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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 15

                 SOMEONE IS BLUSHING!..


Swara is doing aarthi and only sujatha was behind swara. After giving prasad both sat on the couch. Ram has gone out of station due to business works.

Suju: Swara where is sanskar?

SWA: Mom he was  sleeping when I came down.

Suju:  Oh he never gets up late that’s y!

Swara got remembered about yesterday night.

SWA: Mom, he was actually doing work the whole night so he is sleeping.(swara we know what work u both were doing 😂😂😂).

Suju: Oh! K then u do one thing swara u go and wake up sanskar while I go to Temple and come.

SWA: Mom I’ll also come with you.

Suju: It’s k swara u go and wake him up first I’ll manage.

SWA: Mom…..but. Sujatha gave a glare and swara instantly said.

SWA: Ok mom, but be careful.

Suju: hmm k!. Sujatha left and swara went to wake up sanskar.


Swara went and saw swara who was sleeping. She went near him

SWA: Sanskar get up (jerks him)

SAN: Swara 5 minutes please!(sleepy tone).

SWA: Sanskar!…… please. Sanskar was still sleeping without giving any head to swara. Here swara was tired of calling his name and waking him up. Swara is thinking what to do to make him up suddenly she got an idea. She smirked seeing sanskar who was sleeping.

SWA(in mind): Wait and see sanskar I’ll make u wake by your self!……..

She looked at the a.c which was already on and looked at sanskar who was comfortably inside his blankets only his head was out which was supported by his hands. She went inside a took a bowl full of water. She bent beside him and slowly took his hands and dipped it into the bowl. Sanskar got up with a jerk.

SAN: ah……(he got up and sat). Here swara was laughing.

San: (annoyed): Swara u know already I can’t bear too cold things na?.

SWA: (composing herself not to laugh): For that u could have listened to me earlier (smirked).

Sanskar looked at her and saw swara who was wearing a orange color saree with matching orange bangles and earrings. Only her mangalsutra was around her neck which adored her neck and sindoor on her maang which made her beauty to increase more!… Sanskar was totally out of control and he pulled her towards him and she too feel on him. His one hand was on her waist and another was around her neck. Her one hand was on the bed for balance and other one his chest.( Do u all remember that coffee scene? Where swara dipped sanskar’s finger in it and their romance, seriously I’m missing those😔)

San: So MRS. SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI, What were u doing just before?

SWA: Sanskar door is open what if mom comes. She said while struggling to leave but his grip on her was more stronger. Both shared an eyelock. Even though they didn’t confess exactly their eyes showed how much both loved each other. Soon sanskar came more closer to her and swara closed her eyes giving him permission. He smiled and continued. There was just an inch gap but to their misfortune swara’s phone rang which made both to come to their sense. Swara immediately got up and sat on the bed properly. She took the phone and it was RAGINI!….

SAN( in mind): Meri pyaar ki dushman. He thought and signed (hope I wrote the wordings correct 😜). Swara attended the call.

SWA: Ragu who r u? Is lucky fine?. She asked and continued to speak. Here sanskar had an romantic mood so he couldn’t stop himself. He went close to swara and started giving wet kisses on her neck🙈🙈🙈 . Swara was feeling very difficult to speak and she neither protested too to stop. Though sanskar sensed it he didn’t mind.

SWA: y…a   ra….gu ever…..one is…fine…she said while stammering so much which made ragini confused.

Rag: Is everything fine there swara?

SWA: y….a ra….gu will ..ca….ll u la..ter

Rag: Swara I can’t understand anything.

Swara took a deep breath and said in one go.

SWA: Ragu I’m bit busy will call u later.

Rag: k take care and bye!

Swara cuts the call.

SWA: Sanskar stop it (she said and stood up).

San: y? (Stood up behind her) Sensing him close to her she blushed which was noticed by sanskar.

San: Someone is blushing (teasingly). This made swara blush more harder.

SWA: Come down fast. (She said while looking down).

San: Should I continue?(teasingly)

Swara smiled and ran out due to shyness.

San: Oh come on dear wifey it’s just a start will show u more. He said smiling thinking about their movements.


PRECAP: Ragini is pregnant! A leap of 3 months. Goons enters their house.

So finally came up with another romantic sequence 🙈🙈🙈🙈. So from now on there will romantic sequences but not as this much because something else also is there for u all😜 as I have something else with these too. I would like to thank my dear harshan Bhai who helped me 😊. Do comment and like if u like this chapter and thanks everyone for those who commented me for the previous chapters……love all😘😘😘😘❤😍

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