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Humsafar (RagSan os) by Aliya


Ragini: a innocent kindhearted caring girl who is married to to sanskar… And loves him a lot…after her parents death Rp and suji get her married to their son…Rp was her dad’s friend

Sanskar: husband of Ragini hates her.. He loves Kavitha who is behind him bcs of his name and fame…

So how the marriage will move on???

Let’s read…

A girl was walking one side to other…
She was tensed.. Her eyes were showing some worry… She turns towards the clock which is showing 12:45 in the night…

She takes her phn and dials the number
“The number is currently not reachable.please try again later”

Sweat covered her forehead…

And her eyes falls on the big photo frame in the mid wall of a royal bedroom

And the girl is revealed to be RAGINI

Rag: Sanskar aap kahan hai..i m scared… Hope wherever you are you will be fine…


Here a guy is sitting with a girl

And their back was faced

He has side hugged her and entangled his fingers with her

Girl:she is calling you

And the guy is revealed to be SANSKAR

San:u know na i hate her to the core…i can’t stand her…

And the girl with him revealed to be Kavitha

Kavi: why don’t you leave her?? Why always we hv to meet like this… Make our relation an official one

San:i hv applied for divorce and you know na it’s 5 month’s being married to her and you know my mom dad..i think she has done some black magic on them

Kavi: sanskar…log hamare rishte ko kya kehte hai pata hai… Mujhe rakhni naam se nai jaan na….i want you to divorce her as soon as possible

San: yes i will…. I don’t want to see her irritating face all my life….

Kavi: ok ok…now why r u thinking abt her! Don’t spoil your mood by thinking abt your so called wife

San:kavi..plz don’t join her to my name


Rag comes to the main door

Suji from behind:Ragini didnt u sleep beta

Rag turns..she had a tears

Rag:ma..abhi tak sanskar nai aaye


Rag: everyday he would come before 12 bt today he hvnt come.. Its one now…ma i m scared…his phn isnt connecting…

Suji was worried bt to calm Ragini: Ragini.. Don’t worry beta…may be he was too busy…may be he is working on presentation..u know abt him ryte..

Rag:bt still ma…

Suji:u go and sleep..i will send driver to check….


Suji:Ragini… won’t you listen to me?

Rag half heartedly goes…

Suji herself: i know he would be with kavitha in any club… Now i think i should die so that he understands the surrounding

She calls him…..

And finally he picks

Suji: sanskar..wr r u??

San: coming back to home

Suji: home? I don’t think so…u really think this as home

San:ma…wat u r talking

Suji: come back soon

She disconnects the call…

She goes to her room wr rp was sleeping..
She wakes him and tell him abt sanskar

Suji:i think i made a mistake…an innocent is suffering….i thought he would understand that kavitha is behind his property

Rp: don’t worry everything will be fine

After sometime sanskar reach there

Suji: again you went to kavitha ryte??

San: yes i hv… And i will too…

Suji: aren’t u ashamed being married..you r cheating.. Your wife is waiting for you here and you

San: oh come on…kaisi biwi aur kaisi shaadi mujhe ghutan hoti hai uss ladki ke saath regne..jab mein isss….

Rag comes there: sanskar ji… Why were you late? Are you fine?

He closes his eyes being frustrated

Rag feels that there was some serious talks going on….

San goes from there to his room angrily

Suji controls herself: Ragini beta u go …now he hv come…

Rag smiles and goes….

Rag enters her room she sees sanskar removing his watch

Rag:sanskar ji…did you had din…..

San goes to washroom and bangs the door

Rag couldn’t understand his behaviour from the 5 months… He goes to office early and comes late… She doesn’t understand… At first she thought work pressure bt everyday???


Some days passed…

He was always been rude to her….

Rag keeps his clothes inside the wardrobe
She was arranging it

She listens sanskar voice….

So she fastly closes the door
Bt a file falls from above the cupboard

Rag picks it she was abt to keep

But her eyes falls on something.. Her would crashed she was numb seeing it

It was divorce notice

Tears were fighting to come out of her eyes

San enters the room

Rag hides it immediately

She goes out without seeing him

San:isse kya hua..mujhe kya…

He calls Kavitha

San: kavi there’s a good news…guess wat?

Kavi: did you get the divorce

San:hmm abhi tak tho nahi..bt bohoth jald

Kavi:wat..m sooo happy

San: finally we are together..no one can come between us

Rag who listened everything… Covers her mouth through her palms to prevent her sobs…


San sees Rag in the kitchen

San:listen…can we talk?

