of being elder brother show her boss attitude some time and not having any option she will do his work only sometimes

Kunj got up from bed daily he gets up early so he shouldn’t be late for office or anything he looked at chinki sleeping and her mobile too in her hand he took it and places on table

Kunj- hey get up and study

Chinki – bhayya please let me sleep you study on behalf of me

Kunj – chinki i said get up

Chinki- please ill wake up after 30 min or later in sleepy tone  and dont yiu dare to show me your bossism telling you

Kunj – huh lazy ill talk with you afterwards he got freshen up and left for jogging every girl there drools on him he looked at some familiar faces that are chinki friends who come to his home for tution chinki use to say they come late for college but never come late for his tution and now they use to come for jogging too his home side to look at him but he just ignored them and continued his work after some time he came back to home he greet usha good morning and came back to room only to see chinki sleeping still

Kunj- still sleeping dont you go to college today get up see you will be late she got up rubbing her eyes snd looked at time

Chinki- oh my god its too late why cant you wake me up haan now ill get late to class what to do ill bunk first class

Kunj- you do this only always bunking classes and now go and iron my clotes until ill take bath and come

Chinki- why me haan ill not do

Kunj- acha ok no pocket money she took his clothes and started pressing it making faces after some time all having breakfast

Chinki – bhayya

Kunj- yes

Chinki- you said yuvi’s sister in law coming today right at what time she is coming to home

Kunj- dont know may be first she come to office only today only her joining is there

He left to office in offie everyone scared of him he hate late commers and who dont do work on time and he dont think they are his friends or relatives when it comes to working everyone is equal and the girls there drool over him even when they getting scolding they will enjoy that and his some friends maya and alisha also there as his employees they both came here so they can get kunj and for kunj they were just his classmate he wasnt talking with them much in classes to and now if they commit any mistake he will not think they are friends or anything he scold them like anything

Twinkle woke up early in morning her early morning time 8.00 and bid bye to her family and drove car to mangalore while on the she looked at green scenery jumped in happiness took many selfie parking car somewhere danced with kids and on the way she got some sea area which is very beautiful she danced and enjoyed lot same she did till she reach mangalore there are many sea she saw everything and finally at 4.30 pm she reached at yuvraj group and industries she parked her car and goes inside

Where is manager cabin?

Maya – hey so you are twinkle?

Twinkle- yes I am smiling and you


Maya – I am maya kapoor im also working here and you are beautiful

Twinkle – thank you and you too they talk for some time later she show her cabin

Twinkle knocks door

Kunj – come in..

Twinkle – hello I am twinkle taneja and gives him letter which yuvi gave her kunj took letter snd didnt said her to sit also

Twinkle – may i sit here

Kunj – hmm she sat on chair kunj looks at her

Kunj – my MD had informed me about you joining us as assistent from monday morning and that they wrote in letter

Twinkle- yes

Kunj – we start at 9.30 in the morning but you have turned up 5 in the evening

Twinkle – thats because i have to comr from mysore and…interrupted by kunj

Kunj – in anger tone I dont like excuses hope this mistske doesn’t repeats again if you agreed you will join from monday then you should join at 9.30 only twinkle bows her head down

Kunj – and i dont like this attitude first doing mistakes and bowing head down huh and i hope you dont repeat this mistake again twinkle node in yes kunj continue to speak and you work here as assistent to me you should do work which i give you snd that is your table twinkle looks at it both in same cabin her table is near to kunj table

Twinkle pov (baba ji mene kya paap kiya tha huh pehle aapne muje ithna strict boss diya aur uske uper mera table idhar hey daal diya huh mundi hilavu tho isko hey mere saamne pavu ye tho break hey nahi daal raha hey kab sey dekh rahi hun suna raha hey rukh ne ka naam hey nahi e raha hey mann tho kar raha hey iski muh par ek bada sa rasgulla daalu huh )

Kunj – your job  is only to follow my instruction. Did you follow

Twinkle node in yes

Kunj – cant you talk? Speak up in stern tone

Twinkle- i understood

Kunj- its half an hour before we close down you may visit our production plant  in the adjacent building  twinkle gets up noding in yes

Twinkle – thank you mr…

Kunj – no mr. You have to address me as sir i expect it

Twinkle – got bit angry in attitude tone yes sir.. she was sbove to leave

Kunj- and from tomorrow you are expected to dress up decently for office

Twinkle – ok sir

Twinkle goes to production working place where a man see her and lost in her that is cherry

Cherry – waw what a beauty…she is ok for me thank you baba ji suddenly he jumps infront of twinkle 

Twinkle gets scared thinking its some monkey she steps back then look at him

Cherry forwading his hands to shake hands and he didnt talk anything simply forwading hand and showing his 32 teeth

Twinkle- what?

