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Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 5 by Aliya

Let’s begin…..

It’s been one month that RagSan being married.. Still sanskar has no change of improvements he was always been rough and tough to Ragini… Whether he behaves like that with her.. Ragini turns mischievous.. Let’s see how…

San: i kept a file in table did you take it?
Rag herself: haan ji

Rag: no..i didn’t

San: its a blue colour file..i remember i kept it here in the dining table….

Rag:pakka ji..i hvnt seen the dining table from last night…

He starts to search


Rag was passing by wn she listens sanskar telling abt the file wch is really important for him
He keeps the file in dining table and goes to the room and locks himself

Rag herself: mujhpar chillate hona ab dekho mein kya karti hoon…bohoth galti kardi file yahan chodke

Fb ends

San: damn is so important

Rag smiles: sanskar ji

He looks at her who is smiling wn he is tensed

Rag: should i help you

She remembered the first day wn he said he can do his work

She was still smiling.. It irked him.. He thought she is smiling bcs he is tensed

San: no thanks

Rag: ok….

She is eating the breakfast

San sees her: today aren’t you going hospital…?
Rag: no today… There’s duty for some other doctors.. So we…i mean me krish and adi decided to go for a dayout

San: i hv to present this in front of the client’s at 10…

Rag: never keep such things like this… May be u hv misplaced it.. She acted bring concerned

She imagined dancing around tensed Sanskar

She controls her laugh

San:my full hard work… It may cost my job

Rag stands: ok i will search wait…

Sanskar was busy in searching

Rag smirks.. She bends to the dining table

Rag: did you get 😁😁

San: no…i don’t know where i kept

Rag takes the file wch she sticks under a chair.. She takes the gun tape fastly

Rag smiles: suniye

He turns..

San: file.. wr was it??
He smiles… And takes it from her

Rag: table me neeche

San: bt i hv searched there

Rag: today u hvnt wore specs

San looks at her being disgusted: i can see..andha nai hoon mein

Rag 🙄🙄🙄:ohhhh…now i understand u put specs for style right…

He covers his eyes through his palm: no i hv little prblm in my eyes

Rag laughs: little prblm… That’s why u couldn’t see the file

San takes feel breath to control his anger: look forget it and thanks for the file

Rag: pleasure is aaaaallllllll mine😋😋😋😋

He goes to office

Rag: just wait and watch.. Wat and all going to hpn with you..

She gets the call from krish

Rag: oops… She hits her head

She picks her bag and runs to outside

Krish and adi were waiting for her… She goes to them

And they roam the city

It’s night

Sanskar comes back to home…

He opens the door it was dark..
He on’s the light…

He goes to the room and sees Ragini isn’t there.

Then he opens his room….

He was somewhere worried for her it’s 11 in the night…

San:i think i should call her and ask her where abouts..then he remembers..he doesn’t hv her number

So he waits for sometime..

He goes to balcony and stands there

“i m sorry..i cant be with you anymore..and plzz dont disturb me!”he remember’s swara’s words

San: u left me swara just bcs u got a someone else still i can’t believe it…

He sees that Ragini gets down the car..vision was not soo clear bt he could see..as it was 18th floor

And 2 guys coming out of it…

She his both of them…

And one guy(krish) giving a gift to Ragini
Seeing it she gets happy…. She side hugs him…

She was abt to leave… While he pulls her hair

Rag turns and laughs…

They then leaves from there.. Rag boss them bye….bt they waits there until she enters the flat

San goes inside and Ragini enters the apartment

She gets the call
Rag: ha baba..i hv entered the apartment…and remember tommorrow… Ok then my eyes is waiting to see you tomorrow… Haha…thoda sa tho asar hona chahiyena … Ok see ya..good night…

Sanskar hv listened her talks…

Rag locks the door…

And enters and sees Sanskar…
Who is filling water in the glass….

Rag: Sanskar you didn’t sleep…

San: no… actually i wasn’t sleepy

Rag: oh…k then….

