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Prithvi Vallabh 1st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi forgives Sindhu for Singhdant’s murder

Prithvi Vallabh 1st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sindhu starts doing the rituals of last rites of Singhdant. Informer informs Maha Kay that Prithvi escaped from the jail. Raj Mata recalls Singhdant asking her to give more preference to truth than blood. She stops Sindhu and tells him that only the elder son has the right to give agni. Sindhu asks her not to snatch his rights. Prithvi comes there wearing white clothes along with Rasniti and Bhoj. Sindhu argues with Rajmata that Prithvi was not elder son, but adopted son and says he has killed my father and you are giving him rights to give agni. Rajmata says you are still fine as I am silent, else would have been punished, she says Mrinal and Prithvi haven’t killed Maharaj, but it was you who killed him. She says you have made me feel ashamed. Sindhu is shocked. Prithvi cries seeing Singhdant and

recalls his words that Malwa’s history will be Munj’s great work, and announcing him as king of Malwa. He couldn’t bear and continues to cry.

At the other side, Mrinal is chained with thick iron chain and is taken to be hanged. She walks towards there.

Jakala asks Tailap if he decided to go on a war. Tailap says yes. Jakala says you didn’t inform me and says your health. Tailap says shall I tell Guru Aditya that I can’t go as I am unwell, and will sit holding your Pallu and let my sister die at enemies’ hand. Bhoj takes the firewood from Sindhu and gives to Prithvi. Prithvi gives him fire with a heavy heart and folds his hand and cries.

Mrinal continues to walk. Bhoj asks a soldier to arrest Maha Kay fast. Kalari comes there and folds his hands towards Singhdant burning ashes. He informs Sindhu, who immediately leaves from there. Rajmata asks Kalari what happened? Kalari tells her that Sindhu gave death punishment to Mrinal and she is taken to be hanged. Rajmata asks Kalari to arrest him immediately. Mrinal is about to be hanged when Prithvi comes there with Rasniti and stops the man pulling the trigger. Soldier sees him and says arrest him. Rasniti says Sindhu is arrested for killing Maharaj. All soldiers sit down with their head down infront of prithvi. Prithvi walks towards Mrinal. Mrinal sees him and says shame on you, shame on Malwa and shame on your game. He touches her neck and she faints. He lifts her and walks.

Jakala asks Tailap to go and says God will protect you. Tailap says Manyakhata’s power have been 4 times more with neighbors’ help. Jakala says you can bring her if she is alive and fine. Tailap gets angry and leaves. Lakshmi says very soon Mrinal will return to Manyakheta and then she will rule on everyone of us. Jakala looks on. Rajmata is in her room and reads Singhdant’s letters. Maha kay stabs himself and dies. Soldiers see him dead and says he has committed suicide. Tailap and others are in the sea. He says Malwa haven’t come to fight in war and asks Pradhan to find the reason.

Prithvi comes to Rajmata and cries keeping her head on her lap and says I can’t imagine that Sindhu can do this, may be it is someone else conspiracy. Rajmata says Savitri is the witness and will tell you what is the truth. Savitri says I am the witness of my husband’s crime, says Sindhu raj has killed your father. Rajmata closes her eyes. Savitri says coincidently I went to Maharaj’s room with his food, I saw Sindhu stabbing him, before I could do anything, he was dead. She says she kept silent as sindhu is her husband, as one side was my husband and other side was Malwa. Prithvi says your sacrifice have made Malwa in debt of your favors and says your respect got increased in my eyes. Savitri says my husband have done a grave crime and requests Prithvi to punish Sindhu forgetting the relation with him.

Jakala tells Lakshmi that she is missing Satyashrah. She says she requested Mrinal to call him. Lakshmi says Mrinal haven’t thought about her own brother. She tells her that now she can call him here, as Tailap and Mrinal, both are not here. She says you can call him, as anyone can attack Malwa. Jakala says she will ask Guru Aditya to call him.

Satyashrah tells that he likes blood and acts like psycho. He says body is useful until it is alive. His friend gets scared and says why did he kill one girl daily. Satyashrah says girls shall be used and after that they are useless. He asks his friend bilal to throw the girls’ body in the river. Bilal asks what he will do in Manyakheta as Mrinal will not allow him to kill girls. Satyashrah tells that’s why I am taking you with me so that you can make arrangements for my game.
In Malwa’s court, Kalari says Sindhu is guilty and had killed Singhdant. Prithvi asks Sindhu if he wants to say something. Sindhu says yes, and says he was burdened holding his own body and tells that Singhdant have killed his suggestions death. He didn’t give me power. Prithvi says I have given you power, but you couldn’t handle.

Sindhu says you are everywhere in Malwa like a banyan tree. He says you have snatched my everything, My Rajya, my son, my everything and my father had permitted you to do this. Rajmata shouts stop it and says he was not only your father, he was Malwa’s king too, he had spent his life for Malwa. She says lakhs of people’s abhimaan is attached with Malwa. She says people choose the one who are superior of all. She says it was father’s duty to listen to their son, and it is son’s duty to keep up his father’s prestige. She says you have made my life very colorful and asks him to look at her. Sindhu breaks down and cries, asks Rajmata to kill him. Prithvi says there is no penance than punishment and says everyone of us have done crime. He says Pita ji was a successful Maharaj, but was unsuccessful as a father. Even I have failed as a brother, but was a good son.

Sindhu says I have done a crime. Prithvi says you have failed as a son, and Death punishment is ruled out in Malwa. He says Malwa’s sanskriti don’t teach us to give death punishment for murder, says Sindhu shall be punished for life imprisonment, but no you will not be punished for life imprisonment, but you have to be faithful in every relations, you have to good as my brother, son, husband and father here staying with us. He hugs Sindhu crying. Rajmata cries. Sindhu hugs her. Rajmata and Sindhu hugs Prithvi.

Mrinal asks Prithvi not to pretend to apologize and asks him to go before she loses her cool. She slaps him hard. Tailap is shocked. Prithvi stands quietly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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