Cherry – my name is cherry 😁😁

Twinkle- what jerry  (pov what kind of office in this first i meet my boss who is angry bird snd now he is jerry)

Cherry – means my name is chairan nick name is cherry not jerry twinkle too give hand telling I am cherry hold her hand tightly shaking it

Cherry – i know i know you are twinkle taneja newly appointed  assistent to our GM am i right? Pulling her hand to him she pulled her back

Twinkle – yes you are right

Cherry – that is quality control manager chairan i knowto control things i know how to control everything you came here to see the product plant right?

Twinkle- yes

Cherry- you may not understand anything if you go alone. Ill take you around and make you understand everything in just half an hour

Twinkle – smiling thats my pleasure sir

Cherry – thats what i said you in beginning you are ok for me

Twinkle- what…

Cherry – shall we make a move

In office

Kunj ask receptionist to send alisha inside she informed alisha and left

Maya- may be to scold hahaha right piya

Piya – dont know yar and maya kunj assistant that girl is cute na

Maya- yes and you know she said me I am also cute looking at alisha

Alisha combing her hair and applied lipstick and done with touch preparing to go inside kunj cabin

Alisha- may be she dont have eyes like you people and she didnt saw me still right and what you said she is cute no one is beautiful than me here

Kunj- this employees eat my head where is this alisha still didnt came huh and where is this assistent she is also not back yet does she understanding anything but she is crazy really looking at her skills in resume and way she answer looking at her academic results i feel she will be good worker if she work hardi have to train her and ill be strict with her otherwise she will not learn anything i think she have interest to pearn something so she said yuvi to not tell me she is his sister in law I am quite impressed lets see her working he too went to product plant and told other employee to send alisha there only and asked about chairan she told him he is also there only kunj left from there

Here twinkle looking at everything she touch some machine snd took something in her hand

Cherry – hey hey keep it there only she kept it he took hankey from his pocket and cleaned her hand

Twinkle asking him some doubt he told no need to know that all now only its not important

Cherry – look twinkle the more time we take to complete work more value will it have

Kunj – oh is it chairan

Twinkle – hawww and kept her juice bottle at side

Kunj – so you will not complete any work on time tell me have you done work which i gave you i said you to submit it today when you are giving

Cherry – oh oh sir tomorrow or day after tomorrow sir

Kunj – what i want it tomorrow you idiot and what you telling her this work is not important haan and you noding in yes for everything looking at twinkle

Twinkle- oh sir chairan sir said…

Kunj – shhh I am  your boss here if you got any doubt come to me get it twinkle node in yes kunj gives her look she quickly says

Twinkle- yes sir

Kunj- good now i got you didnt learn anything but only roaming here from tomorrow if i see you time passing here then see what ill do

Twinkle- sorrrrrrrry….. sir 🙁🙁🙁😒

Cherry – its ok dear kunj looked at him angrily while he gulp in fear

Alisha came there smiling looking at kunj he too looked at her

Alisha – kunj

Kunj – what you said come again

Alisha- oh soory sir you called me

Kunj – yes long back but maam was busy in her work may be

Alisha- sorry sir

Kunj – tell me one thing did you got degree genuinely or gave money and too some certificate to do job huh

Alisha- in your college only i was studying

Kunj- shut up dont know what you studied mud in your head

Cherry – hahaha

Alisha- shut up

Kunj – you shut up alisha iam getting complsints from client huh if you repeat your this attitude then ill fire you for sure and he scold her much

Twinkle pov (baap re baap ithna gussa yuvi jiju mene aapki kya bhigadi thi jo mujey iske under kaam karne bhej diya i think he is mad)

Kunj goes from there cherry looks st his car going

Cherry – see your GM going home soon this people will not enjoy anything  aur iss GM ko tho koyi assistant aatha/aathi hey jyada din thak rehthey hey nahi bhag jathey heyor can say kunj bhagatha hey but please baba ji not to twinkle she should stay here for much time she is ok for me shying

Twinkle – oh my god he went ok then bye i should also leave because i have to follow him and runs from there

Cherry – this people dont know whom to follow tasteless people iam only good and handsome here

