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Preetan FF : Truth Of Life Part 38

Kritika and Dhruv stays near the cottage for a while trying to shield themselves.

Dhruv : everytime I have to pay price for saving you, problem magnet

“Always joking in bad situation, don’t you get scared of death or anything in life ask him with sarcastic tears

Dhruv : we get life only once why can’t we use that enjoying, don’t waste tears on jerk people and happiness for society, live for yourself first

Kritika ; your parents might be so proud of you na that their son is so strong

Dhruv : only a mother can think like that but my case I don’t even know what mom means

Kritika : I am sorry did she leave you

“She left my dad years ago after I was born and remarried for lavish life when I turned 5 fixes the handkerchief on his hands

Kritika : why didn’t your dad marry again?

Dhruv : in fear of step mother he raised me alone but never let me miss mom

“And you lost your dad too puts hand on his shoulder

Dhruv : yes but I have no complaint from life I mean why to look back

Kritika : you know I am jealous that any girl will be in million to marry you, if Akshay was not in my life then

“Then would you accept me gets close to her

Both have small eye lock but are interrupted by Dhruv’s joke seeing her reaction

Kritika ; that was not at all funny

Dhruv : sorry actually your face was worth watching tell me something honestly do you really love your husband

Kritika : what do you mean?

Dhruv : if you did then you would not be comfortable like this with any other guy

Kritika : shut up (moves away)

Both have to hide in the small cottage till things calm down.

Rishab looks at the scratches on arms his crazy fiancee made. While he was only thinking about Tanya she appears like storm in front of him.

“I am so sorry sorry, I know you might be thinking from where this crazy girl has messed with me gets the first aid box from the table with her chattering

Rishab could not stop but only smile with her little innocence.

“Next time I will have my nails cut in movie or will wear gloves your poor hands it might be paining so much blows while applying the medicine.

He puts hand on her mouth holding her back head at the same time. Both share intense eye lock getting lost in eyes.

Ek dil hai

Ek jaan hai

Dono tujhpe.

Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

Ek main hoon, ek imaan hai

Dono tujhpe haan tujhpe

Dono tujhpe qurbaan hain

Ek dil hai.


Ishq bhi tu mera pyar bhi tu

Meri baat zaat jazbaat bhi tu

Parwaaz bhi tu rooh-e-saaz bhi tu

Meri saans nabz aur hayaat bhi tu

Mera raaz bhi tu

Pukhraj bhi tu

Meri aas pyaas aur libaas bhi tu

Meri jeet bhi tu, meri haar bhi tu

Mera kaaj raaj aur mizaaj bhi tu.

“Give some rest to your mouth sometimes finds her still in her own world

Tanya puts the dressing on his hand and is about to leave but is held back by him.

“Tanya will you go on dinner with me at our farm house come nears her ears

Tanya : sure why not

Rishab : I will wait for you in evening bye (give small peck on her cheeks before leaving)

Tanya touches her cheeks blushingly smiling at his cute innocence. Shrishti and Preeta comes there asking about their plan.

“You guys wait here and see the action starts heading to Karan’s room followed by Preeta and Shrishti. She sits on his couch putting some glycerin on her face.

Karan comes out from washroom and gets upset seeing her tensed with something.

“Hey pinky what happened, are you crying did somebody said anything just tell me the name I will break all his bones remove hand from her face

“Karan if I say its you then starts with her small emotional drama

“Did I do any mistake please tell me gets serious with her behavior

“Karan I never wanted to tell you but could not resist, from childhood I always thought only you can understand my feelings holds his hands

Karan ; I really don’t know what you are talking about

“I love you Karan I cannot live without you hugs him sobbing

Karan gets huge shock as he never expected something from her.

“I thought you loved Rishab, and now I am getting married to Preeta , if you had told me before then holds her shoulder

Tanya ; then? you would have loved me ?

Preeta and Shrishti feels the seriousness in her voice as talking from heart.

“I am sorry Karan but please don’t keep any kind of burden on your heart, I will always love you no matter leaves the room crying

Karan remains in shock with her words echoing in his ears.

“Karan what happened why are you upset Preeta comes there normally seeing him in distress. He tells her to leave alone for a while making her upset. She reveals them it to be prank .

