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Tu Aashiqui 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Pankti selected in Rising Stars Auditions

Tu Aashiqui 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

JD enjoys drinking and says he will kill Sheetal on a good date, anniversary and death date; it would be easy for them both.
Ahaan and Pankti sat together, he notices the phone vibrating and goes to attend the call. As he takes the call, no one answered. Sheetal already lied on the floor, crying. JD places his foot over the cell phone and feels pity for Sheetal’s helplessness.
Ahaan decides to call Sheetal later, he asks Panki to get her tablet so that he can record her audition. He then tells Pakti to sing for something which motivates her and gives her happiness, be it anyone.
JD places his head over Sheetal’s back, and notices she is still alive. It seems his love kept her alive. He loads an injection while counting Sheetal the qualities of a good wife. From today she will be

a good one and will follow what he will ask her to. He injects the medicine near her neck.
Aparna worries for Sheetal at home and wish everything is fine between her and JD.
There, Sheetal stands up attacking JD, pushes him into the pool and runs from the venue. JD follows her with his injured hand and climbs the car, but Sheetal successfully leaves. JD was left rolling on the road. He hires a cab to follow the car.
There, Ahaan records Pankti’s audition.
JD follows Sheetal in the cab.
Ahaan caresses Pakti’s cheek while they happily share an eyelock.
Sheetal pulls the break of car, her head banged badly. JD had reached behind her, but she drives on.
Ahaan forwards the audition and await their call. He tells Pankti that if she wins, she must buy a plane so that they can travel in it. Pankti was hopeless about receiving any mail or getting selected. Ahaan was still waiting and thinks they must have received the mail by now, how can someone deny such a golden voice. Pankti says may be they don’t consider her voice as a bronze. Ahaan says may be its his love that makes her voice as golden one, otherwise it’s not. Finally a confirmation mail was received. Ahaan and Pakti were elated to see the mail. He holds her into his arms and dances around. Purva joins in to congratulate Pankti. The three hug each other.
Outside, Anita curses JD for her wrist injury and wonders if the scars would ever go, who would get a cosmetic surgery for them. Purva comes to inform Anita about Pankti’s selection. Anita thinks that JD’s plans might be ruined if Pankti is selected. She decides to be loyal to the one spending money, but he deserves little lessons for hurting her as well.
Sheetal reaches home and was able to walk inside. She fell on the floor, panting heavily. Aparna was shocked to see her condition. Sheetal went unconscious.

PRECAP: Sheetal points towards JD as she opens her eyes in the bed. JD holds her hand and sits beside her in concern. Sheetal breathes as if its her last. Ahaan gets a call from home about Sheetal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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