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Are you enjoying the London track in YHM?

Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has got a new twist on it’s London track.

Raman takes Ishitha to London as a surprise for her. They enjoy in London, while Raman slowly regains his memory.

Meanwhile, Adi and Romi also head towards London to enjoy, leaving their wives behind.

However, Aliya (Adi’s wife) and Mihika (Romi’s wife) come to know about this from Shagun. So, Aliya decides to visit London with Shagun to catch Adi, while Mihika stays in Bhalla house to take care of Pihu.

Ultimately Raman, Ishitha, Adi, Romi, Aliya and Shagun meet each other in London along with Roshini, who works as a tourist guide there.

Throughout the London trip, Ishitha meets a mysterious woman, who wears a black jacket covering her face and is revealed to be a spirit following Ishitha.

Mihika is warned by Bhavna about the evil spirit following Ishitha , but she fails to inform her.

Unfortunately Ishitha gets possessed by the spirit, adding more twists to the drama.

So, are you enjoying the London track in YHM? Share your opinions below.

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