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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 6)

pyar ko ho jaane do with preeti and Rohit
Episode 6:

in last episode we saw that a man seated near preeti when she was sleeping. now suddenly Ayesha sees the man and crying. The man ran.

Preeti: whats the matter why are you crying?

Ayesha: (breathing very fastly) i saw….i saw…the man was sitting near you.

Preeti: What??😱

Ayesha: I swear preeti. i swear. when i cried he ran. seriously.

Rohit and Sharanya comes.

Sharanya: whats the matter?? you both looking tense.

Ayesha: one man is in our room. when i cried he ran away from here.

Rohit: I think You have a bad dream. I was in loan with my guitar. i did ‘nt see any man arround here.

Ayesha: But i saw him is seated near preeti.

Preeti: (looking tense) come on ayesha just stop it come lets sleep.

Ayesha: but preeti…

Sharanya: There is no man here i think you have some bad dream.

Preeti: I m sorry for trouble.

Sharanya: its ok.

Rohit and preeti both look each other that they have some question in their eyes. Rohit and Sharanya leaves.

In morning…

Bade papa: We are going our office preeti would you like to join us.

Preeti: yes ofcourse. i have some papars i want your sign so i take it to me. Come on Ayesha lets go.

Ayesha: there is also need of me there?😒

Preeti: ofcourse you are my sacertary and i own you.

Ayesha: ok ok… i ‘ll go with you.

Rohit thinking something in his mind.

Ritik: you are thinking right.

Rohit and Ritik looks each other faces and smiles evily.

Rohit: Lets go.

Ritik: We ‘ll take herry with us.

Rohit: ok.

In meeting. preeti takes sign in deal papers and all become happy for this achievement.

Preeti: congrats you are now our pattners.

Sid: Thank you so much.

Ayesha: ok preeti your work is complete now. can we go for shopping.

Preeti: ok.

Trisha: i ‘ll call my drivor. he drops you to mall.

Preeti: ok thanks.

Both leave to mall there they meet with Rohit , Ritik and Herry.

Herry: hello beautiful girls.

Ayesha: Hi handsome.

Preeti: Ayesha…behave. Hello herry.

Ritik: what are you doing here you go to office right?

Ayesha: i want some shopping. our work is finish now.

Everybody go for shops to buy. after hours…

preeti: guys i m too hungry where is resturant.

Rohit: here is right…👉

Ayesha: you go alone??

Preeti: its ok you continue. i have phone i ‘ll call you when i just lost.

She leaves and Rohit sees her and chases her.

After eating food she moves from resturant and she thinks that she forgets the way. she checks her bag for phone but she does ‘nt find the phone. She becomes tense. She gets lift. on the other hand Rohit smile naughtly and he gets the phone of preeti He goes to lift controler room secretly and cut the wires of lift in which preeti is in. lift stops and preeti gets terribly tense.

preeti: ohh my God what is happening.

Rohit: you deserve it. but don ‘t worry darling only 2 hours you should stay here.

He reaches home.

Ayesha: (depressly) Rohit did you see preeti anywhere.

Rohit: no…(confused) why are you so tensed.

Ayesha: i don ‘t leave her alone.

Ritik: come on ayesha. she is so clever she will come.

Ayesha: if she did not forget the way. she did not receive the phone.

Sid: what do you mean.

Ayesha: i hope she is fine. she becomes panic in crowd when she alone. even she she fears when she is all alone.

Rohit becomes tense bcz he prisoned her in lift.

Rohit: I hope she is in mall right now i ‘ll go and check.

Ayesha: i also come with you.

Ritik: you please stay here. if you lost too.

Rohit and Ritik gets away.

Ritik: whats you doing to her?

Rohit: (tensed) yar i cut the wire of her lift and she is stuck there.

Ritik: 😧 what.

both reach there. He rejoined the wire and lift reopens. Preeti is not taking breath she is faint. Rohit Lifts her in armsand yake to her hospital.

What happens next? please stay to read next episode.

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