Rag knew why he wanted to talk… Till now he hvnt spoke to her…. afterall with whom she could share her pain there was none

Rag goes with him….

San searches for the file…..

Rag: suniye…

He turns towards her

She forwards the file

Rag smiles weakly: i hv signed it…..

San was shocked he didn’t expected her fast acceptance

Rag herself: plz tell this is a misunderstanding… And you don’t want divorce…plzz….i love you Sanskar

San takes it: thankyou

Rag: can i see her once..

San nods… He takes his phn and shows kavitha’s pic

Rag; she is beautiful…

San smiles

Rag turns to go

San: thankyou Ragini thankyou so much.. You don’t know wat you did to me..u gave me the life wch i wanted to live

Rag smiles at him and goes


Suji: Ragini.. Why did you do this?

Rp: Ragini…i never considered you like my friends daughter..u are my daughter

Rag: i know dad…bt i m happy believe me…. And i want to leave this place

Rp: no…i will not let you go

Rag: plz….dad….. She cries

Rp hugs her

Suji goes to sanskar who was in room

Suji: sanskar

San smiles: mom she gave me divorce.. That means she too doesn’t wanted to live with me

Suji:i didn’t came to celebrate..i came here to warn you from this time stay away from my daughter….

San: why will i move to her!

Suji:bcs if some day you will know the truth

San: mom not a word against kavitha

Suji smiles Sarcastic: yes who i m to say… Congratulations for your destruction

She goes

San gets angry


Rag sees kavitha with a guy

She got confused…

She followed him she got to know that kavitha was cheating sanskar with her boy friend


Sanskar slaps Ragini

San: how dare you to say something against my kavitha

Rag looks at him through year filled eyes

Rag:u wont believe me ryte..ok .. Then go to golden club at 9 tonight…

She goes from there

San: why should i listen to her..i trust kavitha


Kavitha and her bf were dancing in the club

San sees it….

He calls kavitha

Kavi sees her phn

Kavi to her bf:baby..look the bakra is calling me..
Bf:kavi pick the call..afterall..he is our ATM machine

He sees sans and wife’s his eyes

Kavi looks at the direction

San slaps her hard: bcs of i didn’t trusted Ragini..bcs of you i didn’t have my marriage a second chance…bcs of you i hit her…

He angrily storms out

He was feeling guilty for hitting Ragini.. And his behaviour towards Ragini after their marriage

He was walking in the middle of the road…

A truck hits him and he is thrown high in the air and hits the road where.. where blood starts to ooz out from his body..within no time blood starts to flow…


Sanskar was taken in the stretcher

Rag was holding his hand and was moving fastly: Sanskar ji… Open your eyes…. Nothing will hpn to you…

He was taken into OT

It was the hard time….

After sometime doctor comes out

Rp: Dr..how is Sanskar?
Doc: can’t say anything.. Patient is in critical stage

Rag and suji were crying…..

Rag was going to leave the place that night..she had night Train for Manali…
Bt fate had stored something else.. Let’s see wat vl hpn…

Next morning

Doc:he is out of danger…bt…..

Trio takes the sign of relief

Rag:br wat doctor???

Doc:due to the accident he body is paralyzed

This shattered trio…

Rag:can we meet him??

Doctor:after shifting him to ward you can meet him


Sanskar was unconscious

Rag holds his hand and cries

Rag:i hv never thought in my wild dreams too…that i will see you like this..i wanted every problems cross me before you…bt….

San opens his eyes…

Rag sees him gaining conscious

She stands and goes….

San himself: this is the punishment i got for ignoring you Ragini… For hurting you….

He closes his eyes… Even he felt tears are heavy for him… How much he would hv hurt her… Still she is with him


San was thirsty….
He couldn’t move…..

Rag immediately comes there seeing him the edge of the bed.. She held him..and fills the water in glass and makes him to drink in spoon

Aye mere humsafar ek zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein de rahi hain manzil pyar ki

Days passed….
Rag was taking care of his each and every needs.. He felt blessed to hv her in his life bt he is equally guilty wn he was fit he couldn’t do anything for her

Rag was taking sanskar in wheelchair and she taking rounds in the garden…

Doctor told her to motivate him to do something so that he moves….

She bites her lips and she then goes mischievously near him

He could see different Ragini

She splashes waters on him….

