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Hi guys….. I’m back and now to stay please forgive me for not updating for sooo long and honestly I wanted to update , chat to you guys badly but I had several problems going on that I couldn’t . but now every thing is sorted so enjoy the chapter……


Annika’s pov
Smiling at today’s events I made my way to the gate, but suddenly a figure caught my eyes in sea of hundreds. A very familiar pair of hazel brown eyes caught mine , we both stared each other tears filling in both eyes.
“Chachu..” i whispered and ran into his wide arms. I missed him so much. He squeezed my arm before pulling away. He sighed and kissed my forehead mumbling I missed you.
“How are you little girl ?”

A tear streamed down my cheek, how much I missed being called little girl , his little girl. He wiped away my tear nodding no. “I am good Chachu how are bhai,bhaiyu and baby and others?”
Chachu chuckled patting my head “take a breath little girl, all are fine and are missing their Anu a lot so jump right in, I’m kidnapping my niece.” He said slyly opening the door of his black Mercedes Benz .
I was very very very happy that I will meet my family after almost three months, but… “what about Akhil uncle and Manish uncle Chachu, without their permission I can’t do anything…” I said devoid of any emotion. It happened with me so many times that I now don’t feel anything.
Chachu lifted my face and wiped off my tears that I didn’t even knew were falling down. “Look at me little girl…” he said and met my gaze. “I already talked with these two and they only suggested me to pick you up from school and who has the guts to say no to the Anuj Singh Raizada.” He ended arrogantly earning a giggle from me.
“Let’s go” he said patting my back. I nodded and sat beside Chachu .
“How’s school?”
“How’s science?”
“Chachu….! Actually its also good.”
“Uhmmm… did Mallika helped you?”
“No.. someone else. I have a different section now”
“why and she is in the old section?”
“Yes Chachu, I don’t know the principal says due to crowding in all the section this new section has been made in which I am.”
” if you want I can talk to him about you staying in your previous sectio-.”
Chachu jumped in his seat , eyes wide and hand over his chest. “Okay if you don’t want to go back just say no to me why want to tell all the city. I swear Anu even people from Nepal would have heard it.”
“Sorry..” “it’s ok but any special reason for not leaving the new section?” He asked with a raised brow. How can I tell him I can’t spend a day in school without gazing a particular special individual.
“A.. our new teachers are very good so..”
“ohh..we reached!” Chachu said opening the door and gave me his hand , taking it I entered our home “shantivan..” I mumbled running a hand over the name plate.
“Go inside nobody knows you are coming.” He said winking. I ran inside opening the gates ever so loudly screaming at the top of my voice ” Dadi I’m home!”
“Anu come here sweetheart” dadi said opening her arms and I ran into them, I tightened my hold feeling her tears. She pulled away and I wiped her tears nodding no. She just smiled and rained my face with kisses.
We sat on the sofa catching up on the latest rumoured girlfriends of bhai and bhaiyu. Suddenly I get knocked down by my baby who is clinging on me tightly. Can’t ever underestimate the Raizada men’s power even if he is a two year old baby.
“Babyloo..” I coed and nuzzled my nose on his tummy. “Didu..!!” He squealed. I stopped and watched him play with my hair, how much I missed my baby, his giggles,squeals,naughtiness, kisses mostly I missed him say didu. He kissed my nose breaking my stance.
I smiled and looked up to see my chotima and badima coming from garden and placed baby down and signed Dadi to not tell them about me and hid behind the sofa by doing a backflip earning a squeal from baby.
“Maa is Twinkie here?” Badima asked Dadi and I thought I got caught,they saw me.
“No did you saw sweetie here?” Dadi asked. Such a drama queen my Dadi is just like me hehe.
“No we didn’t saw her but , I have this feeling that she is right here even didi feels it.” Chotima spoke.
How do they always know. I stood up from my hideout and said “surprise maa!!” “Twinkie!” “Sugar!” I ran into their arms “how do you always know..” I whined and they chuckled.
“Mother’s instinct!” They both yelled like every time and I just smiled and tightened my hold on them.
On times like these I wonder if they both love me so much then would my own.. No she is not one.. No one Annika no one !.
I stiffened at her thought but relaxed as badima rubbed my back and chotima caressed my hair. “I missed you maa..” I said and pulled away. They smiled
“go and talk with your badepapa he would be very happy until then me and your chotima would make your favourite meals for dinner.” I nodded and ran to the staircase to badepapa’s office but shouted still running “don’t forget to make rasgulle and dahibade!” And heard nothing can be done of her and her siblings.I grinned hearing the same thing bhai and bhaiyu receive.
I tiptoed toward badepapa’s chair and covered his eyes “precious..” I smiled like always he sensed me. He twirled me making me sit on his lap and hugged me. He looked so happy that I felt warmth crept in my chest.
“I missed you badepapa… and my kitkats” just as I finished he opened his drawer handing me at least 6 kitkats . He laughed seeing my expression, I swear I looked like I won a lottery.
“Thank you..” I squealed hugging him.
“Anything for my precious.. just don’t tell your badima about it..”I giggled somethings never change.
My eyes fell on the invitation kept on his table and I was about to reach for it but .
“Rock star !!!”
I jumped from badepapa’s lap hearing my bhaiyu’s shout . Badepapa stood beside me and chuckled “go before he shakes the whole world down.” I smiled and made a run for the living room.
“Bhaiyu..” I whispered as my eyes caught hold of a boy running his hand in his already messed up hair.
His head jerk up as if he heard me.  He faced me a pained look on both of our faces eyes pooling yet a smile, a relieved smile on finally meeting each other. He opened his arms and gestured me to not cry , shaking my head I ran into his embrace tears falling but contentment filling. He pulled away cupping my face wiping away my tears and kissed my forehead. I sighed and held his hands which rested on my cheeks.
“Your rock star missed you bhaiyu so much..”
“I missed you too my rock star.. your bhaiyu missed you too..” he spoke softly eyeing me, sadness visible in his eyes.
I smiled sadly and kissed his cheek. “You miss them too, it shows in your eyes” he closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath.
“Even you miss them rock star , bhai also does” he stated eyes still closed.
I nodded no and hugged him close “no… I don’t..” I said in his chest my voice breaking. He sighed and wrapped his arms around me and whispered softly in my ears , “you can’t hate them rock star, even if you try trust me bhai and I tried and failed.
Maa loved me bhai and her sunshine and papa adored his princess, son and me. You can’t deny that.”
A sob left followed by many, I clutched his shirt tight and he caged me as if protecting me from all the bad. It pained me to think about them and I knew even bhai and bhaiyu felt the same. They were not only my parents mama no no mom as I am supposed to call her loved bhai and mostly bhaiyu as she did his upbringing as badima was sick after his birth and bhaiyu was very close to her even more than me.
But daddy..sorry dad was my whole life he knew I loved him then why did he do this to me why , bhai my bhai who idolised him broke that day his papa who called him his pride betrayed him. Why did they left me , why they separated me from my family why they stopped loving us , me . Why .
No I won’t waste my tears on them. They don’t love me, I don’t love them either I can’t forget what they did I won’t ever forgive them never. Bhaiyu released me when he noticed I’m not crying . I wiped away my tears and his .
“We should not cry bhaiyu , we should be happy I’m with you all right” he smiled and nodded and we made our way to the dining area and found everyone smiling and in between them was “teddy..!!!” I squealed running toward my little boy who wiggled it’s tail and whoofed at me. I laughed when he licked me.
“Who brought him here?” I asked happily. Badima smiled ruffling my hair. “Your guardians dropped him and a letter and left just now.” They knew I won’t be able to sleep with him by my side cuddling.
“Where’s the letter badima?” I asked confuse who would send me a letter and why. Just as I spoke out I saw the them pale. Badima and chotima exchanged glances badepapa fidgeted an envelope and Chachu was watching me blank which was not good. I was about to ask him but was stopped by Dadi. “Let’s have dinner first, right sweetie?” I nodded hesitating why was everyone behaving weird.

