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Blood For Love (Episode 9)

In the forest deep hands starts to move he opens his eyes and gets up he is brutally wounded

Deep:Arohi I have to save her but how

He takes his phone from his pocket he calls bhabi

Deep:Bhabi listen to me carefully opposite my room there is a book shelf remove some books from the middle and you will find a keypad type the code 092017 the secret room door will open go inside.There are drawers in one of them is a DNA report of arohi and tara

Bhabi:But tara is searching for me and nikku

Deep:You run for the shelf I will distract her

Deep calls tara

Deep:Your men are so dumb that they threw me in the forest and now I am starting outside the jail

Deep cuts the call and runs to road he Tries to stop cars after sometime a car stops

Deep: Can you please take me to central jail it’s very urgent

Stranger:Sure get in

Deep gets in the car.Tara calls her men and starts to insult them bhabi runs for the bookshelf she enters the code the book shelf opens she gets inside it with Nikku after searching all the drawers she finds the reports

Bhabi:How should I get out of here

She calls deep

Bhabi:Deep tell me a way out I have all the proofs

Deep:The mirror behind you has a secret exit even tara doesn’t know about it

Bhabi:After that

Deep:Reach the jail

In the jail Roma and virat are holding arohi Prithvi has a stick  in his hand

Prithvi:It’s my turn

He starts hitting arohi.Shot after shot she starts to bleed more her clothes were dripping blood .Deep reaches police station

Deep:Where is bhabi I should go and check arohi

He goes inside police officers stops him

Deep:Let me go I have proves

Officer:Where are they

Deep:A lady is coming with them

Officer:First bring proves then meet your wife

After waiting sometime bhabi finally arrives She gives the report to the commissioner

Deep:I also have something in my phone

He plays his conversation with tara

Commissioner:We did a great mistake Mr deep .Here we will take you to your wife cell

They all rush to the cell where arohi is kept when they reach there .Deep is shocked to see them kicking unconscious arohi


They all go inside the officers shift Roma virat and Prithvi to another cell Deep gets hold of arohi

Deep:Look arohi I am here now please open your eyes

Deep pleads to arohi’s body to open eyes but she doesn’t

Deep:Someone call an ambulance quick

Commissioner calls an ambulance.The ambulance arive there in no time.They took arohi to nearby hospital.The doctors take her to operation theater. They start cleaning her wounds .They see her heart rate dropping. One nurse comes out

Deep: please tell me how is she

Nurse:We can’t say anything her heart rate is dropping

In the operation theater arohi’s heart stops working The doctors tries their best to save her but in vain they go out

Deep:Doctor is she alright

Doctor:I am sorry mister deep we couldn’t save her

Deep:You’re joking rights this can’t be arohi cannot die

Doctor:It’s the truth we are very sorry

Deep runs to the hospital temple

Deep: please save her I will do anything. She is in this condition because of me I will go very far from her this is the truth since I came in her life .Her life is in danger because of me

A nurse notices arohi heart rate climbing up she calls the doctor they give her shocks which results in arohi breathing again


He goes out

Doctor:Today a mirecle happened your wife came back from death

Deep:Thank you doctor thank you for saving her life can I see her

Doctor:Not now but after sometime

After sometime deep enters the room he sees arohi wounds and starts to cry

Deep:It’s all because of me today will be the last time you will see me

He kisses her forehead and goes out to bhabi

Deep:I am going

Bhabi:But where

Deep:Very far from her I put her in these conditions and now I am going to make up for that

Bhabi:You love her she loves you .What do you think when she will open her eyes she will be looking for you what will I say to her

Deep:Just say that I am always with her tomorrow iam going to London to carry our business there as well as india

Deep leaves from there he straight goes to his house and packs his stuff he books his flight and leaves for the airport In the hospital arohi opens her eyes

Arohi:Bhabi why are you crying

Bhabi:Deep left and he will never come back

Arohi:Who is deep?

Bhabi is shocked to hear that

(Sorry this part is little bit short )

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