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Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (Episode:30)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
Sarna Mansion-
“Where the hell is everyone?” She shouted for the first time since her marriage and it was obvious to scare the servants!
All of them came running. She pointed the chefs and cleaners dismissively. “You people may leave.” Their faces were washed with relief and they gave sympathetic ‘All the best’ look to the rest of the staff before resuming their work.
“You people have been here since a long time. You all know how keen Kunj is about the maintenance of his cars! Then could it happen that it’s brakes ‘just failed’ and nobody realized! Whose mistake is it?” She shouted in anger. Tiring Frustration radiating through her face. “Tell me damnit! Whose carelessness was it?”
“Ma’am I need to tell you something which I think I should’ve told you before.” One of the driver dare to spoke. “Ma’am just when Kunj sir came downstairs angrily…” He trailed off nervous to continue.
“I don’t have all day. Don’t test my patience! What happened? Spill as fast as you can!” She yelled in desperation with a stern look.
“Chayya ma’am came here.” He completed urgently.
“Then?” Twinkle asked sensing the source of trouble.

Chayya entered in the study room where Kunj was sitting angry and broken which was no doubt an icing on the cake for her.
“Look what she has done to you!” She exclaimed faking a sympathetic face. “You see Kunj, I’ve always been wanting for you and I still am! Come back to me Kunj. She isn’t worth these tears, this anger.”
“Chayya do you even remember how many times you’ve placed this offer in front of me? And how many more times are you going to do that?” He asked in disgust. Infuriated as he already was.
“This is last time Kunj!” She said confidently as she knew about Twinkle’s condition.
“Ok then. Listen my reply one last time because I don’t like repeating myself! Even if she’s bad, greedy, viscous, uncaring, unloving still… I repeat, STILL I’d prefer to suffer with her than be happy with you! And even if she’s going to die tomorrow Chayya, I’d choose to live that one day with her than a life time with you! That’s the difference between you and her in my life. That’s how much SHE matters to me in my life and how worthless you’re! Now just get lost!” He bellowed with venom and hatefulness in his voice.
Flashback ends-

“After that encounter sir walked inside to fetch the car’s keys and as far as I remember I saw her walking to the garage instead of main gate where her car was parked.” The driver told recollecting whatever he could.
Twinkle’s blood boiled hearing to all that! She isn’t going to get away if Chayya has slight involvement in this accident. Not this time! “Go and check the CCTV footage of garage right now.” She ordered.
And as she had expected, the CCTV footage clearly showed her removing a small tweezer from her clutch and cutting the wires of Kunj’s car engine wiping her anguish tears.
Twinkle had ample of proofs now. Till now she was blaming herself for Kunj’s condition but after this revelation, she was strong and determined to make Chayya pay for everything she had done till this unfortunate day!