She was abt to go to her room

San: wat you planned for tomorrow

Rag: woh kuch nai.. actually i hv invited my friends for dinner tomorrow…

San: oh…

Rag: if you can then plz come early tomorrow

San: i will try…

Rag goes in to her room…

San was somewhere felt sad or something wch he couldn’t understand

Wn he saw her hugging then and close to them he didn’t like it…. Then he brushed off his thoughts

And then goes to his room…..

And sleeps bt this time he didn’t get Swara’s memories bt some insecurities… He just remembering Ragini’s words

Next day…

He could listen someone humming the song…

So he went out to see.. Bt locking the door…

His eyes went wide…

He saw Ragini was humming the song and dancing the kitchen holding a belan.
With that she is rolling the roti too and cutting the veggies

He smiles forgetting Everything.. And was looking at her folding his hands

Rag then moonwalks from one side to other and she raises her and abt to scream like Michael Jackson she saw sanskar.. Who was looking at her with smile

Rag felt embarrassed….

She does the roti’s fastly being nervous she heat touch her fingers… She screams

San immediately goes to her and drags her to the wash tub and pours the cold water on her hands

Rag was shocked by his sudden reaction and her mouth were left open

San: can’t you do with some patience see you hv hurt yourself… He goes on scolding her…. With concern

Rag was just lost on him… His care and concern for her…. She was looking at him with a smile

He sees her lost.. He smacks his finger infront of her

She comes out of lost world

San: wr r u lost?

Rag: actually.. (forwarding other hand) this hand is also burning

San confused: how..?

Rag smiles: don’t know

He nods his head in disbelief and takes an ointment from first aid box..

He applies it on her hand

San:wr u got hurt in this hand??

Rag murmurs: not hand bt heart

San: wat?

Rag: no i will apply it

San: r u sure…

Rag: ha…bt don’t you think something is burning.. She smells

San looks at around and points to the direction

Rag looks: meri roti… Agree runs to it

San: wait… Now don’t pick it in hands…

He takes it

Rag takes it in hands wantedly

San in disbelief:Raginiii….

She is so happy this is the first time in this month he called her name….

He held her hand:u again did this… Why r u doing like kid…

Rag was in la la land 😍😍😉

Rag herself: first time i m getting crush on my husband 😍😍😍

San: wr r u lost again?

He sees her phn

He takes it

Rag: wat r u doing??

San: i saved my number… Yesterday i couldn’t get in touch with you

Rag with a shiny smile 😁: you were worried for me

San: no..not like that..i just…m getting late i should leave for the office

Later both leaves for their respective jobs

Rag reach hospital

Nurse: there’s a patient in the casualty she is hvng the high fever

Rag goes there….

And the Patient is revealed to be SWARA

Rag goes to her and checks her….

Rag pricks her a needle and puts the glucose bottle…

After sometime swara gets fine

Swara to Rag: thankyou dr….
Rag smiles:Ragini Maheshwari

Swara’s face fell
Rag: wat hpnd?

Sw smiles: no nthng..i should leave now
Rag: is nobody there from your family..u can’t go like this…

Sw:no prblm..i will manage…

Rag:arey.. Don’t think i m asking for formality…ok first lets be friends

She forwards her hand…
Sw smiles and shakes her hand with her

Rag: so your husband…
Rag understands there was something wrong: wait..i will call my driver he will drop you to home

Sw: no that’s fine

Rag: i m your friends.. it’s my responsibility

Sw smiles: ok..

They exchange number’s
Rag: if are not feeling well then u can call me…

Sw smiles: thankyou.. Thankyou so much being a stranger u r doing this to me

Rag: stranger??we r friends ryte

Sw smiles and nods

Rag calls Vignesh… And vignesh drops swara at her home

Later evening she goes to her home

And she finds Sanskar there

Rag smiles shocked: Sanskar u at this time

San: actually i didn’t had much work.. So i came early…

He goes in the room and locks it

Rag: wat is there in that room that he is locking everytime… She brushes her thoughts and goes to fresh

Sanskar was looking at the room which is filled with swara’s and his photo selfie’s…

He smiled sadly…

To be continued……

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