He looks at her without blinking his eyes

Rag: sooooorry…i won’t say this..bcs u hv to bare this more

He smiles….

Rag: u smiled…u smiled…
She jumps in happiness
He smiles widely

Aye mere humsafar ek zara intezaar
Sun sadaayein de rahi hain manzil pyar ki

Rag takes a flower vase
Rag: if you didn’t move na i will hit you with this
San was looking at her

Rag: don’t think i will not hit you..i can do that… Wn u can slap me…

His expression changes she felt bad

Rag: i didn’t mean…i was just…m really very sorry

Rag turns she regrets to take this torpic

She again turns and was shocked… Seeing sanskar folding his hands

Rag: ma…papa… She shouts in happiness….

Rp and suji comes they gets happy seeing

Jisko duaaon mein maanga
Tu hai wahi rehnuma
Tere bina mushqil hai
Ek bhi kadam chalna

Jisko duaaon mein maanga
Tu hai wahi rehnuma
Tere bina mushqil hai
Ek bhi kadam chalna

Days passed….

Now sanskar could speak and his hands hvng bandage

Ragini write something on sanskar’s bandage
San:wat r u writing??

Rag leaves his hand

San sees it:mein ek ghadha hoon isiliye meine ek ghadhi se pyaar kiya tha

Rag winks at him

San smiles and hits her shoulders playfully

San acts as paining
Rag gets worried: sanskar… Are you fine
San laughs.. Rag pouts and glares him

Rag: u…u were better mute..i could hv spoke continuously i could hv told anything to you
San: like akdu khadoos hai na
Rag:ha tho..you r the one
She smiles…

Bin tere kahaan hai manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ik zara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyaar ki

Rag was helping him to walk..Rag was holding his shoulders by one hand and she was holding his hand by other

San was so lost in her…. Still he is having the guilt of ignoring her.. Watever he did to her is not even forgiveable…bt still she is doing more than anything in the world

Naa hum bewafaa hain
Naa pyar hai kam darmiyaan
Par apni taqdeerein
Hain bilkul hi judaa

Naa hum bewafaa hain
Naa pyar hai kam darmiyaan
Par apni taqdeerein
Hain bilkul hi judaa

Now sanskar almost fine..he could walk with support…

Suji to rp:even now we vl do as we decided
Suji: you were telling her as a daughter of her dad was alive would he let her do this.. She requested us that doesn’t we make her as use and throw
Rp:u r right

Phir kaise milegi manzil pyar ki
Aye mere humsafar ik zara intezaar
Sunn sadaayein de rahi hai manzil pyar ki

Rag knocks the door…

Rag:arey…are you bride that u r taking this much time

San opens the door

Rag smiles and folds her hand and whistles:look the devil is back again

San has got ready with a 3 piece black suit and was wearing a goggles

Rag: whom you want to make you fall in love with you..hmm🙄🙄


Rag looks shocked at him

San:i ..i mean we should go down…

They goes down

Rag stops him in stairs

San: why?

Rag: wait…hamesha urgent

Rag goes down

Rag: ladies and gentlemen

Rp and suji and servants looks at Ragini

Rag: here i present you the most handsome bachelor of the year Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari

San comes…
And everyone gets happy seeing him back again

San:so i m going to office and Ragini i want you to accompany me

Suji: no.. Ragini will not come with you

Rag: bt…

San: why ma??

Suji:bcs…a guy is coming to see Ragini… You Go like you were going before

San gets hurt: a guy is coming… She is my wi…..

Suji: why r u getting hyper… And Ragini you should get ready….

Rag smiles: ok ma and sanskar i want to tell you something

They goes out

San was worried hurt tensed wat not…. He didn’t wanted his Ragini to leave him and go

Rag:kavitha is regretting and she really wants to get back to you…she realised her love for you

San gets angry: no…i don’t…i hate her..

Rag: bt now she is regretting and she deserves a chance

San: bt she cheated me

Rag:even you did the same with me

He felt guilty

Rag:so i want you to give her a chance..

San: why did you agree for the marriage?

Rag smiles: kyu? She raises her eyebrows

San: why didn’t you tell me?

Rag:if i knew

San:then why did you agree..u don’t know him…

Rag:if i knew too..so wat??before i knew you too…oh sorry i forgot to tell you…woh the divorce aren’t submitted on time and it got lapse so i applied for the new one and i hv signed too… Will give you now…

San:no..no..i m getting late.. Will see later

He goes

Rag behind: all the best…

He was feeling so hurt that he wanted still to be in paralyzed state..


