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Was it all planned by destiny? ff epi -23


The episode starts with
One week later
dev nd Sona talking on phone
Sona : tomorrow I will take Elena to doc nd her plaster will be taken off but their will be pain in her leg for few days nd her hand sprain better
Dev : gud atleast someone is better
Sona : what do u mean
Dev( acting like innocent child): I mean atleast someone is recovering fast now look at me still I am unable to recover
Sona( in tensed) : y what happen to u ? Are u k dev
Dev ( pouting like a small bby ) :no I am not at all k someone is giving me pain for loving her so much nd she is knows that she is my medicine but still she hasn’t come
Sona : (blushingly smiling)u have gone completely mad u know
Dev : ya I know after all u have made mad for u
Sona : for ur kind information I may comeback tomorrow if the doc say Elena is fine
Dev : really . K then I will come with u guys to hospital tomorrow
Sona : no u will not come
Dev : but y
Sona : because u have to do something else for me
Dev : what I have to do for u ?
( they discuss something which is shown muted )
Next day
Sona nd Elena are coming out of hospital after getting Elena check up nd suddenly Sona gets dev’s call nd Elena teases her seeing dev’s call nd she ask Sona to keep in speaker as she wants to listen it too nd Sona agreed to it .
Sona to dev : yes dev !
Dev : Sona I actually forgot to inform u that today Vicky is meeting to a girl for marriage proposal.
Sona : but dev did Vicky agreed to meet her or someone else made him to agree
Dev : no everyone said if doesn’t want to meet then no one will force him but he said he will meet her .
Sona to dev : what ? Vicky agreed to meet a girl . That’s gud even it’s time for him to get settled in life with some . So should i have to come home as they all must be coming
She listen to dev nd say
Sona to dev : oh so they both will meet in xyz cafe first nd then if they both say yes , then everyone will meet . K then dev give best wishes to Vicky from my side nd hopefully I will come home in evening. K bye
Nd she keeps the phone nd slowly notices Elena who was is in deep thoughts thinking how can Vicky can move on so soon . Sona smirks seeing her nd ask
Sona to Elena: Elena come we will go home now
Elena ( angrily ) : no! we have to go somewhere else first .
Sona smirks nd says : where are we going?
Elena : to the xyz cafe
Sona : but y I mean u said u like nd love Vicky as a friend nd may be that’s y Vicky also agreed to meet the girl thinking u may be right .
Elena : but still Sona how can he move on soon nd that too without listening any reply from me
Sona : but Elena ….
Elena : Sona I want to just meet him now nd until I meet him plz don’t ask questions.
They both reach xyz cafe nd they see dev nd Vicky sitting nd having their coffee nd Elena for gets about her leg injury nd runs nd she falls down when Vicky nd dev notices them nd goes to them nd picks up Elena . Where Elena gets up nd holds vicky’s collar nd says
Elena to Vicky: how can u do this with me Vicky?
Vicky ( confused) : but what did I do ?
Elena : wow how innocent u are acting as is if u don’t what is going on here
Vicky: seriously Elena I don’t know
Elena :: u came here to meet a girl but still u can’t say that on my face nd how can u meet her when u proposed nd u said luv me . Is this ur love ? How can u easily move on ? I know I didn’t said yes but I didn’t said no too nd I just said I need time nd u idiot u can’t wait for me nd that day I said u will wait for me nd what not ……listen carefully now I love u nd I want to marry u but if u see another girl other than me na then I will kill u
Vicky: I love u too
Vicky gets happy nd hugs her where devakshi gets happy too
Dev to Sona : congratulations mrs. Dixit ur planned worked nd now u can finally come home
Nd he was about to hug Sona when Sona stops nd says
Sona : dev ….
Dev : what Sona u re so boring .
Nd all the four have a chit chat nd decides to tell everyone nd then everyone gathers for dinner at Ishwari niwas. Everyone gets happy for them nd Radharani ( mamiji) ask ishwari to call pandit ji nd lets decide date for engagement nd marriage will happen later after Elena gets completely fine so that she can enjoy. Ishwari calls pandit ji who says the day after tomorrow is the gud for them nd everyone decides to get them engaged on that day only . Sona says that she will come from groom side whereas looking at Elena’s face dev says then he will be on bride side nd he will also help in arrangements as baba is also not well nd Saurabh is alone . So with this now Sona stays in Ishwari niwas nd dev goes to Bose house to help in preparation. The next day begins both were busy but missing each other badly nd always check their phones waiting for msg or call from each other . The next day engagement day begins Sona gets ready fast so that she can go to Bose house to surprise their nd by saying she is going to help Elena so she will come with her nd every arrangements are done so she runs to meet dev . Dev also thinks to surprise Sona nd he also runs to Ishwari mansion saying he need to help Vicky nd everything is done so he runs . Both were in so hurry that they both leave the house at same time nd hit nd miss happens with them at road they don’t see each other nd realises their stupidity after reaching their house nd getting to know that both have done same thing nd gave the same reason. Both feels sad for not meeting each other smiles stupidly on their stupidness too 🤣.
So I am stopping it now as I am very very busy but I will get holi holidays nd I will compensate by uploading two episodes hopefully on this weekend. Plzzz give me lots of thumbs up nd ur reviews in comment box 😘.

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