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Depth of darkness_ Swaragini fanfic! Ch-7

“Chapter 7!”
Before long, play was on, as promise Swara and Laksh wanted to make a switch with their siblings, both the parties, being unaware with the other plan of action, went to Mr Bose in their own time. Mr Bose was quiet surprised to know Swara want permit to make a swap but later found out Laksh had plan the same. The news was quiet pleasing to his ears, as long as these people can act and know their lines Mr Bose asked for nothing more, he didn’t even bother to check with Ragini Or Sanskar the reason, why must they quit? He just hoped Swara and Laksh would be much better Romeo Juliet,  than Ragini and Sanskar who were ‘anti’ Romeo Juliet, he was dreading they might end up fighting on the stage ‘but not anymore.’
“Bro, please! I’m not quiting the play. While dressing as Juliet almost for all the rehearsals, I’m so used to the costume as well as character. So, don’t make me quit because I won’t either.” Said Sanskar, his tone trying to reason with Laksh_ who had ‘don’t bother!’ Board, slammed all over his face.
“I have already talked to Mr Bose, we can’t go back and forth.” Laksh tried to make Sanskar retreat, “it’s no use arguing now, please handover your costume so, I get to play.” Laksh nodded to Sanskar, “Alright?”
Sanskar wished to ask, ‘why did you do that?  (Or) stop him saying, what do you know about the role, what about the lines?’ He sighed, ‘whom I’m I kidding?’ Sanskar raked his brain, ‘if he know Laksh any better- than he will know Laksh will have answers to all his arguments.’ Sanskar knew there was nothing which could convince Laksh to change his mind but what if there’s another way. Sanskar planned ahead for this day, he hastily left his brother”s side, covering up the  playful grin which formed on his face.
Laksh was no fool, he noticed Sanskar was carrying sleeping pills to put him to sleep throughout the show. “Foolish brother!” Laksh smirked. Soon enough, he turned the tables on Sanskar making him take his own medicine without his awareness. Sanskar felt betrayed but he knew it won’t be easier to takedown Laksh. Even before, he couldn’t fight off the sleep and felt force to shut his eyes; Sanskar said: “tablets were not the only thing I bought,” Laksh couldn’t understand the meaning of those words? As imediate response to his own words, Sanskar sprayed the general anesthetic on Laksh making him hard to avoid, “I can never let anyone make fun of you, bro!” Sanskar fell to the ground, muttering_”I said it, Sanskarrr…pla-yy..b-y-yy..hiiiss..ow–…”
Arriving at the scene with nurse, in cafeteria, where his both Juliets were knocked out_ Mr Bose panicked when he heard nurse says, both his Juliets will not be waking anytime soon. “NO!” Mr Bose yelled, he don’t know what has happened?  Neither had time to be Sherlock, he ordered the seniors to shift both Laksh and Sanskar to nursing ward, while they did that Mr Bose started to look grim, “WHAT I’M SUPPOSED TO DO KNOW?” Mr Bose raised his volume so loud that the echo of his voice was heard through out the cafeteria walls. “My Juliets are down, before I had one, than I got spare and now I’m left with none. “Our guest have already started to arrive, only twenty minutes before the play began, where I’m suppose to find new Juliet, who know their lines–” all of a sudden Mr Bose went quiet,  he remembered Ragini practised along with Sanskar so, she should have memorised Juliet’s lines and as for Romeo, Swara had already entered her name.”Yes! This will do!” Mr Bose was contented with his thinking, he rushed back to dressing room to get his new pair of Romeo Juliet.
Before Ragini was very happy that Swara was taking over but listening to Mr Bose, she thought he has gone crazy, though she couldn’t tell that out loud. “No!” Ragini muffled, but one look on Mr Bose made it clear, she shouldn’t make enemy out of him_ ‘if she want a peaceful campus life, that is?’ Unwillingly she nodded cursing Sanskar in her head for leading her to this situation. “Couldn’t he have choose some another day to go all nighty-night! I hate him!”
“Same here! Dear sis, the feelings are mutual.” Swara’s voice made Raging jump out of her thoughts, “but there’s no time to play the blame game! Show is about to begin. Mr Bose got the clothes, get dressed.” Swara persuaded Ragini, handing her over the Juliets costume. Sawara smiled… “Let everyone witness the gorgeous princess you have always been.”
“I need big heels for this,” Ragini pouted, “I will make you proud!” She added in that moment.
“The play went well, all the cheering’s from children, what made the show a worthwhile effort to put forward too.”  Mr Bose actually shed the tear of Joy. “You guys were marvellous.” He said, facing all the members of the play, he clapped honouring their act.
“Mr Bose?”
Mr Bose turned in response towards caller, he saw the nurse enter followed by two boys, with their heads bowed in shame.
“Oh, did the prince charming gave both Snow Whites the magic kiss, to awake the damsels from their slumber?” Ragini teased, earning herself a stern glare from Sanskar. He looked serious, which didn’t go unnoticed by Swara. She signed Ragini to be quiet and not to fuel Sanskar anymore than she already has.
“Lady Swara?” Laksh’s voice engrossed Swara’s attention, for a while they just looked at each other but the one who spoke was none other than Mr Bose, with his arms cross across his chest, he furrowed his brows at them. “Follow me!” Mr Bose, his sharp voice ringing in their ears_ made it obvious enough for the brothers, this time they were not getting away without the worst.
With coming days_ Exams became the talk of the town. Swara was worried for Ragini over grades and Laksh confess he got same issue with Sanskar and suggested Swara, they all meet in library and help each other’s family out. Sawara was not so thrill about teaching Sanskar but agreed if Laksh become Ragini’s mentor because Ragini never took her seriously.This was Laksh’s plan to get closer to Gododia’s sisters. They somehow made both Ragini and Sanskar agree but only problem, which was the big problem indeed_ that they couldn’t keep this quarrelling pair away from bickering nonstop.

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