“What asks her with annoyance

Preeta : actually we just want to tease you so next time you don’t flirt with other girls

“That was the worst joke you all are impossible blows like volt on her and goes out of room thinking

Shrishti ; di maybe things have got bit serious

Preeta : even I think so the way she was talking I felt it was heart speaking

Shrishti : what if she said was true

Preeta’s heart starts running faster with all weird thoughts in her mind. Karan sees Tanya wiping her tears she in balcony sitting down. He could clearly read her eyes that confessed only truth straight from heart.

“Karan hi, come sit hides her tear calling him to sit with her

“What are you thinking sits on opposite side of her leaning on the woods

Tanya : nothing have changed here na, do you remember when I used to come here on holidays we played hide and seek here

Karan : and you were not able to find me and Sameer, but Rishab always helped you

Tanya : he still helps me but this time only his perspective have changed

“I am such a fool could not see whose love reflects in your eyes I always felt it was for Rishab but does not look at her

Tanya : tell me something honestly you didn’t ever felt anything for me

“I never thought about love and marriage till Preeta came she is very important to me

“Karan you need her and my need is your happiness nothing else holds his face

“You, Rishab and Preeta are most important part of my life, I can never think of hurting any of you his heart pierces seeing her pain

“I want to become your strength not weakness don’t ever let my love between you and Preeta, i will not forgive myself makes him swear on her

Karan : will you really marry Rishab for namesake

Tanya : No I will sure make our marriage work from whole heart and his goodness might make me fall for him someday

Karan ; there is nobody in world who can stop loving my RIshab

Tanya ; and you loser don’t hurt my friend

“Pinky promise pulls into friendly hug

They remain unaware of Preeta’s presence listening to their conversation.

Shrishti : their relation is out of this world I hope nobody ever cast evil eye on them

Shrishti and Preeta does the arrangement for the engagement together joined by Tanya.

“Di can you put those up there on the door gives her garland of roses to tie

Karan throws flowers at her and hides every time hitting on her. Preeta looks around irritated with his antics but nowhere. He comes scarring her suddenly falling on him from stairs into pool of roses. Both goes in their little world of love. Karan pushes her hair back blocking his view of her glamorous face.

Preeta is unable is to get up from his tight grips holding her waist.

Rom rom tera naam pukaare
Ek huye din rain hamaare
Hum se hum hi chhin gaye
Jab se dekhe nain tihaare


Teri kaali akhiyon se jind meri jaage
Dhadkan se tej daudoon, sapno se aage
Ab jaan lut jaaye, yeh jahan chhoot jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahoon na rahoon..
Sajda tera sajda
Din rain karoon, naahi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda
Main to vaari karoon, meri jaan likh doon

Ab jaan lut jaaye, yeh jahan chhoot jaaye
Sang pyaar rahe, main rahoon na rahoon..
Sajda tera sajda [Karoon main tera sajda] Din rain karoon, naahi chain karoon
Sajda tera sajda [Karoon main tera sajda] Main to vaari karoon, meri jaan likh doon

“Karan leave me please somebody will see us ask him innocently

Karan : so what we got official license from everybody now

Preeta : we will save that for later okay, please leave me right now

Shrishti and Tanya flower bucket on both to interrupt their conversation.

“Oye what are you doing Karan sheds his annoyance for disturbing him

Tanya : excuse me I can ask the same thing, is this place for your romance did your room kicked you out

Karan ; no way its Karan Luthra’s room okay

Tanya ; yea right and who knows after marriage Preeta will throw you out from room

Karan : she is my cute lover not like you who believe in actions

Tanya : whatever Mr loser

Shrishti ; if you all are done with your talks can I say something Karan sir I hope you all have started shopping there are only two days left before engagement

Karan : this is my left hand game, it will not take me more than two hours to find clothes

Tanya : why not fools don’t need time to get ready right Shrishti (gives her hifi

Later in evening Tanya goes to Rishab’s farm house for dinner. She feels walking on rose petals going inside.

“Rishab you know I am scared of dark starts getting goosebumps inside with fear when she does not hear anything from him. A light flashes on her face instantly but the eyes remained numbed with the beautiful nightlife decoration. She feels the sky is right in front of her eyes with bright moon and shining stars

“This stars are the witness our relation his voices echoes in her ears

Tanya closes her eyes blushing first time in front of the guy who is her childhood friend.

