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Casanova (RagLak FF) S2 Chapter 4

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CASANOVA (RAGLAK Fan Fiction Season 2 ) CH-03

9.30 A.M that was the time everyday Ragini used to reach the office. Never late just on time. She has been dedicated herself in the work and no matter what she loved her job.

It had been a month she had joined the Maheshwari Industries and she was considered one of the valued employee in that short span of time. Though Laksh had been trying his Casanova tricks to woe her but she kept it complete professional when it came to her interaction with her boss. Which did piss off him completely.

Now his attraction to her had turned to appreciation to her wits though he never accepted it completely.

“Ragini come to my cabin” he spoke over the phone and looked at her through the glass separator. Her eye roll after she placed the receiver just made a smile creep on his lips.He used to enjoy that annoyed look on her face before she entered the cabin with her formal smile. She was herself in that short time and he liked every bit of real Ragini.

“Excuse me sir” she peeped in and entered as he signed her. She sat on the chair after his instruction. She was wearing a pear earring today. It had become his habit to notice every little change in her attire. She raised one eye brow confused as he continued staring her ear.

“Sir?” she brought him out of the trance. “Em” he swallowed and looked around to find water. Ragini understood and forwarded the water glass beside him which was in his vicinity but due to his disturbed mind he was not able to see it. “Um Thanks” said he and gulped the water in the glass.

His eyes moved up to look at her face when she was adjusting her notepad and that naughty strand of hair dangled near her eye. She tucked it behind her ear.

Again those two people appeared who used to play Violin on his either side. And light music started playing and this time the song was “Pehla pehla pyar hai…. Pehli pehli baar hai…. Jaan ke bhi anjana kaisa mera yaar hai”

He spit the water in his mouth and coughed as the water entered the wrong pipe. Ragini jerked due to this and walked to him and patted his head.

He relaxed after some time and stared her when she was still worried for him. “What happened?” asked she.

“Pehla…” he paused from blurting out the song and wiped his face as he did not had any instant retort. “I mean pehle paani wrong pipe me chala gaya tha” he said and she looked at him confused.

“That I know sir. But how did it happen?” asked she. “I was staring…” he paused again and closed his eyes cursing himself. “I was staring the lamp” he said pointing his hand to the table lamp.

“But it is not ON and what’s the point in staring it” asked she. “Um yeah I know that. I was staring it thinking why isn’t it ON” said he.

“Like you thought you are son of Electricity God that just with your stare it will turn ON?” she asked as she couldn’t hold her amusement.

He shrunk his eye brows at her. “Oh you don’t know me Ms. Ragini I’m more shocker than electricity and hotter than fire” he said mischievously and proudly.

“And I wonder why aren’t you roasted yet” she controlled her laughter folding her lips. She knew she was mean to him but such comments do deserved her sarcasm.

His face turned annoyed when he could not retort to her. “Ha ha very funny. Will you take the dictations now?” he signed her to sit.

“That’s what I came for. But then you were busy in drinking water and then making it enter the wrong pipe” she said casually and opened the note book and was ready to take the dictations.

Lakshya rolled his eyes and dictated her the mail she had to send. She patted the pen after he finished and walked to her desk. He watched her moving.

Though he wanted to flirt with her like he does with every girl he was not able to do so. He started hating those angels on his either side who came with the violins who more looked like demons.

No second thought that she was the cutest girl he had ever met. So he admired her cuteness more than her beauty. She sat in her place and started typing the mail he told.

She craned her neck front to read the typed mail. That was the best part of his day when she did that. He liked every expression and action of her.

He turned to his laptop smiling because he knew if he keeps admiring her like this he will end up screwing his business.

He wondered how the lust which he had for other girls was not dominating him when it came to Ragini. She was special really special.

“Sir I’m leaving” said she at the end of the day peeping inside his cabin.

“Wait I’m coming too” said he and her eyes twitched. “Sir I go by bus and you by your luxurious car. So why you want me to wait. I will miss my bus” she said with pleading eyes.

“So what I will drop you” he said casually picking his laptop bag.

One more hour with this annoying man. No ways’ she thought horrified. “No… I will manage. You know the BEST(Bombay bus servicing company) services are not running out of buses and I will get plenty of them” said she smiling nervously.