Sanskar: kavitha.. Why r u here?
Kavi:i m sorry Sanskar.. She cries

Kavi:i.. realised that i love you truly…i don’t love….

San: bt now i don’t love you kavitha… And i don’t hv any place for you in my life

Kavi:i know sanskar… Bt plzz forgive me

San nods


Sanskar comes back and he sees the ring exchange of Ragini and a guy

He wanted to stop it… Bt he couldn’t….

He goes in…

Rag: sanskar…

San looks at her and smiles weakly

Guy: so this is Sanskar…i heard lot abt u bro…
He forwards his hand:Sahil..

San shakes his hand with him: sanskar

San:i hv some work.. vl come back

Rag: ok…

San goes to his room…

He removes his watch and his eyes falls on divorce papers… Here sees Ragini’s sign in it….

Suji comes there: so
San: mom i love her

Suji: remember wat i said before..

San: i remember mom..i don’t know from when…bt i love her i want her… Plz cancel this engagement of her

Suji:i told you many times.. Bt u never had trust on your mother… She isn’t any toy that whenever you want you can play and whenever you want you throw….

San; i m sorry mom… Bt plz.. Plz don’t separate her from me plz…

Suji: now nthng can hpn..i understand your feelings bt more than you i want Ragini to be happy watever she did to us is unimaginable… You left me remember? Bt she didn’t even after keeping her in dark… She helped you.. Bt now i want her happiness and i m sure sahil won’t hurt Ragini or ignore her… He would give all the respect and love she deserves

San: i agree that i was wrong before..i hurted her a lot.. Don’t i deserve a chance?ma i promise you that i will give her all the respect she deserves and i will give all the love she deserves

Suji: its too late now.. we can’t be selfish now… On the wedding too..i took a promise from you to keep her happy… Did you stay in the promise..and Ragini don’t need the love wch you give by sympathy….tumhe tho iss rishte se ghutan ho rahi thi uske saath rehne mein ghutan ho rahi thi…ab kya? Yahi kaha tha na tumne…i m doing the thing wch Ragini’s parent’s would hv done if they are alive.. Once we did a mistake by marrying her to an irresponsible person… And hope now she would be happy…

San smiles: mom… To get her married i should sign this…..
He points to the divorce papers

San:and i won’t sign this and that means legally she is my wife

Suji:u can’t do that…

San: to get back my Ragini back i can do anything

Suji; again you want to hurt her by tying her in this relation

San: why mom? Don’t you hv little trust on your son

Suji:no i don’t… i can’t take a risk

San: then i will prove you mom…bt first i hv to break this engagement….

Suji: oh go…. Wat will you tell her… Will you tell her i love you i don’t want to give you the divorce and bcs i realised my love towards you stay back

San was abt to say something….

Ragini comes: ma… Sanskar wr r you? And sanskar you didn’t even changed

San: Ragini…u go we will come..

Rag: did i disturb you both?

San: no

Rag looks at suji for the confirmation

Suji smiles: you go beta.. We will come

Rag goes being confused

San smiles: mom one last thing i want to tell you.. That is…i will go any extent to get back Ragini and u can even call me jerk..kyunki mere dil ne meri humsafar chun liya hai ma…aur mein usse paane ke liye kisi bhi hadd tak jaa sakta hoon..

Suji: again you are sounding selfish.. Did you tried to know wat Ragini wants?

San: i know somewhere she too loves me i feel that bcs she would hv not took care of me from these months mom

He goes to freshen


San comes down….

San smiles at Ragini…

He goes to her

Rag: why were you smiling?
San: why? Now i can’t smile

Rag: no not like that… I think something special has hpnd to you

San; ha…
Rag; let me guess then… You and kavitha are going on date

San: don’t you hv any other thing than kavitha

Rag: no she met you so i thought like that… So did you forgave her

San nods

Rag: good!

San: so tell me did you like Sahil?

Rag: ha.. He is nice…

San: only nice?

Rag: arey i met him today.. How i supposed to tell you everything abt him..m not a fortune teller

San: ok ok…

Sahil comes: Sanskar…
San:Sahil.. Did you like Ragini

Sahil: are you kidding?? Who would not like Ragini

San: yes u r ryte…

After sometime all leaves…..

