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ISHQBAAZ SS – Our Angel, Ishana- Chapter 9



At Temple


Manish is surprised when heard someone calling him. He turns and sees Tej.

Manish: (smiles) Tej?? (He looks at everyone of the Oberois) Kalyani maa ji, you are here too?? (Takes blessing from her)

Kalyani: Haan… Haan… We all are here only.

Tej: Man, it’s been many years we have met. How are you??

Manish: I’m doing good, Tej. How are you??

Tej: We are good too. (His tone has changed a bit which noticed by Manish and ArShra)

Manish: This is my family. (Pointing towards IshArShrav) My son Arjun, daughter in law Shravani and my daughter Ishana. That girl is Dr Navya, Ishana’s friend. (Four of them fold their hands greeting them)

Tej: We already met your daughter and daughter in law yesterday. But, we didn’t aware they are your children.

Manish: Really?? I didn’t aware of that.

Shrav: Woh, bauji, I went for an investigation to their house yesterday.

Tej: Manish this is my family. You already know maa, Shakti, Jhanvi and Pinky. These are my sons, Omkara and Rudra. She is Gauri, Omkara’s wife and she is Bhavya, Rudra’s fiancee. We are having another son, Shivaay but he is in hospital now. That is his wife, Annika. And that girl is Soumya, maa’s friend’s granddaughter.

Manish: (smiles) I’m really very happy to meet you all. You all done with your prayers?? Actually, we just came here.

Shakti: We came here early. Actually, we did pooja for our son Shivaay to recover soon.

Manish: Oh. Can I know what happened to him??

Jhanvi: He met with accident and he is in coma now. (Manish feels bad)

Navya: Yes, uncle. He is admitted in the hospital that I’m working only.

Manish: Oh, I see. Ok. Maa ji, we go and pray first.

Kalyani: Sure, beta. We will be staying here for a while. (Manish smiles and leaves with IshArShraNav)


Ishana finishes her prayers and looks here and there for Shivaay. Navya too finishes her prayers and looks at Ishana.

Navya: (whispers) What are you searching for, Ishu??

Ishu: (whispers) Shivaay. I didn’t see him since morning. Don’t know where he went. I think he is still upset with me for scolding him yesterday.

Navya: Maybe he didn’t know that you came to temple and waiting for you at house.

Ishu: I already wrote on my mirror that I’m going to temple. He must have seen it.

Navya: Wow!! I’m impressed. You sent your message like that. Good job, Ishu. (Thinks something) Or, maybe he can’t enter the temple. He is a spirit, right?? Spirit can’t enter the temple. We have seen in many movies. (Ishana thinks a while)

Ishu: Navya, you wait here. I’ll come in a while. (Navya tries to stop her but she leaves from there)

Ishana goes outside the temple and search for Shivaay but she couldn’t find him.

Ishu: Where are you, Shivaay?? Are you fine or not?? Has anything happened to him?? I need to ask Navya. (Runs inside the temple. Annika sees her running and shows to Soumya. Both of them confused to see her running like that. They excused from their family and leave from there following Ishana. Ishana legs tripped and almost fell but a hand holds her. She looks at the person who is none other than Shivaay. She smiles in relief looking at him. Annika who is walking with Soumya feels something inside her heart but she brushes it off and continue her walk)

Shivaay: Why are you running like this?? How if you fell down?? You know right that you should not get injured??

Ishu: I was searching for you. Where have you went?? Why you didn’t come to meet me since morning??

Shivaay: Woh, I thought you are still angry on me. That’s why I didn’t come and see you.

Ishu: Of course I’m angry on you but that doesn’t mean I will back off from helping you.

Shivaay: Yeah. That’s why I went to your house but I saw no one is there and luckily I saw your message on the mirror. So, I came here.

Ishu: Do you know something?? Manu and your family know each other earlier.

Shivaay: Manu?? Who is Manu??

Ishu: My dad.

Shivaay: Aww. I forgotten that you call your papa with his name. Really?? They already know each other earlier?? (Ishana nods her head. Shivaay is about to say something but stops feeling something)

Ishu: What happened, Shivaay??

Shivaay: Ishana, go to your family. Annika is here now. She will have doubt if she sees you talking alone.

Ishu: (looks here and there) But she is not…. (Stops seeing AniSou coming there) You are right. She is coming here.

Shivaay: That’s what I’m saying. Leave from here first. (Ishana leaves from there and goes to her family. She sees ArMan are staring at her)

Arjun: (hands on his hips) Where have you went?? Can’t you stay in one place??

Ishu: Woh… Ajju, I felt like I saw my friend. That’s why I went to see but she is someone else. (Thinks) Sorry, God. I’m lying standing at your place.