“So why are you fretting over it like you will miss the last bus of the day. Relax” he said getting out of the cabin. “Um” she nodded her head.

He pressed the lift button and then they entered it. She looked around and he was just staring her. She remembered the trailer of 50 shades of grey movie and the lift scene and it made her throat dry.

She so did not wanted the same to happen with her. She stood alert where she was ready to attack him with his slightest move.

And her nightmare turned true when he pressed on the lift button to open the door for her when it reached ground floor. She moved her hands too swiftly and hit him with the bag in her hand.

“Ouch” he winced in pain as the bag hit his head just near the eye. “What is wrong with you girl?” he asked her rubbing his temple. She found the lift door open. “Sorry sir. I… I was just. I was just trying to take my bag” she said running out.

“And is that the way to do it?” asked he stepping out and her heart raced finding him just in front of her. “No… That’s why I asked sorry right? Agar subah ka bhula raath ko ghar aaye use bhula nai kehte. So just ignore it sir” said she nervous.

“Yeh kya tha?” asked he confused. “As if I know” she smiled at him nervously.

“You know you are weird at times” he nodded his head and walked to the parking.

“I know and I get weirder given the situation” she murmured to herself and walked to the bus stop. “Thank god you saved me from that Casanova. Otherwise….” she gulped in nervous.

“I better stop checking out English movie trailers. Amcha bollywood zindabad” she lifted her hand slightly and got inside the bus as it stopped.

“Popu…” she looked for him as soon as she entered the orphanage section of theirs. He walked looking around staring the ground.

“See what I bought with my first salary” she forwarded him a gift box. He smiled still staring the ground. He took it near his ear and shook it.

“Open it and check” she laughed at his antics. “You gave your salary to mother?” asked he.

“Why?” asked she confused. “I have watched in movies always first salary the hero will give to his mother. We don’t have mom so our mother is Mother Janaki na. So you should give your first salary to her” his innocence touched her heart and that tear tripped out of her eye.

“Um hm” she nodded her head controlling her emotions. “Come” said he dragging her with him. They reached the chapel and he waited for Janaki to finish her prayer.

“Mother” he called innocently and Janaki looked at him after lighting the candle. A wide smile crept her face. “Akshat…. son come inside” she said. He looked around nervous.

“No” he nodded his head vigorously. Ragini signed Janaki not to pressurize him and she nodded her head. “Okay let me come to my son” she stepped out and caressed his hair.

And he smiled still looking around like he was searching something. “Ragu,,” he said and Janaki moved her eyes to Ragini.

Ragini smiled at her and took out the money from her bag and forwarded to Janaki. She looked at Ragini confused. “My first salary mother” she said smiling widely.

“Actually I did not knew. Popu told me we should always give our first salary to our mother. I bought a gift for him and bought my bus pass also as it was the last date today” she said pouting sadly.

Janaki looked at her emotionally. “Though there are many children who call me mother. But you both make me feel that I’m a mother” said she caressing their cheeks and they hugged her.

“And what you brought for Pakya?” asked Akshat with twinkling eyes.

“You think I lost mind? I will buy anything for that Bhalu?” asked she twisting her lips. “Ragu bad. He asked sorry that day only” Akshat said like a small kid complaining.

“The Mahan popu” she rolled her eyes and walked from there.

Pakya was cleaning his bed when he found a gift box. He found a note over it. “Sorry Pakya…. Jhalli” Pakya smiled reading it and opened it.

He found the new head set and jumped in happiness.

“Though she wont say she does many things Akshat. Only thing is she can’t accept that she is an angel and tries to cloak behind the devil nature of hers” said Janaki when they stood outside Pakya’s room watching him dancing happy.

“Because my Jhalli is best” said Rashmi proudly and Akshat hugged her. She patted his back where as Janaki smiled looking at them.

“Jesus please don’t change this ever” she prayed in her heart.

Ragini was lying on her bed after the dinner staring the ceiling.

She remembered her encounter with Laksh and smiled as she remembered his annoyed expressions. She did not knew why she enjoyed his that face.

“Laga laga laga re… Laga re prem rog” the song played in her mind and she sat up shocked. “Ragini you seriously are dumb. Stay away from that Casanova” she hit her head and lied down again. After an initial struggle finally sleep covered her.


I know I’m damn late but was struggling with the plot.

I hope it isn’t boring wrote it in a hurry

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