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RAB SE SONA ISHQ FF introduction..

♥Here I’m kiya with another ff.


Introduction of characters sketche
this story revolve around by 3 boys..
Sarna family very famous name in business world. Ruling on the half London.
Kunj Sarna and om kara Sarna or rudra Sarna. This story about on loving 3 brothers who loved each other like anything can do anything for each other.
(Kunj Sarna) Who was great business tycoons in London.Not too much talkative always busy in his work. Wanted his work perfected very much punctual about his work things done on time.Loved his family lot. Least interested in girls and marriage
Laugh on word of romance. His both brothers very opposite to him. Kunj world started from his siblings and end of them he can do anything for their happiness Never laugh only on times..
Elder brother of om and rudar.
(Om kara:)great painter always busy in his own world.Depending on his life his own terms loved both his brothers.Great philosopher. Take life in very easy way very far from kunj. This business and all’s things is not in his dictionary. Elder than Rudra .
(Rudra Sarna:)great boy always busy in party his day started from wine and end in disco. Play boy. People doing party on occasions but rudar just waiting for do party no need of any reason from parties.
Spending money like a water.. but he to love his two brothers lot..who still completing his studies don’t know when it will be completed. Once in a blue moon he went college the smallest person in this family. On more special…:
(avantika taj Sarna):mother of Kunj and rudar.Great business woman loved her kids like anything’s. now busy in home.
(Tej Sarna: )owner of Sarna empire. Father of Kunj and rudra. Husband of avantika Sarna.
(Lata Sarna: ) the eldest woman of this family. Kunj and omkara or rudra dadi.. they three of them Apple of her eyes.They three of them can’t say no to her. Grand son sharing best bonding with their grand mother loved her more than a mother even she too loved them.writer who writing many books her all books successful till now.
Old raj and Simarn of this family. They become old but their love still evergreen.
(Prithviraj Sarna:)eldest man of this family.
Grandfather of kunj and om or rudar..
Husband of lata Sarna.Very much strict towards his rules and regulations. Just waited his family connected together and stay happy. Started his life with a lot of struggles did very much hard work to achieve this all money and reputations.
Staying in London with his family always missing his country India. Always remember his values and principles teach his kids too. King of diamond business.
Father of tej. And Manohar. Anita luthra.
(Manohar Sarna:)younger brother of tej.
Working with him. Father of om kara and Anjali.
(Usha Sarna:)wife of Manohar and mother of om and Anjali. Good from heart.Loved all kids like a own kids, and she and avantika stay like a sister..
Anjali Sarna: first grand child of this family. Loved her brothers lot.Good in nature sweeter than fudged. Believed in god like anything always busy in worship of god. Always caring 440 volt smiles on her face. Life line of her brothers. Ladli of grand father.
Taneja family introduction.
(Rt Taneja: )great business man of Amritsar. Loved his family lots. And kids.His first priority they are..father of twinkle and Mahi or Kabir. Husband of Leela Taneja.
They all living in joint family with Bebe rt mother and his father hansh Taneja.
(Kabir: )elder son of this family very jolly type man. Loved his two little sisters lot.
Working with his father. Mahi who talk very less than compare than her who siblings.Twinkle Taneja in collage last year of her. Panjabi pataka Beauty with brain
Live her life like fairytale.Loved to help poor peoples. Loved her parents like anything. Hate marriage name.sleeping beauty of this family.Loved food. Her first love food. Caring Chubby cheeks on her face a beautiful smile always on her lips.
Not think herself less than any boy.. Laughing always on a small thing.
Loved to see romantics movies too much filmy.her bestie chinki and Asha.Bebe who always fulfill her all wishes and jaan of his grand pa..
Luthra family [email protected]
(Anita Luthra: )mother of Yuvi and maya.
and wife of Surjit.
(Yuvraj Luthra: )fun and loving boy. Hate studies.Bestie of twinkle.loved every giral can’t stay on one girl😂.. but in his limited
Maya: sister of Yuvi fashion designer.
….Taneja and Luthra families living in Amritsar..
So here introduction of my new story.
Let see what happened..next two different mind of thinking people meet or not.
I hope you all like this story..
This story in mind from started to my ff. But I never posted. Long back I write this introduction So today I posted.
For my Sameera I dedicate this Ff to her.
My new story.. last night she completed her another ff with full of love 💕 and success. I wanted to tell her that her ff like this I never get bored I truly loved her story thank for giving us the best stories..you are so sweet so I started this new phrase with your name.. Kuch subh kaam karne se phale kuch meetha hojaye so take your name 🎁😍🍮my rising star.. SAMEERA❤🎊… miss Rahman.. 😛😝😝😍😍… congratulations Sam..
well tell me whether you all like this new story or not.. please give your reviews.,
Bye love you all. Than I’ll continue..
I’ll not post regular still love ha hai intezaar of my head so.. right now I don’t have enough times.. I’ll give you all normal updates.. bye lovely peoples..

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