Yesterday’s sum up :- Sunny Lies to their guest Happy uncle that Pari is pregnant ; Who’s R.K pratap


Good morning …….

At the breakfast table .

Pari : Uncle today we’ve a appointment so can we go .

Uncle : Yes , Yes , You should .

Veer : Sunny today you shouldn’t go to Office , Remain with Uncle .

Uncle : No need Sunny , I’m also accompanying them .

Veer : It’s okay uncle , Sunny will take you to explore Mumbai .

Uncle : Nope , I should know what kind of doctor is she getting treatment from. … No more questions now .

Pari makes a worried face ( in mind ) : Oh gosh , Today I’ve fixed the meeting , Now what .

Veer silently asks : Pari , What should we do know .

Pari : I’ve an idea , We’ll go to hospital , I’ll call my friend there to help us , Later , I’ll say I’ve to visit my friend’s home , She’s also pregnant and she needs me .

Veer : Okay then from there I’ll also go for work .

Suddenly the news reports on television ” We’ve got to know that in Mumbai till now 3 cases have been reported where Pregnant women are stabbed , Police is saying there’s no need to worry they’re looking into this matter ”

Uncle : Oh my Lord , Who the hell is killing like this , Veer listen to me now don’t allow Pari to go out alone anywhere .

Veer : Yes, Uncle .

After finishing they all sat in Car and left .

Veer stops the car at hospital .

Veer : Uncle , You both go and visit , I’ve to go it’s really urgent .

Uncle : But Veer !

Pari : It’s okay , Let him go .

Pari has already told her gynaecologist friend to help her here . She and uncle stood at the reception .

Uncle : Pari  Go and sit there ( points towards the chairs just near the reception area )

Pari goes and sits .She finds a very old , Creepy looking women sitting beside her , Her was grey and had totally covered her dry and wrinkled face . She was wearing white colored Saree.

Uncle to receptionist : Mam , We had a appointment here , With Dr.Rani , For my pregnant daughter Pari .

As soon as Uncle spoke this ,,, That weired looking lady looks towards Uncle ..

Receptionist : Yes , Sir , Please go to Room No.7a , At left corner .

Uncle : Come daughter let’s go .

After the check – Up . They both goes to a garden to have a walk .

~ At the garden ~

They both were walking .

Uncle : Good Pari , Your reports are good .

Pari to herself ( I’m sorry uncle we’re lying to you , But promise me when I’ll get right opportunity I’ll tell you ) : Yes , Thanks uncle .

A girl meets Pari : Hi , Pari .

Pari : Hi how’s you , And your baby .

Girl : We’re good. Hello uncle

Pari : Uncle , Can I go her house please we both want to talk .

uncle : Ya , You must be bored in home , Go , But you both take care okay !

Pari : Thanks uncle , I’ll come back in few hours .

Uncle : Don’t worry call me I’ll send Veer . Bye .

The driver took the uncle to home .

That girl and Pari sat on the bench .

Pari : Thanks Sera you saved me .

Sera ( Pari’s personal assistant ) : It’s okay Pari , Now we should leave for Office .

Pari : Yes, You’re right .

Sera : Wait I just call a taxi .

She stood up and goes to road to call a taxi .

Pari again come across that similar Women . She was staring at her very horribly .

Pari : Yes , Can I help you out .

The woman ran away .

Sera : Come Pari , Cab is here .

They both sat in .

Sera : Mr.R.K is going to come in just a few minutes .

Pari’s phone vibrated ” Are you okay ” – Veer texts .

Pari replied ” Yes, I’m fine ” ..

Veer’s POV …

Veer : Did you all heard today’s news , Day by Day , Women are being killed .

Constable : Yes, Sir , You’re right , Especially Pregnant women .

Veer : who is behind this , we gotta find it out .

Constable : But Sir , The government has given this charge to Central bureau of investigation , And for us only left is to maintain peace in city .

Veer : This is the problem , By the way , Whatever is for us we’ll do it nicely .

Team : Yes , Sir .

Veer : I’ve to find out who’s this ..


Sera and Pari reached NGO .

Pari goes in her cabin . She saws a tall , Heavy man already waiting for her , He was in black suit and looking bossy .

The man turns to Pari .

Man : Hi. I’m R.K pratap , We had a meeting today .

Pari : Hello Mr.Pratap , Please have a seat .

They both shakes hands and sat down .

Pari : Sir , May I please know about you .

R.K stood up : I’m Raj kanvar Pratap , The superintendent of CBI – central bureau of investigation .

Pari : Hello sir , I’m so honored to meet you .

R.K : Thanks Mam , I’ve studied your 10 years records , You had solved many high profile cases , Without thinking about yourself, You solved , Those cases which even Police can’t .

Pari : Thanks sir , But I couldn’t understand what you want to say

R.K : Yes I know you didn’t, Your dedication towards welfare of women and children are worth praising .

Pari : But sir , We don’t do it for fame , It’s our motto .

R.K : I know Miss.Pari , And knowing this only  I’m here .

Pari : Could you please elaborate ?

R.K : Did you heard today’s news about murder .

Pari : Yes I did .

He goes and shuts the doors , Seals every corner of the room , Draws curtains .

R.K : Whatever I’m going to tell you now is very confidential , Or take it as if this is known to just CBI and you , Not even Police and any media .

Pari nods .

R.K drops a chart on the table , Where all the cases , Images were pasted of the murders of Pregnant women .

R.K : This is a serial killer , No one knows who is this , Where he is , Not even he’s a man or woman . Previous year in Delhi many cases were reported , He killed many women , And now It has begun again , He’s killing again women in same pattern .

Pari : But Sir , Why’s he after only Pregnant women .