Shrav: But, you should have tell us, Ishu. You must not left like that.

Ishu: Sorry, Shravs. I saw all of you are praying and I thought to not to disturb your prayers. That’s why I told Navya and go. (ArMan shake their heads looking at Ishana)

Manish: All finished your prayers, right?? Let’s go to them. They are waiting for us. (They leave from there)


AniSou are looking for Ishana but they couldn’t find her.

Annika: Where this girl went??

Soumya: She must have go to her family. Di, let’s go. All must be waiting for us. (Annika nods and they are about to leave but stops hearing a voice)

Voice: Looking for the angel?? (AniSou turn and see a Baba sitting at a pillar looking at them) Don’t worry. You have met her and she won’t leave before her work is done.

Annika: Angel?? Baba ji, whom are you talking about??

Baba: (smiles) The one you are searching for. (AniSou look each other in confuse) Go, beti. Your family are waiting for you. (AniSou leave from there in confused. Shivaay who was standing at a pillar comes towards the Baba)

Shivaay: Baba ji, you are here?? That day you suddenly disappeared. Actually, I wanted to tell you that…..

Baba: You have met the girl who can see you.

Shivaay: (surprised) Yes, Baba ji. How did you know??

Baba: (smiles) I know everything, beta. Your problem will be solved soon. (Shivaay smiles) But…..

Shivaay: But what, Baba ji??

Baba: Angel won’t stay for long. She will leave after her work is done.

Shivaay: (confused) What are you saying, Babaji?? I don’t understand.

Baba: You won’t understand now, beta. You will understand it on the right time. Go, beta. The angel is waiting for you. (Shivaay is confused with the Baba ji’s words and leaves from there. The Baba smiles sadly.) No one can change the fate. It’s her destiny.


AniSou go towards the family and see Ishana’s family are there too.

Om: (looks at them) Bhabhi, where you both went??

Annika: We are here only. There is a Baba ji and he said something to us.

Shrav: (surprised) Baba ji?? Did you see him?? (Annika nods) Where is he??

Soumya: At the pillar there. (Pointing towards somewhere)

Shrav: Is he still there??

Annika: He was there when we left from there.

Arjun: What happened, Shravani??

Shrav: I’ll tell you later. Navya, come with me. (Pulls Navya’s hand and leave from there before anyone said anything)

Manish: What’s wrong with her??

Arjun: I don’t know, papa. But, she is worried since yesterday. Ishu, do you know anything??

Ishu: I don’t know. She didn’t tell me anything.

Arjun: I’ll go and see.

Annika: He is sitting nearby the entrance only. We all will go together.

Kalyani: Right. We also can ask about our Shivaay too.


ShraNav reach to the pillar that been told by Soumya just now. They see the Baba ji is sitting closing his eyes.

Baba: (still closing his eyes) I know you will definitely will come to see me. (Opens his eyes) What happened?? Worrying about her?? (Looking at Navya) Is everything happening like what I said before?? You can’t change the fate, beti. Everything will happen as the God’s wish. (ShraNav look at him with tear filled eyes) Go, beti. (They see both of the families are walking towards them and they wipe their tears, don’t want them to know that they are crying. They turn towards the Baba but he is not there)

Navya: Where he went?? (Shravani shakes her head. The Oberois and Raichands come there.)

Annika: Where is he??

Navya: We don’t know. We too couldn’t meet him.

Pinky: I thought to ask him when my Shivaay will recovers but he gone ready.

Kalyani: Don’t worry, Pinky. One day we will see him. Let’s go back now. (Towards Manish) One day, you must come to our house with your family.

Manish: Sure, maa ji. We will definitely come. So, we are leaving now.

Annika: Ishana… (Ishana looks at her) You too must come to our house always.

Ishu: Sure, Annika. (Thinks) I definitely will come there always. (Annika smiles and hugs her) Annika, I want to go for shopping today. You can join me if you want.

Annika: Shopping?? (Looks at the Oberois)

Kalyani: You can go with her, Annika. Take Gauri, Soumya and Bhavya too. All of you are staying at home only. Ishana putthar, you can take them.

Ishu: Thanks, daadi madam. (All look at her surprisingly)

Rudra: You won’t address anyone in a normal way??

Ishu: I like to be different, Rudy boy. (Winks playfully at him)

Rudra: I’m not a boy. I’m a man.

Ishu: Ok, Rudy man. (Rudra looks at her in disbelief while others chuckle looking at them.)

Manish: Ishu…. It’s getting late.

Ishu: Coming, Manu. Ok, girls. We will meet in afternoon at your house. (The girls agree and all leave from the temple)



To be continue….


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