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Woh Apna Sa 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Nisha throws family out of house

Woh Apna Sa 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Arjun tries to slap Binni but Jhumki comes there and says stop. Arjun says this all happened because of you, I wont spare you. He tries to take off her veil. Jhumki says you are too eager to see my face, I will show it. She takes off her veil, all are stunned to see its Nisha only. Nisha smirks. Arjun moves back and says Nisha you? Nisha says how did you like my act? Binni smirks. Arjun says you? Nisha says I am back, and now your life will be filled with tears, this was just demo. Chirag says but we saw you falling down hill. Flashback shows Nisha fell down from hill. Flashback ends. Nisha says I cant defeat death too. Nisha says for days, I was living here and you people didnt know it? what kind of people are you? anyway, I am back home and I missed my bar so.. she goes to sofa and sits

down, she says waiter I need a drink, servant brings drink for her. Jia says thats why you always had veil so we couldnt recognize you? Nisha says yes, I didnt like outfits but it worked. Jia says it was your and Binni’s plan, binni fooled us so we gave her all property and you both got all this? Nisha says you are correct. Binni sits with Nisha and says now I think my acting career is bring, they laugh. Nisha says I told police, you people tried to kill me, I have come out of death, I told this truth to police. Flashback shows Nisha in hospital, she gives money to police to bribe them. Flashback ends. Nisha says I wanted to die but I have comeback for my daughter Binni only, my other daughter would have been with me too but Chinni lost her life because she came your trap. Binni gets sad. Nisha says its okay, I got my daughter which was separate by Kaki, Kaki sent her to mental asylum because she was burden on you? and you wanted to get rid of her? but see today, God gave me my daughter back. Kaki says dont lie, you threw her in mental asylum and kept us away from her. Nisha says I knew you would say that thats why I have brought this. She shows paper, she says its mental asylum’s bills, she shows it to them, she shows Binni and says they clearly say that Kaki used to pay fees for that hospital, all look on. Binni is emotional. Nisha says they separated me from my daughter. She says to Kaki that I thought to die and start new life but then I thought of my daughter being alone, what you people did with chinni, I didnt want that to happen with Binni, I wanted to start a new life, I didnt want to come back here, I didnt want this property, I want all this for my binni, she has right on it, her mother couldnt get her rights but I will get my daughter’s rights at any cost, she got her rights today, now her mom can die in peace. Binni says mom dont say that, she hugs her. Nisha smirks. Kaki cries. Nisha says to Binni that you dont know them, they could have sold this house for their homes. Binni says to family that dont torture us more, get lost. Nisha asks security to throw them out. Arjun says we are going. Kaki says Nisha you are making your daughter like you. Nisha says shut up and get out. Jia says to Kaki that I shouldnt have brought Binni in this house. Family starts leaving. Nisha hugs Binni and smirks. Family sadly looks at house and leaves from there.
Outside house, Kaki says what we will do now? Jia says dont lose faith. Arjun says Nisha kept lying to Binni, she have trapped Binni. Jia says Nisha is destroying Binni’s life but we know how has done all this and she will get punished now.

In house, Nisha and Binni enjoys. Binni says I feel like world is in my feet and all because of you. Nisha says I am with you, this property is yours, we have taught them, now you have all this. Binni says you are the best. Nisha says you havent seen my best, just see what happens next.

Kaki says to family that Nisha’s sins are full, Jia says its important to make Binni explain that Nisha is wrong. Kaki says we have to find house. Arjun says I have an idea.

Scene 2
Door bell rings, Nisha opens door. She sees a sardar and his wife. Jia has dressed as sardar and Arjun as her wife. They smile at Nisha. Nisha says who are you? They touch Nisha’s feet and says Kaki.. Nisha says I am not Kaki. Jia says Kaki called us here, they go inside. Nisha says you cant come in my house like that, get out. Jia says Kaki called us for household work. Nisha goes to call security but there are no guards. She turns to see Jia and Arjun gone. She says where did they go? Jia and Arjun are infront of Baba’s picture and crying. Nisha says enough, you get lost. Arjun says Kaki called us here. Nisha holds Arjun’s hand to push him out.

Binni says to Nisha that make something healthy for me, I am hungry. Nisha looks on. Arjun says I can make really nice food. Jia says Gullabo(Arjun) will make food and I will clean house. Nisha looks on.

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