Chayya’s Residence-
Chayya was drinking wine nervously while standing before the window of her room. “Kunj, if you aren’t mine, I won’t let you become anyone else’s. I really loved you but you rejected me again and again because of that WORTHLESS Twinkle. Now both of you suffer!”
Just then a servant came, “ma’am Mrs. Sarna is here and she’s looking very angry.” She informed making Chayya surprised but anyways she moved out to mock Twinkle at her condition.
“Oh no Twinkle! Have you been crying? Is Kunj Ok? Oh my! Off course not. How can someone recover so quickly after such a serious accident? Tsk tsk tsk.” She faked concern as soon as Twinkle came in her sight.
“How did you know about his accident? I didn’t tell you yet!” Twinkle said firmly folding her arms across her chest.
Chayya panicked. Her overconfidence had gotten her in problem. “Uh… Ac… Actually…” She stuttered but before she could continue, she received a tight slap on her cheek. “What the hell Twinkle! How dare you!” She growled glaring her.
“Trust me. You didn’t see my guts till now. Till today, I kept on forgiving you for everything and anything thinking you’ll change! But today you taught me one thing! When we trust someone again and again, we’re just giving them the same knife to stab us again because they missed their first target the first time! You don’t deserve forgiveness Chayya! You deserve pain! You deserve to suffer! And trust me if my Kunj doesn’t regain his consciousness within an hour, I’ll make your life a living hell!” Chayya couldn’t believe it was the same Twinkle who used to talk about love and forgiveness that girl is talking about inflicting pain and revenge.
“Mind your tongue Twinkle…”
“You mind your CHARACTER and your sick ACTIONS!”
“How can you blame me for Kunj’s accident huh?” Chayya tried to act innocent.
“So you still won’t admit your mistake! Fine. Don’t! I don’t even care. But you aren’t getting away with this! NOT THIS TIME CHAYYA! I tolerated whatever you did with me but by hurting my husband you crossed the damn limits! How dare you tamper with the brakes of his car?”
Chayya shamelessly smirked. There wasn’t an escape now and she knew that clearly but the thought that Twinkle could do nothing against her boosted her guts. She inched closer to Twinkle before saying, “Sounds interesting, why don’t you PROVE it?”
Twinkle smiled victoriously. “Inspector!” She called out loudly alarming Chayya. Inspector along with female constable entered inside. Chayya involuntarily moved back in fear. “What the hell is this Twinkle?”
“Miss. Trivedi! I’m here to arrest you in Mr. Sarna’s murder case. We’ve proof against you so be cooperative!” The inspector said in a flat tone. “Arrest her!” He commanded female constable.
“No! Let me talk to my lawyer first! You can’t arrest me like that.” She almost yelled and madly dashed towards the table for picking her mobile.
Twinkle snatched her phone and threw it away mercilessly that it broke into pieces. “Inspector take her away! You’ve complaint! You’ve proof! And my husband is in pain!” She exclaimed furiously.
The constable handcuffed Chayya and dragged her while she kept begging and pleading. Twinkle kept watching up til they pushed her inside the jeep and drove off. She was never the kind of person to stand and watch other’s pleas but Chayya deserved all of it!
Her phone ring broke the train of her thoughts. “Twinkle!” Disha’s voice reached her ears as soon as she received the call.
She panicked. “Disha! Is everything Ok? Is Kunj…”
“You don’t need to fake concern for him Ok.” Yuvraj’s voice boomed from the other end. “He lives or dies doesn’t matter to you right! Then no need to call again for asking his health!” He added growling.
Beep. Beep. The line was disconnected leaving Twinkle hurt. Yuvraj’s words pierced not only Twinkle’s heart but her soul too.
Her phone vibrated indicating that she had got a message. Immediately she opened up the text.
‘Kunj recharged. We’re taking her home. Reach fast!’
Twinkle was beyond ecstatic in fact she was feeling as if she had got a new life to live… New purpose of living but then she furrowing her brows typed, ‘How come he discharged so soon?’
Within few seconds, her phone vibrated again. ‘He created a fuss after regaining consciousness that he doesn’t want to stay a minute here and this is why we had to ask doctor for discharging him because stressing him out is risk. Precisely, he’s stubborn as much as you are:/’
She frowned at Kunj’s pointless stubbornness but nevertheless she was satisfied that Kunj is alright now. She mouthed ‘thank you Lord’ looking at sky.
