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Mahakaali 1st April 2018 Written Episode Update: Andhak comes to Parvati

Mahakaali 1st April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Parvati kills Durgamasur. Parvati sees sky dark. SHe says why after even his end it doesn’t feel like problem has ended. Shiv says its a cycle that never ends. Parvati syas what will happen now? SHiv says good always wins over bad.
A woman comes towards Kelash. She sees asthiyan and says today Mahakali has to answer me. A mother can’t see her son dying.
Parvati says what should we do now? He says don’t worry. Parvati says for now I have got you back and I will welcome you. He says my home is where my wife is. Parvati says I never want to go away from you. You are my strength. Shiv smiles. He says you believe in me gives me strength. He hugs her. Shiv says in heart a new trouble is coming.

The woman comes to achariya. She says listen.. He says you will

always take her side. why did she kill my son. For how long will I see my kids tying. I will avenge death of each of them. He says you can’t go against Mata. She says Mahakali has another son too who is not with her, Andhak.

Parvati does shiv’s arti and welcomes him. Achariya says you can’t use Andhak in all this. She says I don’t need your permission.
Parvati asks shiv what happened? She says it was so difficult to choose between my son and husband. He says what if that happens again? She says I dont’ want it to.
The woman comes to a cave. She says welcome. Andhak comes in. She says today you will come out of the darkness He says darkness is my only friend. She says you will live all the moments you spent alone. I am here to give you a new life. You spent all this time without your ma.. He says ma..
Parvati is dazed. Ganesh comes and says all guests are here. Lets go ma. Vishnu comes to SHiv and says what will you do? He says Parvati will handle it when it comes.

The celebration starts. Kartika and Ganesh welcome shiv. Ganesh says mata I am so hungry. Parvati hears someone saying maa again. She runs outside. Everyone is dazed. Vishnu syas we have to stop her. Shiv says no let her go. She has to face this.
Andhak is in Kelash. Parvati sees him. She recalls when she held him. Parvati says andhak.. He steps away from her. He says no mata.. After so many years don’t show me this love. I cried every day for you but you never cared. You lived here with your family. You never cared for me. I was alone every day. And today too I will be alone. Parvati is in tears. I did everything you asked me for but you never called me your son.
Indra says Andhak is more powerful now. We have to stop him. Kartika says whats his intention behind coming here. Shiv says we can’t stop it. He is here already.
Parvati says I am sorry for all the pain you had. I want to repent for it and I am ready for everything. Tell me do you wanna live here with your mom in your home? He nods. Parvati hugs him.

The woman says andhak is in kelash. I will bring all my sons back. Acahriya says it is not possible. Only Mahakali can bring them back. she says Andhak will make Mahakali do it.
Parvati takes Andhak inside Kelash. Indra and devs leave. Shiv says I know your feelings and I wont stop him. This will be your decision and so ill be the consequences. He touches shiv’s feet. Ganesh says Mata wants us all to live together. ANdhak says I will be nice to both of you. Parvati says I want to do a pooja for my son coming back. Ganesh will start it. Andhak syas I am thankful but before that I want to ask why will Ganesh start it? BEcause I can’t do it. Shiv says what do you mean? He says I have no identity. He says I wanted to be here for Mata. I deserve to be called your son. PArvati says you will do it. Kartika is angry, Ganesh says its okay we should respect it. Andhak syas I want to do a battle with Kartika first.
KArtika and andhak start a fight. Andhak falls down. Kartika says he fell deliberately. He lost himself. What is all this Andhak? Andhak recalls the woman asking him to lose intentionally. Andhak says I am not here to answer you. You think i am here for a reason? I am here for my mom only.

Adnhak comes to the woman and tells her everything. She syas i have done something that will keep your mom with you. He syas I will do anything for my mom. She syas you have to convince your mom to give you black powers and then you can keep her forever. Andhak says I will do anything.
Karika says to Ganesh Andhak has a plan. He wants to keep her out of here. Ganesh says Andhak has started his plan already.
Shiv comes and says Parvati has gone with Andhak already. They are both dazed. sHiv says you have to be ready for the troubles that are yet to come.
Parvati comes to Andhak.
Precap-All the asurs Parvati killed surround her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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