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ISHKARA FF-Life Found Love Once Again- PROMO

Hi, dearies… I’m going for family vacation and won’t be able to update this FF for one week… This is just a small promo for upcoming chapters….



Man: I’m sorry, sir…. He has lost a lot of blood … We don’t think that we will be able to save him…


Guy: How could you say that?? You have to save him…


Doc: We tried our best but sorry…..


Girl: (screams) No!!! This cannot happen!!  I can’t live without him


Doc: The girl has been stabbed deeply … And, we find some sort of poison in her blood… (All are shocked)


Guy: It’s because of me… I’m the one supposed to get stabbed but she came in between…. (Cries)


Guy2: No, it’s because of me… I’m the one pushed her… (Cries)




Girl: You go from here!!! Their enmity with me only…. You don’t have to land in danger because of me…


Girl 2: No!! I won’t leave you… I don’t care what will happen to me, but I’m not going to leave you alone…


Girl: What are you saying?? They are very dangerous people… They will kill you if you help me…


Girl 2: I said that I don’t care about my life but I won’t let them to touch you… We will leave together from this place…




Girl: You???


Man: You remembered me?? Finally!!! You must not be alive after this… (Takes a knife)




Anyone can guess who are the characters above there???


NOTE: ishanaomkarakiwife is not well and won’t be able to update her FF for some days…

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