Sanskar was sitting in his room…. He was setting the divorce papers

Rag comes: Sanskar… Lawyer is here… We just hv to submit the paper’s that’s all and sahil is only the lawyer… She sees the paper’s and takes it…

She sees he haven’t signed yet

Rag: sanskar u hvnt signed it…

She sees him lost

Rag: Sanskar

She pats him

San: Ragini en did you came?

Rag mischievously: wn you are remembering kavitha…

San dramatically: oh god… Save me from this girl… Always Kavitha kavitha kavitha

Rag: jiski gf ho itni khoobsoorath woh insan bhala kya karega

San: if i say I wasn’t in her thoughts

Rag:koi aur milgayi hai kya???🤔🤔mujhe bataya bhi nahi

San: hmm… And you want to know who she is?

Rag: later.. Now law….

San: arey.. First let me complete

Rag: ok baba.. Tell now

San: My wife

Rag looks shocked at him soon she smiles and then laughs

Rag: you meet the girl and married this soon.. Thoda wait hi kar lete janab..

San held her hand and pulls her

Rag was shocked by sudden force

He held her waist: i hv married to only one girl…

Rag was looking at him with a blank expression

San smiles and twirls her and back hugs her by placing his chin on her shoulders..

They could sees themselves in a mirror


San:shhh… Don’t stop me today..

Rag: bt…


Rag could sees his eyes which is showing some different feelings wch she craved for… Bt now?

San:if I say I Love You…would you Love me back?

Rag couldn’t say anything…

San: i hurted you a lot after our marriage would you plz give me one chance to rectify it? Plzzzz….u can punish me bt don’t leave me

Tears were making their way on her eyes.. Bt she doesn’t blink her eyes…bcs she didn’t wanted this to be a dream

San:if i could give you something..i would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.. Then you would know how much I LOVE YOU…

She frees herself from his grip… She didn’t knew is this real or not… Bcs every day she used to get the dream that sanskar Will come to her and say he loves her…

She wipes her tears… She don’t know wat she should do….

Rag takes the divorce papers…

He takes it from her and tares it

Rag: sanskar…aap yeh kya….

San:i believe that this sheet can’t separate us…

Rag tears flow from her eyes: wat hpnd Sanskar?? From where this love came to you? You hated me ryte? U just stayed with me for 5 months bcs of your mom dad ..u always felt irritated to see my face..u got annoyed wn i spoke to you..so are you paying me??? For helping you

San: you are taking me wrong!!!

Rag: then wat should i believe??
San: m really very sorry Ragini plz give me one chance

Rag: u asked for punishment right!

San: i m ready for any punishment bt plz don’t leave me…

Rag: u hv 2 choice… First u hv to do this punishment.. Second u can back off

San: no i won’t!!!

Rag cries: then you hv to hold me all your life.. Are you ready for this punishment???u hv to bare me for live long u can back off ..u can take your time and tell me

San smiles and pulls her to the bone crushing hug

San; I love you
Rag: i love you Sanskar

They were hugging for sometime

Rag crying like kid: ab sahil ka kya??

He pulls her out of the hug immediately

San: in this moment you are tensed for him

Rag: bt he is nice…

San: remember you are my wife

Rag: arey buddhu..i said he is nice and you are My Mr.humsafar

San smiles and was abt to hug her again

Rag 🤔🤔🤔:lawyer ka kya..bechaara baite baite bore hogaya hoga

San 😯😯: you are again tensed…

Voice: congratulations

Both RagSan turns to the door it was Sahil

Suji and Rp were smiling

Suji: finally our drama worked!

RagSan: drama???

Sahil: ha drama

Suji:sahil is my friends son i just asked for a help and he helped me.. Thankyou sahil

Sahil:i m a divorce lawer…now if ppl won’t divorce then i hv to close my office and start a new buisness of making the couple together… Really out would work…

San hugs him: thankyou so much

Sahil:no that’s fine.. And i think now i should leave

He leaves from there…

Suji: so sanskar how was my acting?

San🙄🙄: you should get oscar..i still can’t believe you acted omg typical mother

Rp:typical wife too….

Suji glares him: now everything is fine… So i want your both too marry again….

Both RagSan looks at eachother and smiles

Rp and suji leaves

Rag pouts and sits: this was all a drama

San🙄🙄:kyu tumhe bura lag raha

Rag: arey.. Why you come to the same torpic

San: even you do the same

Rag 😏😏:i hate you

San: bt i love you

Rag smile and hugs him

And they stayed happily ever after


How was the os???

From my recent os’s beautiful love..my love..my lady and this.. Wch one you liked more??yr

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