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Raglak : One heart two souls – part 1

Part 1

Scene starts in gadodia house.


It’s a pleasant morning ,birds are chirping.

Let’s peep in-

A woman of 50’s is calling her daughter’s who are sleeping happily covering themselves with bed sheet from legs to head.

woman : ragini, pari get up its so late if your father see’s you’ll be finished.

Saying this she remove’s the bed sheet and see’s the pillows instead of the the girls.

From back two monkey’s sorry sorry two girls hug her and kisses her either side cheek of that woman.

Their faces are revealed that woman is janaki and the two girls are ragini and parineeta.

They were startled by a shout.

………………. : ragini, pari !

The two girls go to that person who called them and were standing straight infront of him bending their heads.

Parag (parineeta, ragini): haa papa ji.

The person’s face is revealed it is shekhar with a strict and serious face.

Shekhar : guests are coming to see parineeta, be ready at 5 p.m . Ragini you have to make her ready and don’t do anything mischievous,be silent.

Saying this he leaves to court.

Ragini : huh, me and silent. Nice joke.so see Hitler what I will do , I will make the groom run away.she smirks.

Parineeta holds her ear.

Ragini : aah di it’s paining leave na.

Janaki : don’t leave her , she’s becoming more mischievous now a days.

Ragini : maa,you too

Bala : what she did again?

Pari : dadi maa, she is calling papa Hitler.

Bala : oye ragini, how dare you to call my son Hitler.

Ragini : hey Bhagawan there is no one in my party I am all alone. She says wiping her imagine tears.

Parineeta : oh drama queen stop it.

Ragini : you are the one who should stop, leave my ears see how red my ear has became.

Pari leaves her ear.

Bala : by the way what that Hitler had said?

Ragini and bala laughs loudly while pari and Janaki give them unbelievable look.

Pari, janaki(in unison): you both will never change.

Ragini shows her tongue out😝.

Bala : leave them ragini they are jealous seeing us.

Ragini : haa,bala 😁

Ragini : bala,what’s the reason you are becoming slim day by day.

Pari and Janaki give her a really look.

Bala blushes.

Ragini : awe bala , what’s the matter shall I ask papa to look grooms for you instead of di.

Bala : stop it laddo,don’t say that much about me in front of pari , she’ll feel bad.

Pari gets shocked and keeps a “o” shaped mouth while janaki chuckles.

Ragini looks at clock and gets tensed

Ragini : bala, see its 10 I have to go to college. bye

Pari : oh,look who is talking about going to college. The great , the one and only ragini b.tech who didn’t even attend one class.

Ragini smiles sheepishly.

Ragini : di, you know what recently a handsome boy came to our college , meghana said to me. I’m going to see him may be he is my prince charming.

Before pari could reply ragini kisses an her cheek and leaves to college.

Pari : this girl will never change. She is about to leave to her college when ragini returns back.

Pari : what happened? why you came back? Don’t say me you want your books.now from where I should get your books , you should think twice before making boats with your book’s papers.

Ragini : oh god! di stop it , with out saying why you react ? I don’t want my books.but..

Pari : but.?

Ragini(closes her eyes and asks) :what is my college name and what is my class?

Pari gets shocked.

Ragini shakes her .

Ragini : what di? You are taking this much time to say? I’m getting late say fast.

Pari : xyz …

Ragini : ok bye!she rushes out.

Pari : ragini listen ! Xyz excellence college

Pari : oh god what if she goes to xyz college instead of xyz excellence college.

She rushes out but she is late already ragini went off.

As ragini didn’t hear she went to other college instead of her college.

#xyz college

Ragini : oh god! Where is this meghana, I don’t know where is my class .

Searching her friend she collides with a boy.

The boy holds her waist without letting her fall.she kept her hand on his chest.

(Back ground song plays(your wish select your own song)

They were lost in eachother’s eyes.

Cool breeze passes through them.

The eye lock was broken by ragini.

They both stood up and were setting there dress.they were looking down to avoid eye contact.

To avoid awkwardness she starts talking something that came to her mouth.

Ragini : how much is your weight?

That boy : what?

Ragini realises what she said and bites her tongue.

Ragini : nothing,nothing.. my name is ragini.

That Boy : my name is laksh , nice to meet you.

He smiles at her while she too gives a smile back.

Laksh’s friend comes there.

Laksh’s friend : arrey laksh come , you are selected for art competition. Saying this he drags laksh with him where as laksh looks at ragini till while she too looks at him till he reach out of her sight.

She felt bad that what if she never meets him again but again smile crept on her face as she thought that she could get his information from office room as he is that college.


Hai my dear didu’s and friends . Thank you for the comments Ignore grammatical mistakes. Please share your thoughts through comments. Will post next part soon , till then take care ,bye 🙋.

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