Twinkle pov (look at him going fast dont he know that i have to follow him huh cant he tell twinkle iam leaving you can follow me wait sir ill show i can drive faster than you and she drove faster than him and come front of him like its race )

Kunj smiled loking at her car thinking she is crazy she should follow me to know where is guest house but she is going like she knows everything lets see where she goes he stop car in middle twinkle going still and something flash in her mind that she dont know address where to reach she look at kunj car which is so far from her from behind he stopped there only and stood outside the car looking at her car

Twinkle – twinki thuje bhi na danth khane ki bahuth hey shock hey she drove her car near kunj car

Kunj – so miss where you going haan do you know where you have to go?

Twinkle- no sir he looked at her angrily fake one she said in music tone sorrrrrry sirrrrrr….makibg puppy face he smiled at her twinkle shocked thinks he know to smile also

Kunj – you are funny yar now dont waste my time follow me now if you somewhere ill not come to take you again she node in yes and remember how he scold her for not speaking only noding

Twinkle- ok sir kunj sat in his car thinks we are out of office now also she calling me sir sir😂😂😂 baba ji she is cute funny girl hey what yiu said kunj cute you dont say it to other girl but why to her he ignored it and drove to home both parked car chinki and usha waiting for them outside only smiling

Chinki – hey I am chinki

Twinkle- hello ism twinkle she looks at usha

Twinkle – namasthe aunty

Usha- namasthe beta come insid choti(chinki) take her luggage help her while kunj goes inside smiling

Twinkle become close with chinki and usha and she also start to call chinki as choti sometime like her family member and usha is sweet lady taking care of twinkle like her daughter she saw some girls coming for tution and chinki inform her with her kunj takes tution to her friends too and she look st girls asking simple simple doubts and coming near to him she didnt feel good dont know why whenever she use to talk with kunj in simple matter too she use to call him as sir only whenever kunj above to  say not to do that he couldn’t tell her because she was running from him like he is devil and eats her (so girls if kunj takes tution who all will join)

Next day kunj already left for work its 9.10 and chinki comes to twinkle room only to see twinkle sitting covering herself with blanket playing mouth organ she takes blanket

Chinki- oye dont you go to office today?

Twinkle – i have to go choti bus see water is not coming in bathroom

Chinki- so if you play mouth oragan like this water will come huh see the time today water will not come there is some problem

Twinkle- oh god 9.10 where is our boss

Chinki- he already left for office

Twinkle- oh he didnt took bath?

Chinki – he brought water for him from well

Twinkle- choti tell me where it is ill also take water and come

Chinki- no need of your boss brought enough water its in my bathroom goband take bath

Twinkle- ok she took bath and left for office

Its 12 when she reached office

Twinkle dress link


She opened door and looked at kunj who is busy in working she slowly entered inside and placed her bag on table not making noise kunj looked at her she too and gulp in fear

Twinkle – sir good morning sir he didnt said anything sorry sir I am bit late

Kunj – its afternoon now and you are late by 2 and half our you should be here by 9.30 right . If you dont have discipline yoh dont make it here mind it

Twinkle- sir motor was out of order in our home and if i dont take bath everyday i feel uncomfortable

Kunj -to take bath you came from mysore to mangalore

Twinkle- sir i wont repeat this sorry cutely

Kunj – you learned this one only nicely now go and start working she waz going but stop in middle come back to kunj again

Twinkle- sir … i used the water you had drawn thank you sir..he didnt said anything sir…

Kunj- what is your problem?

Twinkle- how is my dress?

Kunj – nonsense  😠😠😠 am i your dress designer

Twinkle- arey not like that sir you had asked me to come office in decent dress

Kunj – yes but i had not told you to get ok certificte from me

Twinkle- that only sir is this dress decent

Kunj – please dont eat my head go and do your work

Kunj got some call and talking with someone twinkle sitting simply clising all files looking here and there when kunj looked at her she was yawning

Kunj – oye twinkle looked at him stop yawning

Kunj – idhar aayiye she went near him

Kunj – handling her 2 big files in this one our administrative department detail is there and in this product details study this to and make notes ill come in some time and he goes from there twinkle studying cherry comes inside

Cherry- why you reading this big books ill make you understand everything in just half an hour come to my cabin she to went behind him

Precap – first rwinkle scold kunj he has ego he is sadist and all then cherry doing this only kunj standing there both look at him shock kunj came near twinkle

To be continued…

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