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Blood For Love (Episode 10)

Bhabi:Arohi you don’t know who is deep

Arohi:Who is deep

Bhabi with a dazed face looks at arohi she goes out and tries to call deep but he doesn’t pick the call up she goes to the doctor cabin

Bhabi:Doctor what is this she doesn’t even remember her own husband

Doctor:It happens when your head is badly wounded

Bhabi:So this means she will not remember anything

Doctor:Can’t say in some cases it’s permanent memory loss and in some it’s temporary but for now don’t put pressure on her to remember anything or things will be worse

Bhabi:Thanks doctor can I take her home

Doctor:Tomorrow you can take her home

She goes back to arohi’s room and sees her sleeping

Bhabi: Oh god why are you making them suffer isn’t it enough for them

The next day Arohi enters raichand mansion she looks at bhabi with shock

Arohi:This is not our house

Bhabi:It is now


Bhabi:This is your parents secret property they saved it for you and now as according to their wish you now is going to handle their business

Arohi:Is this the truth

Papaji:Yes this is now your house

Arohi:Who are you

Papaji:I am you father friend and caretaker of this house you can call me papa

Arohi:If this is the dream of my parents then I will fulfill it

She goes inside to check the house

Bhabi:I am so sorry papa ji I had to lie to you about her memory loss

Papaji:Don’t apologize it’s not your fault

Bhabi:But because of us Deep is away from us

Papaji:Just believe in god everything will be alright come inside now

In the airport deep is boarding in his flight for London. He sits on his seat the plane takes off

Deep:(In his mind)I am going very far from you now your life will not be in the danger because of me

He thinks about all the moments with arohi as Ae dil hai mushkil play in the background he starts crying

Deep:Because of you I got a new life and now you will be the only reason I am living this life

Arohi:Mom dad I am going to make your dream come true

Deep:In London I will make our life better

They both sleep in the morning arohi wakes up She gets ready and is about to leave when bhabi stops her

Bhabi:Arohi first take blessing from God

Arohi:I almost forgot

She takes blessing from God

Arohi:God ji  today is my first day in office as a boss I hope everything will be alright

She leaves. In London deep is also leaving for office

Deep:What should I wear

He hold up some formal wear suits from his cupboard

Deep:This royal blue arohi’s favorite color

He gets ready and leaves for office.He enters the office every one is looking at him.His manager welcomes him

Manager:Good morning deep sir

Deep:Arrange a conference between all the office members

Manager:Ok sir the conference room will be ready in 5 minutes


Arohi reaches her office she goes to her room she calls her manager

Manager:Good morning mam

Arohi:Good morning can you please do a favor


Arohi:Can you please bring all the employees in my room

After some time both deep and arohi are giving conference

Arohi:Good morning everyone

Deep:My name is deep and I am your new boss

Arohi:My name is arohi and I am your new boss

The employees from both offices welcomes them

Arohi:As I am the new boss there will be new rules

Deep:Rule 1:Don’t be afraid of me

Arohi:Rule 2:Need any help come to me without any hesitation

Deep:Rule 3:Work with honesty

Arohi:Rule 4:Complete your work in time

Arohi/Deep:And the fifth rule is:All ways work with love in your heart. Now let’s get to work.Thank you

They both start working in the evening arohi leaves for the raichand mansion. Deep is about to leave when some female employees tries to flirt with him

Deep:Excuse me I am married

Employee 1:Sorry sir

Employee 2:Sir we didn’t mean to

Deep:There is only one women I love and she is my wife my arohi

He leaves from there he reaches his house He eats food and sleeps so does arohi

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