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Dark night, Few Kicks and adorable tale- OS

Hey,This is my second one short here.Please read and share your views.

Congo to myself!! It’s been 2 years by now since I proposed her. What would had happened if I didn’t spoke my feeling to her years back,Who would be there with me today? Whatever be,Now I’m damn happy having she with me.
Today was the sonography for her. I also went with her as usual. I learned today that no moment is more happier than hearing the sound of the child in the womb.The sound was similar to our heart beats.Each time I heard the sound I remembered the day when I and she became one.
Doctor gave her few vitamin and protein tablets.
The company meetings all went positive.
In short,The day was quite tiring but adorable.

As he completed his daily routine of writing the diary he moved towards his wife who is sleeping peacefully on the bed. He moved towards her and kisses her womb. As a response he got a kick and he felt overwhelmed.

“After 3 months,He will give you a kiss in return and not a kick!” She said waking up and resting her head towards the wall.

“Didn’t slept yet.”He asked

“How can I when chotta shivaay is kicking and this shivaay is kissing?”She replied making a cute face.

“Do you remember exactly two years back I proposed you?” He said out of curiosity.

“Yeah.How can I forget that” and paused for a while and spoke keeping her hand on the womb “don’t you think he should now about love story?”

“Of course My Baby should know. After all he should know how romantic his papa is!” He said with a proud smile.

“romance toh koi Inse nah seekhe.. Seekhe toh humse,Anika Shivaay se”She said with a giggle.

Raising a eye brow he asked “As hai..”.

By saying that he moved forward. She took a breathe as he came forward towards her lips. She started breathing heavier. He came forward and rubbed his lips against her.she Closed her eyes and he took the control over her lips and she tasted his mouth.

As moments passed by their hunger for each others saliva kept increasing and their kissing grew more passionate.

After few minutes,They released their lips and shivaay wrapped her in his arms and whispered into her ears “Now say who is roma.. She didn’t allowed him to complete his words as she unwrapped herself from his hug and made her dry mouth moist with his saliva.As the grew more darker,Their hunger for each other kept increasing that night until they felt a kick.

“Opps!We forgot our champ and here I got a kick”She announced.

He bent towards her womb and spoke “We didn’t forgot you”.

They received another kick.

“Seems like he is carving for our story”Anika said.

“Another kick” announced shivaay.

“Seems like he is definitely carving for our story”

They share a cute eye lock and a pleasant smile.However Anika’s smile was quite shy.
And face was little embraced.

“Don’t embrace You kissed your husband not any one else”He said laughing.

Anika gave shivaay a kick. Shivaay slept on Anika’s lap and spoke “My champ listen…..

*****2 Years Back**
*****Indian school of business**

“Today is last day bro.If you missed today speaking to her then remember you will never be able to speak..” Said Shivaay’s best friend.

Shivaay was busy glancing at his crush,Anika.
She was a girl who was directly contrast to his best friend,Tia. Anika ,too, was his best friend but not as much as that of tia. Anika was a cute girl who keeps smiling. Her eyes usually keep smiling along with lips that always have something to utter. She was a chubby girl who never speaks any bad words even if any one scolds her instead makes her eyes and cheeks wet with tears.she never speaks much to everyone but she never closes her mouth when she is with her dear ones.

Shivaay developed a sweet feeling for her after few days they became friends. He never shared his feelings with anyone but his blush on face each time she came near him,His soft corner towards her never went unnoticed by his friends. They screwed his mind and something that he left like affection
Grew to love.

To the other end of the spoon Anika had a cute feeling towards him and she never let it anybody know.

Shivaay was extremely doubtful whether to
Open his heart or not.He was feared that if he poured his feelings out will he loose his friend who by now captured his heart.
His eyes searched for her. Her loosen hair made him fall in love with her more and more. Her denims that matched her denims top to her sketchers made her more beautiful.

He kept looking at her and in an instance She looked at shivaay and they shared a cute eye lock. She came near shivaay and smiled.

“You look good”She commented.

“You as usual looks stunning”He complimented in turn.