Once reaching home, she saw Kunj and Yuvraj arguing over something. As Yuvraj was blocking her way so she moved forward to find Kunj covered with bandages on various parts of his body. His left arm had a plaster up to the elbow. He was wincing with every breath, he inhaled. But soon his lips curved into a warm smile when their eyes met however soon it replaced with an ‘ouch’ because he had hurt his cheek by that slight movement. Twinkle without caring anything rushed into his arms and cried her heart out. For the first time in a while, it was tears of happiness. “Kunj you’re alright! You’re Ok naa!” She beamed emotionally.
“Twinkle!” Disha exclaimed horribly as her tight grip caused him pain. “Leave him! He isn’t able to breath even.”
Kunj eyed Disha to not say anything because after so many days he was embracing her and that was completely a bliss. Twinkle moved back apologetically noticing his painful smile.
“Disha! Let her make sure that I’m here and I’m fine.” He said looking intently straight in Twinkle’s eyes with an assuring smile before turning to Yuvraj. “Look! What did you say? That she won’t come! She’s busy with something important. Yuvi, for my Twinkle nothing is more important than me.”
“Yes Kunj! I saw that a while ago!” He indirectly taunted Twinkle and passed a hard smile to Kunj. “Ok now that’s enough! Let’s go to your room. I’ll help you.” Saying this, he took Kunj’s hand and put it around his shoulder.
When Twinkle tried to help, Yuvraj stopped her raising his palm. “I’ll do it. I don’t need your help.” He stated plainly and the friction between them didn’t go unnoticed by Kunj and he was determined to confront him for such an unacceptable behavior towards Twinkle.
Twinkle kept staring Kunj’s disappearing figure sadly not noticing Manohar’s questioning gaze on her. He wanted to ask her the reason behind such insensitivity but held himself back and silently went to his room.
“Doctor has asked Yuvi to keep Kunj happy and stress-free if we want his quick healing so Yuvi didn’t tell him anything about the whole ‘blood donation’ thing and I didn’t tell him about your… Cancer!” Disha explained softly. “And Twinkle, up til he’s alright, don’t talk about leaving him Ok. Because if you do maybe he’ll harm himself or do something stupid that may affect his health.”
“I know Disha! I’m not that heartless.” She smiled bitterly.
“I didn’t mean that Twinkle! I understand your point of view but my thinking of handling situation is slightly different from yours. And I’ll still recommend you to tell him about your disease after some days because it’s better late than never!”
Twinkle sighed. “I’ll think about it!” She concluded trying to skip the topic.
Just when their conversation ended, Yuvraj came downstairs. He completely ignored Twinkle and asked Disha, “I think we should call hospital telling them to send a nurse for taking his care. What do you say?”
Twinkle looked at him helplessly. “What do you mean by that Yuvi? I’m there to…”
“First of all it’s Yuvraj for you. Second of all there’s no Kunj to watch your drama so stop pretending. Should I remind you how back there in hospital you ALMOST killed him! And you can do that again. I don’t trust you an ounce!” He spoke with pure hatred glaring her.
“Yuvi…” Disha tried to interrupt him but Yuvraj wasn’t in a mood to listen.
“Disha we’re leaving right now because I don’t have nerve to tolerate her anymore!” With those words, he held Disha’s hand and walked outside despite of her attempts to stop him.
Twinkle heaved a sigh of relief and out of all the things, now only thing she cared about was Kunj needed her love and care to recover. Everything else could wait! It was like Kunj’s condition made her feel every problem in her life a minor thing. She resolved to herself to make him fine with her care and affection.
She closed her eyes and whispered to herself, “Lord! As a doctor I’ve seen miracles happening, people healing in front of my eyes with nothing but prayers. So from now on, I’m going to do that for Kunj. Twinkle… Enough of the crying! From now on… HEAD UP, STAY STRONG, FAKE A SMILE, MOVE ON!”
She after taking a deep breath walked upstairs and slowly opened the door thinking he might be sleeping but once opening the door, she saw him struggling to pick a glass of water from the table with one hand. “Kunj! What are you doing?” She shouted angrily running towards him. “How can you be so careless huh? Doctor asked you to take complete bed rest!”
“Technically, I’m still on the bed. See…” He spoke with a sly smile pointing to the bed boundary.
“PJ!” She huffed and gave him water. He kept staring at her. His intense gaze made her self conscious so just for something to do, she picked up the remote of music system and pressed play. Song started…

