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Chaltey Chaltey Lag Gaye Rastey #OS by Vivek

Hi Guys I’m Anee as u know me very well but my friends don’t u much think about the OS name…and about the Author.

Actually Last night I sat with my siblings we were gossiping and doing fun….actually My younger brother Whose name is Vivek he came home after 5 months from his boarding…..and my another’s brother means vivek’s elders brother but they both are my younger brothers…so yeah his birthday is coming…so we were planning for his birthday….it was late night my sis shared a story with me I shared with them then my Bhaiya Vivek he inspired from her…and he told me this story…it was really fun for us…we were so much laughed…..actually he is 9th grade student…and didn’t any fond of writing but they all know about me that I’m writing on Telly updates so he shared his story with me I told him that I will share his story with you…So basically this story you gonna read it is full on his explanation…no dialogues but narration.  Hope u guys like it.  

After sanveer marriage one day veer with her mother and his grandmother that they were going somewhere through car. In the mid-way their car was collided with other truck… accident was very drastic…in the accident veer and his grandmother lost their eye sight… now they became blind….and savitri went into comma after accident…… 

Saanchi was left heartbroken…and for taking advantage of the situation Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri did conspiracy against her and hits vase on her head she lost her memory and Malhotra and Gayatri threw her from Malhotra mention… now Saanchi didn’t recognize anyone she went to small chaul and start living there happily…

On the other side the rift started btw Kabir and Malhotra because Kabir got to know about Malhotra’s illegal supplies of drugs.

Kabir takes action against him… but he was father of his in making traps…he proved false to him in front of everyone and fired him from the job… now no any other hospital was ready to hire him… because Dr. Malhotra defamed him…. now he was jobless and very soon he became very poor…he lost his job his house… on that time his condition was very bad. He came on road due to poverty due to lack of money. He went on same chaul with his family where Saanchi was lived… and start living there. 

Dr. Malhotra and Gayatri did veer marry with another girl… because veer was blind he didn’t able to see the girl… and Malhotra and Gayatri make sure that veer understand that she is none other than his Saanchi that’s why that girl who was playing puppet of Dr. Malhotra pretend to be Saanchi… but actually she was Sonia.

In the chaul Kabir met with Saanchi but he found that she lost her memory than he tried to get her memory back… after lots of trials finally he got success… Saanchi got her memory back….than Kabir and Saanchi shook hands and vows to ruin Malhotra… but they were knew that Malhotra was very powerful…to defeat him they need to be come on that level that position…. than Kabir decided to start his new business Kabir got job in research company in another city…. Saanchi also helped him.. 

Kabir and Saanchi we’re established their research company…in which they were hit the Mark of no. 1 position in the market… 

During past two years SDCH position falling down… now Dr. Malhotra tensed about drastically decreasing hospital’s position.

Than Kabir send his investigation team for collecting the evidence against illegal supplies and crimes and he was successful.

Than he raid his hospital and arrested to Malhotra and gets hospital back and started to run it very successfully…

But on the other side savitri came back from comma he was very upset to see her son and mother in law was blind…he was weeping and weeping through crying she lost her eyes sight… just like Ro Ro ke Andhe type.

She pleaded to Kabir to get back his son’s eye sight.. Kabir decided to donate his eyes but on the nick of time he got eyes from someone else. Who was died and donate his eyes to him.. 

Veer got his eyes back he was very shocked to see Sonia instead of Saanchi… but Sonia was pregnant with his child… than veer thought Kabir did so much for him than he decided to stay away from his and Saanchi’s life.. And he began to start living with his wifey Sonia… and started loving her. 

Kabir was researching on the neurons…he shocked to know that if when we shocked to someone head than the neurons started working through shock…. then he decided to shock veer grandmother for getting his eyesight back…he  shocked to veer’s grandmother head than veer’s grandmother got his eye sight back.

Than finally kabir confessed his love to Saanchi…Saanchi who started loving him in two years she accepted his proposal both get married and started living happily ever after.


Guys honestly speaking this was full on his mind’s story I didn’t add anything in it…

Now guys tell me, how was it?? Actually I’m eager to know your reviews please drop your comments for the sake of one child’s happiness..

Love you all.

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