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Same Mansion, same people with some new members and many new happiness are dwelling. ELEVEN long years have passed, every day was new to everyone as they discovered many new secrets together. Three bahus of the house are of three kind, if one is DURGA, other is LAKSHMI and the other one is SARASWATI. The house wasn’t less than any mandir.

Someone was very sad today, she have been crying because her mother wasn’t there beside her from past two days. But the little princess being the most pampered one was sitting on the lap of a big girl, Omisha (Omi) , a nine years old strong, understanding and cute girl.

“Didi…” the little girl extended her hands and patted on the cheeks of Omi to bring back her attention.

“Yes Aashu…” Omi carefully handled Aashu’s weight and put a morsel in her mouth.

“Omi di… see… see” a little boy came running to her to show his painting which he made with the help of his big brother, Ankush, a seven year old boy, blue eyed and respects his big sister the most. Her secret and his secret remains safe between them where as the two more small child of the house are very fond of this two.

Omi has a great command over her siblings, Ankush (Kush), Rumo and Aashiya (Aashu). Ankush is Shivay-Anika’s son, seven year of old. Rumo is Rudra-Saumya’s son, five year of old and Aashiya is Shivay-Anika’s daughter, three year of old. Omisha is the eldest daughter and eldest child of their generation. She is much understanding and pampers her little sister, Aashu the most.

Ishana was watching everything from the other side of the table. She was also missing her sisters, Anika and Soumya looking at the sisterly bond between their daughters. Anika and Soumya who has went for some mission will return that night, so missing vibes of Ishana reached its peak.

Rumo is the naughtiest one, be it whatever the prank without Rumo is never completed. He is a kid who has the capability to do something naughty and slip away before anyone gets to catch him. But not to forget, he only fears his Omi di as Omisha is strict when needed. One weak point of Rumo is Aashiya, he can never tolerate anyone scolding Aashiya or else before Aashu starts to cry he will do so to stop the person from scolding her.

And lastly Aashiya, most pampered one. Omisha’s little princess, Ankush’s little responsibility and Rumo’s prank hider.

Rumo was also missing his mumma so Omi asked Kush to spend time with him. Kush agreed in no time and from then they were making paintings, no doubt Rumo has a very nice drawing hand. He is much like Omkara of their generation.

Omi now turned and looked at the painting, she put a morsel into Aashu’s mouth and there Aashu’s pupil went big and small in seconds and her hands reached to that picture to take it into her hand.

“No Aashu, at first let Omi di say something, then you will see” Rumo said. Aashu looked at Omi once and then at Rumo and then nodded her head putting both hands up her head.

“It’s so nice Rumo… you know what you will become artist when you will grow up, just like papa (Omkara) no no much more famous than Papa” Omi completed as Rumo giggled. Ankush came by then and stood near Rumo.

“Ankush where is maa (Ishana)?” Omi asked because her task of feeding Aashu was done, now it was her mother’s turn to clean up Aashu. Ishana came and took up Aashu from Omi’s lap and went away to clean her up. When everyone fails to feed Aashu, there comes the turn of Omi to feed her. Omi manages it very well.

Evening arrived and everyone were tensed as Anika and Soumya isn’t back home still.

“Papa… when… will… when will mumma come?” Aashu asked looking at his father.

“Beta Mumma will come soon, okay anyone is interested to listen to any story?” Shivay asked as only this was the way to make the bachcha party’s mood when they are major missing their Mumma’s

“We…” excitedly everyone said and followed Shivay to his room.

He started narrating about Anika… how much brave she is, what she did and how she dealt with criminals. Everyone was eagerly listening but sudden click of the door and there stood Anika in her uniform with glow over her face.

“Mumma/ Bari mom” everyone shouted and went to Anika and hugged her. Anika engulfed all of them in her hands. The protective pair that has the ability to do anything and everything she promises once. Her journey of becoming mother wasn’t easy. Many treatments were done and as she was adamant, she gave birth to Ankush. But be it whatever she loves Omisha a bit more as compared to others as Omisha was much like her. She loves to listen to the stories of Anika’s missions.

Omisha also tries to indulge her brain in finding some clue for her bari mom and choti mom whenever they are in a mission as Anika or Soumya was to share everything about the mission to Soumya or Anika and she was to sit near them to listen to everything. But Aashu had interest in culture, Ishana teaches her dance while Soumya teaches her songs at time. Soumya isn’t a trained singer but she can give competition to many known singers.

“But wait… bade papa, you said that badi maa was kidnapped during her marriage but then what happened there after?” Rumo asked. He is the much keen listener of anything and everything amongst them.

“Okay my Rumo sir… I will narrate the story after the kidnapping tomorrow” Shivay replied.

“Bachcha gang we should go now, let badi mom rest a little and then we all will sit together to have dinner” Omi said smilingly. Her both guides are back so she has to be much more happier than anyone else. Ankush was silent still.

“Mumma…” Ankush then looked at his mom and called.

Anika turned to him, smiled and placed a soft kiss over his head. In Oberoi Mansion, the couples are namesake parents of the child as if anyone goes anywhere then the other one is there to take their place. If Anika and Soumya are away then Ishana is the mother of everyone and if Ishana is away then these two women are the mothers.

“Listen na… I had made two girlfriends in two days” Ankush said.

“Ohhooo… okay then what should we do?” Anika asked ruffling his hair.

“Can I marry them?” the moment these words slipped out of Kush’s mouth Aashu started to cry. Entire Oberoi Family crowd gathered in front of Shivay-Anika’s room.

“Aashu beta why are you crying?” Soumya asked putting up Aashu.

“Bhaiyaa… will marry… then… then to… he will never love me” Aashu said between her sobs and pressing her eyes with her hands.

“Dhat buddhu, we will always love you… haina Rumo?” Kush asked Rumo. Rumo nodded with great smile on his face.

“Promise?” Aashu asked with tearful eyes.

“Promise” Kush and Rumo answered together.

Everyone went away, Ishana took away all the children with her and allowed Anika and Soumya to rest before the dinner.

“Hey I so missed you” Shivay said and wrapped Anika.

“I missed you too” she replied

“Now please don’t go away from me, I can never stay away from you” Shivay said pushing his face in the crook of her neck.

“It’s my job darling, and yeah you will get your missing gift today” Anika burried her face down over his skin as she uttered these lines.

Be it millions of years but their need, desire and love for each other never fails to reach the peak. Their love making sessions are still so pure that they get lost in their own world differently. And he understood that his wife was in mood for something romantic that night. Aashu sleeps with her Omi di and Rumo and Kush also has a large room built for them.

Next day arrived. In the morning itself the leader of bachcha party came to Shivay and requested him to complete the story that he left incomplete the previous night.

“Okay so let’s start…” Shivay now started to describe how they got married.

PRECAP- END OF THE JOURNEY… I know you all are waiting for the marriage part but doodles I wanted that to be the good and remarkable end so I followed this sequence. Please do support and I apologise also.

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