She nodded and thanked him.

“Yesterday You didn’t slept uh??” She questioned.

“Yup.I did! Why?”He asked

“Nah,Saw your reply being send by somewhat 12..”She replied.

“Ahh.. Was chatting with someone special”

“Ohh.. Who was that?? Girl friend?? She teased.

“Personal things!!” He replied to pull her leg.
He always like to pull her leg as each time he Did it she made a cute face.

“Opps!! Sorry thn.. “She rejected herself from the conversation.

He laughed at her and said he was playing games on mobile and that he saw her message after his game was finish.

“Late night games uh?? Bad for health!!” She advised and left towards her girl gang.

“We have seen you blushing each time you guys had a talk” commented Anika’s friend who were staring at them.

“you guys looks great together”Another announced.

“You guys are imagining much more. We two are good friends.”Anika replied though she felt good within her.

“Ahh… Late night chats with him.. Your smile each time you reply him.. Conveys to me everything… I know you guys have an affair” Her room mate as well as her best friend replied..

“It’s nothing like that..”She replied with a blush.

“Yeah off course nothing like that your face clearly says”The other there commented.

“Look jiju is feeding Tia the cake”Her bestie commented.

“So what I can do..” Anika said with a heavy heart as she felt damn jealous of Tia. She knew Tia was his best friend and that best friend means a lot to him.

“I didn’t mention Shivaay.. There are many who are feeding their girl.. So what made you think that jiju is shivaay… This girl is always thinking about him.. Oh my god!!”Her bestie teased.

“You guys have a great imagination power..”She replied waving at them..

On the other side,Shivaay is glancing at Anika all the time.

“yaar you go speak.. You know na she is not a girl who is going to leave you just because you proposed her.. Be nice to her.. She will talk to you even after you proposed her… ” Encouraged one of his friend.

Though he wished to propose her tonight, some force in him stopped him from doing that.
“I will propose her tonight over fb” He thought and was about to share that with his gang. But it was too late as by that time his friends called her out And said that shivaay wanted to speak something to her and smiled at shivaay.

Shivaay looked at her with pale face and frozen.

He muttered “Hey bhagawan!”..

“Uh,Wat you said?” She cleared.

His friends shouted.. “He said he loves you..” And ran from the spot laughing.

Shivaay spoke “To the moon and the back” He didn’t knew from where those words came from or how he got courage…

Anika stood there stunned and frozen. She didn’t knew what to do or what to say. She was elated to know he loves her. She was extremely happy as well as shy. Her eyes were filled with tears. Her cheeks were pink and blushing. Her lips got widened.

Shivaay didn’t wanted an answer as he already got that. His happiness was beyond words. That he couldn’t define what had happened to him. He kept on smiling. His cheeks were blushing while eyes were glued to anika. Neither did he nor she spoke for few minutes. Silence was speaking. They felt that  atmosphere was filled with the essence of love. The cold air was wrapping them both. The moonlight gave the answer of anika a brightness.

Shivaay moved ahead towards her and said “I don’t want an answer.. It’s  clear from your eyes.. The words can at times lie,But eyes can’t Anika… I want you.. I want you not as a best friend forever.. But as a wife who plays the role of best friend too… ”

Anika couldn’t speak that time but gathering the strength she spoke “Shivaay.. Please give me some time it’s true that I love you… But..”

He interrupted saying “… I don’t want an answer now you can take enough time and think of it.. ” Anika nodded and went towards her friends who by that time started shouting her name..

The air was now filled with the rhythmic beats of dhol. Everyone matched their feet to the beats while Anika matched her memory to the beats. She closed her eyes sitting on a chair and remembered the moments with Shivaay… The way her eyes searched for shivaay as soon as she entered the class.. The way their eyes met during the class hours.. The embarrassing moment of being caught by   shivaay for staring at him.. Along with all these she thought of their late night chats that changed everything.. From getting angry for late replies to hoping for a fast reply to feeling jealous at times he took the topic of Tia.. To sending kissing emotion ji’s..  Those chats changed them.. She even thought of those moments when shivaay made her jealous intentional to see her jealous face to staring and glancing at her during class hours to throwing a flying kiss to make her angry and laugh at her..  When she thought of all these moments she wondered whether they were bounded by the force of friendship or the unsaid force of love till this time.. She smiled at him as he matched his feet to the beats.. She went to the stage and joined her friends..