“You brought light like this in my dark life but I want to become your light bends on knees an asks to forward her hand

She sees him putting small bracelet of star on her wrist as token of their inseparable bond.

“Rishab will you always love me like this, if something ever happens with me is about to complete but Rishab puts hand on her mouth

“Don’t ever say that again you are my life, I will never let you go away from me kisses her forehead without holding her face

“I never believed in deeds and previous birth but now I do thats why I found you rests head  on his chest with small tear on her eye

Rishab tugs hair behind ears putting his head on hers. Both lays on the rose petals with eyes on the sky with hands touching slightly.

“Rishab can I ask you something looks at stars

“Will you not if I don’t say yes go ahead’ asks her

Tanya : I know you left your dream for Karan’s success but did you ever not feel to get back

“Work, family, responsibility did not give me enough time but are you less than dream in my life gets up crossing his arms

“Thats not the point its not easy for everybody to dream people only do that when they have courage, and if you have guts to dream then have that strength to make it true makes her look at him

Rishab : I can’t do this, its been long time

“I want to become your strength not your weakness please do this for yourself not for anybody hands him flyer of next football match

Rishab looks at her as his biggest inspiration and motivator to step ahead for his dream.

Tanya : imagine tomorrow when Karan will see you successful how proud he will be just like you see his achievement

Rishab looks at the flyer agreeing to her condition for playing upcoming match.

Preeta and Tanya executes a plan to find past of Akshay first.

“I have to go through old newspaper, I feel he has been in some legal issues looks at internet on phone

Preeta : you are lawyer, it could be easy for you to find about him

Tanya : its not because, Akshay also lived in London and the cops will not provide us any information easily

Preeta : thats right they might not be helpful to us in anyway, what about police here

“Preeta, where is the old headquarter, I am sure I will find something from there ask her

Preeta : not sure enough but I heard there is one in Dadar area

Tanya : you have to do one favor for me, convince Rakhi aunty to call Akshay Kritika for dinner and that time I will sneak in their house to find something

Pragya : are you sure you will do this?

Tanya ; we have to, only then I can find something against Akshay from his house

Preeta : but don’t forget our engagement dates are closer please be careful

Tanya : don’t worry I will handle you just convince Rakhi aunty and Dadi to organize something so we can have some time

Preeta : it will be done

Shrishti and Preeta convinces Rakhi to call Kritika and Akshay for dinner to celebrate the engagement new of both couples.

“So you both come here in evening okay, your both brothers are getting married soon Rakhi tells Kritika

“dont’ worry mami we will reach there on time see you in evening Kritika hands up after saying that

Preeta’s clothes get dirty when one of the servant drops some food on her clothes.

“Dear you go and clean your clothes or there will be stain left Dadi tells her to use Karan’s washroom to clean her dress. She is cornered by him when coming out from his washroom.

“What are you doing asks him

” Love baby doll, what a smell you have no idea what are you doing to mehuskily buries face in her hair

” be careful with your romance Mr luthra there are spies in the corners puts hand on his

Karan : I don’t care we are unique couple, who will romance if not us

“I hope you remember we cannot meet till marriage from now on turns towards him

Karan : thats not fair how will I live every moment without you

“Only little more wait then I will be in your arms my safe heaven her hands are running on his rough hair

Karan : come quickly my heart cannot wait anymore to enter your small world

“You are already there but I want to become your world only both of us no third person embrace him slowly

Their moment becomes intimate in the emotional state.

Shrishti sees Sameer going through office files deeply.

“Hey shorty you didn’t even notice me, such a workaholic sits on bed pouting

“My sweet tall pole you go angry, see I kept it back what can I do for you goes next to her

Shrishti : I want to go for shopping id’s engagement is coming up and I don’t have good dresses to wear what will people say

Sameer : nothing that you are miser to not buy good clothes

“Shorty please I am very stressed right now hits him with pillow

Sameer : okay sorry lets go come on, just give me few minutes i have to send this quotation to Rishab bhai for next meeting

Shrishti : I won’t disturb you, finish work and then we will go till then I will look online give your tab

“There you go gives her iPad to work on

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