Link for ‘Tere bin’ song:  https://youtu.be/C1mTZQ5_UZE

“Tere bin, tere bin…
Tere bin, tere bin…
Tera bina marna nahi…
Jeena nahi tere bin…
Tere bin, tere bin…”

The song itself calmed Twinkle’s nerves. She was feeling peaceful after seems like ages. “It’s so soothing!” She whispered to herself with a smile.
She turned around to see Kunj still gazing at her, grinning ear to ear on her actions. He was still confused about Twinkle’s changed behavior but he was afraid to ask! Even if this was a dream, he didn’t want it to end and live in it forever. His eyes were loud enough to convey this message to her.

“Bawre piya laage na jiya…
Dekho mera mann jalta diya…
Jalta diya bujhe na piya…
Bujhe na piya jalta diya…
Hmm mm…
Tera bina marna nahi…
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin…”

Her words and her heart held two different things. At this moment, she was in a great conflict. Her heart wanted all the joy, passion, her husband’s love and everything that life could give her. But her mind had restricted her to something else. It wanted to be a slave to fate, to her and the logical made plan. Her heart and mind were in a total conflict with each other and this time she wanted to listen to her heart.

“Bawre piya laage na jiya…
Dekho mera mann jalta diya…
Jalta diya bujhe na piya…
Bujhe na piya jalta diya…
Hmm mm…
Tera bina marna nahi…
Jeena nahi tere bin…
Tere bin, tere bin…
Tere bin, tere bin…
Tera bina marna nahi…
Jeena nahi tere bin…
Tere bin, tere bin…”

Days passed and a few weeks went the same way. Both didn’t ask each other any questions about their actions and decisions. This silence wasn’t awkward or confusing but soothing and comfortable.
Twinkle cared for Kunj more than ever. Every day she cooked his favorite meal, force him to go on a half an hour walk with her, made every attempt to keep him happy and revived his happy times, took care of his medicines and routine check-ups. Seeing her caring for Kunj all the time and in every way Manohar’s attitude towards her softened abit but the question remained, ‘why?’ Things between her and Yuvraj worsened with every passing moment. He visited Kunj every day and every day half of the time Kunj bragged about how lucky he’s to have Twinkle in his life which was getting on Yuvraj’s nerves now! Twinkle sometime felt afraid because when a volcano has molten lava in it, one day or the other it comes out and destroys everything, we want it or not!
Could Yuvraj be any more patient or would he spill everything anytime soon? This question kept her troubled all the time.
Twinkle opened the curtains and let fresh air come in. It was evening time and calm breezes were like the soft caressing of the mother nature.
Today she had come to clean the room which was downstairs and shift there till Kunj is completely fine because the day before, Kunj almost slipped from the stairs, it was Yuvraj who came in the nick of time and supported him.
To prevent from something like that to happen again, she decided to completely change the makeover of ground floor room and make it look like Kunj’s so that he doesn’t have to use stairs too often!
She wasn’t used to ordering servants for everything so she went on cleaning all the things by herself. She changed the bedsheets, cushion covers, curtains and did the dusting. She was really tired after working a few hours so to take some rest, she laid down on couch and unknowingly fell asleep.
Just a while later, she felt a strong hand caressing her hairs with love. On opening her eyes, she saw a figure and upon close observation she realized it was none other than her mother. “Mom!” She exclaimed in shock.
“N… No!” She whispered yelled still shaken.
Her mom moved closer and caressed her face. The touch of love and care, the smile on her face, the sereneness in her voice seemed to wash away every negative emotion from Twinkle’s heart and mind. “Mom! This isn’t real! This all is a play of my mind right?” She questioned quietly.
“Off course this is happening inside your mind Twinkie! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real, it isn’t true and it can’t guide you. Lord works in mysterious ways which are more complicated than you could probably imagine… What have you done with yourself Twinkie!” She spoke. The pain of a mother on seeing the weak, helpless state of her daughter clearly evident on her face.
Twinkle clearly understood what she meant. “Mom do you also think I’m wrong? No mom! I’m not!”
“Nahe Twinkie! You’re doing wrong with your husband and injustice to this relationship!” She took her face in her hands before continuing. “I know you’re strong enough to handle your pain, your health, this disease all alone but beta, just because you can… Doesn’t mean you’ve to! I don’t know you agree or not but Kunj is emotionally stronger than you! He has seen worse and he can handle it!”
“Just because he has gone through all this, doesn’t give me license to give him a repeat telecast!” Twinkle retorted shaking her head vigorously in ‘no’.
“Twinkie! It’s impossible to go through life without someone to trust, without someone to share your pain, to celebrate your happiness. It’s like being locked up in the worst shell- yourself! Twinkie, I’m asking you something for the first and last time… Please fulfill this wish of your mother! Go and tell Kunj everything about cancer! For me, for your dad! If you die like this, you’ll be causing more destruction to him than you can imagine!”
“Mom! But…” She was still horrified thinking about Kunj’s reaction on all this.
“Do it beta! And leave the rest on Lord. He is there! Your creator, your protector.” Saying this, her mother moved her hand on Twinkle’s eyes inhaling a deep breath.
Twinkle snapped open her eyes and saw her mother was nowhere to be seen. “Mom!” She shouted. “Mom! Where…” She got up but her foot slipped making her fall on the floor. “Ouch!” She winced and took her head in her hands to stop the spinning. “No! It was a dream.” But then she remembered her mom’s words.
‘Off course this is happening inside your mind Twinkie. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t real, it isn’t true and it can’t guide you.’
“Huh! Mom was really here and she told me to… Oh Lord! Everything is so…” She trailed off sadly. ‘Mom came and left like that. Am I that bad?’ She thought crying. But soon she overcome the pain of loneliness and decided to make a move.
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