Later that night though they chatted never did anyone of them raise the subject of proposal.. Each time they met each other during exams they shared few adorable moments despite the exam tensions..

On the last day of exam Anika spoke her heart out. The happiness of Shivaay was beyond words. Though he knew her answer would be yes.. The moment he heard it from her lips he jumped with joy. On that day onwards their late night chats got changed to late night calls.. He became her 2 am partner and she became his 2 am partner..


Anika is glancing at shivaay as he speaks this.. Anika hugged shivaay and whispered in to his ears “I LOVE YOU”.

As a reply shivaay said “I know it… “And planted a kiss on her forehead.

Anika kept her hands on her womb and questioned.. “Do my baby want to know what happened afterwards??”

She continued as she received a kick from chotta shivaay and a flying kiss from bada shivaay.. “After few months dad came home with immense happiness on his face.. Being honest,I never seen that happiness on his face.. He shouted with joy saying “I’m soo lucky…” Later mom came and asked him the reason for his happiness.. And words came out of his mouth.. Those words which I wanted to hear.. Those words which I wished to hear soon.. Yes! Those words.. And looked at shivaay…

The baby kept on kicking… Anika laughed and spoke “… Seems like baby is excited.. ”

“Then lets shout those words…”Shivaay exclaimed.

“Anika has got an alliance.. Mohit.. “They both said together..

“Er.. The broker my child..”Shivaay interrupted.

“Okkay.. So what?? Ah! The broker.. Nah!! Mohit…”Shivaay continued..

Anika too joined him and they continued “Mohit found the alliance.. It’s from Oberoi khaadhan.. I never thought my anika will get such a good alliance… Do you know who the groom is?? The Eldest son.. “SHIVAAY!”…

“Wait!!” shivaay shouted..

“What?” questioned Anika.

“Tell me.. Your reaction when you heard that a proposal came..” He questioned..

“Buddhu you forgot You had mention about the broker the day before to me over the phone.. So I was like Alas! it happened! Then acting.. You know na I’m expert so I handled the situation as if I’m hearing it for the first time.. “Anika spoke with proudness..

Shivaay disdained her words and said “.. Ah might be because of that your dad understood we were already in an affair.. And all this was a plan.. ”

Anika frown and said “… What about you.. You are a super star… Spoke about our relationship already to your family.. God’s grace it is that they didn’t separated us… ”

“Why should they separate us.. After all you are also of same standards as of us.. Daughter of a reputed lawyer.. Same caste.. Wagera wagera.. We have everything in common, so why should they think of that.. I had already studied the situations, Circumstances as well as your surroundings  before I spoke you to my family… “He explained with proudness..

“Anyways I’m happy that both the families were happy to us together shivaay.. The happiness on both the families face made me sure that my decision was not a wrong one and a hurting decision. And also all I wanted was there blessings and presence during our marriage.. ” She said with a sigh of relief.

Shivaay looked at her and held her hands tightly. Anika’s eyes got widened. The baby kicked. Shivaay kept his head over her womb releasing her hands and said “Hey champ, This your mama-papa’s love story.. U loved it uh??”

Baby kicked..
Shivaay and Anika smiled..
He planted a kiss at the arrival of another kick.

Later he moved forwards towards Anika. Anika didn’t moved or frown. Instead she also moved forward and wrapped him. He loosened her hair,whispered in ears “I LoVE YOU” and planted a kiss on her forehead,then on nose,and finally on lips. Anika didn’t said anything instead let her soul mate as well as the one who gave another life inside her take full control over her. As his passion grew greater,Her hug kept on tighter. Their love grew wilder that night..

That night baby kept on kicking, stars kept on twinkling, Brightness of the moon kept on increasing and their love towards each kept on growing more and more….

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