R.K : This is what we’re after , We need you into this case .

Pari : Me ? Not any other .

R.K : Actually , Government has strictly ordered that Except CBI , No one will be allowed to investigate in this case . We don’t want that ,That killer to get alert .

Pari : Okay Sir , But how I can be beneficial for you .

R.K : Miss. More than you , We require your mind . You’ve solved numerous cases , You’re so smart .

Pari : Sir , I’m sorry , I think you’re buttering me .

R.K : No , Don’t dare to think that . We need you , This nation needs you . You’re so intelligent that you’ll find that person and he’ll not get to know . We want a smart person , So that He dosen’t get to know that someone is trying to trap him .

Pari : Okay Sir , What I have to do if I say yes .

R.K : You need you to talk to every source you have . Use your brain , Find everything you can . But it should be so secret that no one gets to know .

R.K : Also , That a common girl is involved in this case , So the any person will not get to know anything . We need to find him out as soon as possible .

Pari : But sir , I can’t be so undercover you now that …

R.K : I know , Your husband , Veer Mehta is a Police officer and it’s difficult for you to hide from him .

Pari : Yes sir , And I think he can help us here .

R.K : No no , Don’t dare to do so , This is a top secret . We don’t want anyone except you and CBI to get involved here

Pari : But Sir why !!! It would be difficult for me .

R.K : More the people know , More chances for that killer to get alert , And if police get to know then slowly , common people , Media , Everywhere this would be a point of discussion .

Pari : Sir , I’m still not Ready .

R.K : Why are you afraid ? We need you , Women needs you . We chose you because we had faith in you that you can do it . Don’t you believe in yourself .

Pari : Yes I do !

R.K : Remember we need your brain more than you . Don’t worry you’re doing something good .

Pari : Okay Sir !! I need some time .

R.K : Alright ! I can give you a day to think and I’ll call you at night , And I hope your decision is positive .

Pari : Okay Sir . Thanks for showing faith in me .

R.K keeps a contract on the table .

R.K : See , These are the papers , Read them , If you agree  , Sign them . And keep in mind if anyone else got to know then we’ve to shut this NGO forever .

R.K leaves ….

Pari is in dilemma ” Now what should I do , Should I say yes ! But I don’t want to betray Veer ”

Sera comes in ” Pari , Veer is waiting for you outside ”


Pari and Veer were driving to home .

Veer : Seems like the meeting was quite long .

Pari : Ya !

Veer : Who’s R.K pratap ?

Pari : He’s CB ….( Stops ) He came to give some donations .

Veer : Okay ! That’s good . I was thinking to tell uncle about ..

Pari in her mind ( No now the truth that I’m not Pregnant can’t be reviled , This can help me in this case )

Pari : No veer , It’s okay , You only said na , He’ll forget it .


AT HOME ….( It was now night )

Veer was sitting on the table doing some research from some files .

Pari : Veer what are you doing ?

Veer : Nothing was just trying to solve a case .

Pari reads the red marked news headlines on the File .

Pari in her mind ” He’s also working on Same case . Even if government has not allowed Police , He’s still doing his duty ”

After some hours ,,, Veer had slept . Pari is working on her Laptop .

Pari while seeing on Laptop : According to previous years records , This serial killer has killed around 8 Pregnant women in just few months , In same Pattern . First he’ll Kidnap then , Then he’ll Stab them with Knife in their stomach .

Pari’s eyes closes in Pain : No I can’t back down now , No . I’ve to Protect women .

Pari then sees a Picture of a woman whose Stomach was stabbed , And on that Knife Capital ‘ P ‘ Letter was Printed .

She heard Veer ” Pari you hadn’t slept ”

She quickly shuts and goes to Bed .

Pari while sleeping ” What is the relationship with the Letter ‘ P ‘  And Every Murder is committed on one Specific Date ”

She closed her eyes And goes to sleep .


R.K ‘ s POV .

Pratap was sitting with the Head of CBI .

Head : Are you sure , The Girl you had chosen for this task is right .

Pratap : Yes Sir , I’m 100% Sure , She can do everything what others can’t. I’m sure she would be successful .

Head : But Mr.R.K you know Her husband , What if he got to know .

Pratap : She’s very generous . Once she made Promise she won’t break it .

Head : What if She broke ?

R.K : I don’t think She will . She couldn’t see her NGO getting sealed .

R.K in mind ( She has to say yes ! With so many efforts I’ve persuaded Sir to give this case to Pari . And she has to win )


Next morning …

Pari was out in the garden looking at her files . Sunny and Uncle was out . Veer was talking on phone .

Pari observed that Same old Lady with wrinkled and Creepy face outside her house . She goes to her .

Pari : Mam I’ve seen you so many times , Can I help you ?

Old lady : No let me help you out . You’re Pregnant Right ?

Pari thought that She heard Uncle in Hospital so she would have heard .

Pari : Yes ( She lied ) But why are you asking this to me .

Lady : Keep care , Keep care , Someone will Dare , Someone will Dare .

She gives her a necklace on which a little dagger was hanging , And goes away .

Pari roared : Listen , O wait !

Veer comes out running .
Veer : Pari ! why were you shouting .

Pari : I came across a Lady almost thrice , And just now I met her she gave me this , And this Knife in this Necklace is so similar to knife which I saw yesterday ..

Veer : Yesterday where Pari !! Speak !!!

Pari : Nothing ! I gotta go now , If uncle came tell him I’m at my friends place .

She took the Car and ran away to NGO …


[ Keep thinking :- Is Pari right saying Yes ! ; Why R.K wants Only Pari to handle this case ; Veer is working on same case ; who’s that Lady ]



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