“Uhmmm… chotima these chole are perfect.. and badima shahipaneer is heaven… yum  and the rasugulle are the spotlight but sharing with dahibade”  they looked at me with soft eyes and smiled “no wonder why I never liked Rajesh uncle’s cooking” I chuckled remembering his sulking face. I looked up and saw the sad smiles of all. Dadi caressed my hair and I kissed her palm.
“Dad.!! Chotepapa..!!..”came an angry voice which scared me out of my wits.
Chachu and badepapa shared a glance and stood up abruptly and walked out to the living room. Everyone was startled and baby was clutching onto chotima who was trying to calm him. Being scared I clutched onto Dadi’s hand and she was whispering sweet nothings to me but nothing seemed to work. Only one thing was revolving around me bhai.
I stood up and with wobbly steps made my way to see what was going on, bhaiyu tried stopping me but I showed him my hand and continued to walk for the living room teddy at my toe. As I neared the voices got cleared. It seemed like bhai was very angry at something on the top of the stairs I heard something which knocked out my breath and I stood frozen.
“How can maa papa expect doll to come there and pretend like a happy family after breaking her like this!”
“I know Arnav this is not acceptable but please keep your voice low p-.”
“How dare they send her a god damned invite, how can they do this to her”
“Arnav calm down and try to understand, listen to what bhai is saying”
“How can I calm down chotepapa, it’s a good way doll is not here or else how would she have felt right now I can’t even imagine my little girl going through so much pain”
“Arnav will you please shut up and listen to us!” Badepapa snapped.
I felt numb, they sent me a invite. A invite huh.. to act in front of the world of a happy family which they bare handed destroyed.
Teddy whimpered around me , licking my hand and feet trying to soothe my heart, it’s true dogs can sense positive and negative energy along with emotions. I just stood there froze eyes settled on the man who is shaking with rage but behind it was pain immense pain.
“Arnav from the past five minutes we are trying to tell you that precious is here so lower your volume but no you can’t listen to us without blasting your voice.” Badepapa spoke angrily.
“Doll is here….” bhai whispered, and looked up his gaze met mine.
The intensity of his eyes scared me but they soon softened , his eyes showed love,care , pain, protection and much more.
“Doll..” he said helplessly and proceeded towards me but teddy growled at him and stood in front of me trying to protect me from all, i patted him as a sign that I was okay but he stood there rigid glaring at bhai.
” teddy go back boy..” I said firmly, he looked at me then left after pawing my feet.
“Bhai..” I looked at him my tears fell and he just fisted his hand tight, he can’t manage to see me in tears never , but today I wanted to cry out all my heart.
I flung myself into his arms and he held me back. I cried in burring my head in the crook of his neck and wrapped my legs around his torso and he just held me close without a word he started walking to his bedroom in the way receiving worried glances. I held him tight my crying turning into sobs. He opened his room and sat on his bed me on his lap between his arms. He rubbed my back.
“Why..? Why bhai ..?” I whisper broken
“I don’t know Doll… I don’t know…” he spoke softly, he slowly entangled me from him and lied me down on his bed and covered me with blanket and stood up but I held his arm tight.
“Please.. please don’t leave me… please…” I begged tears escaping free.
He back faced me and rubbed eyes and faced me his eyes red , slightly wet and a dry trail of tears. He settled beside me his arms around me and kissed my forehead. I don’t know when I slept but before that I heard bhai say ” I won’t ever leave you…” .
Precap: reason revealed for the hatred of annika towards her parents…
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