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Udaan 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor and Suraj plan to attend a Pooja as couple

Udaan 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chakor tells her parents that she injured Suraj, and tries to hide her tears.
Near the well, Suraj curses himself for his involvement in trading in innocent girls. He holds himself responsible for Kumud’s death. Chakor was broken while reading Kumud’s letter, she cursed Chakor for trading in innocent girls instead of marrying them.
Chakor tells Suraj that it all happened in the reign of Imli because they weren’t here to help the innocent of this village, or not in senses. She takes a vow with Suraj now to destroy the reign of Imli in order to save the people here. Someone overhears their conversation. Chakor tells Suraj that she doesn’t want to let the villagers know about trading of their daughters, they need to find proofs against Ranvijay. Suraj promises that Imli’s reign will see a

dusk with the dusk of Holi. The spy makes a noise alerting Suraj. He walks across the street and was alert of someone’s presence and finally able to catch the spy.
Pakhi was angry with her mother for spying against Chakor. Her mother tells her that Ranvijay blackmailed her to kill Pakhi if she doesn’t spy for him. Pakhi feels ashamed of calling her as her mother. Chakor calms Pakhi down and says it’s for their benefit that the spy was only her mother. She will still spy for Ranvijay but in their favor.
Ranvijay was shocked to see Pakhi’s mother outside the house. He takes her aside, she tells Ranvijay that she found Chakor and Suraj speaking to each other but couldn’t hear the conversation. Ranvijay hands her a cellphone to make a video next time they are spotted together. Imli comes outside and was furious over Ranvijay for spending time with a lady. She was worried about Kumud’s plan and fear for disclosure of their business. Ranvijay suggests about marrying Sapna and send her in place of Kumud. Imli says they must wait for Holi to pass by and wait until the matter cools down.
Chakor finds Suraj praying and says she never saw him praying before. Suraj was lost and says a lot has changed, he wonders if their love would again flourish?
Imli invites the villagers to her house and presents them with packs of color for Holi celebrations. Ranvijay wasn’t ready to play with the poor masses at any cost. Imli says she only turned to be a ministress because of their votes. She requests them votes in future as well and instructs her staff to take care of them all and the media as well. Ranvijay wasn’t ready to play Holi with Imli, if she intends to play with these masses.
There, Chakor tells Suraj that it’s a dark night which will soon witness a dawn. She was indulged in Pooja. Suraj tells Chakor about Sunerganj where a Pooja is held at Holi, its famous that if a couple prays there each of their wish come true. He wish to go for Pooja there as couple. Chakor apologizes for not being able to go with Suraj there. Suraj tries to hold her hand to stop her, but someone arrives there. Chakor explains they have to hide their relation with each other. They won’t be able to explain to villagers why they vanished together. Suraj says everything is easy, Chakor must come anyway for the Pooja. They share an eyelock after which Chakor finally nods.

PRECAP: Villagers and Chakor’s family and friends tell her about Sunerganj and convinces her to attend the Pooja there. Suraj tells Imli about a planned gathering for Chakor’s electoral promotion that she must stop, Imli tells Suraj to go and stop it in anyway.

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