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The magic of love, part 7

They break the eye lock and move apart.

It was a very awkward situation and both were looking anywhere else besides the other’s face. Atmosphere was much tensed, and Sharad called Yuvraj.

Sh: Hello, where are you both? We are waiting for half an hour.

Yuv: Well yeah, we are, we are coming.

He cuts call.

Yuv: (awkwardly) it was Sharad; they are….um, waiting for us…

Suhani nodes and they leave.

Shavna and Amit were waiting for them.

Yuv: (faking sadness) Poor fellows, he is still with them, sad, I don’t think they got even a moment alone.

Suhani laughed, he smiled and they approached them.

Sh: Finally, you are back, what took you this long?

Yuvani smiled.

Amit was to drop Suhani and Bhavna and they got in to the car, Yuvraj was staring at Suhani, Sharad noticed this and understood what he feels.

Sh: (giving a slight push) Go to her,

Yuvraj smiled and went to Suhani.

Yuv: See you,

She smiled a bit differently.

Suh: Thank you, thanks for the day.

He smiles and they leave.

Yuvraj and Shard came home, Soumya was there already and she told Dadi that the date wasn’t fake, as she saw him with Suhani.

Dadi: So how was your first date?

Yuvraj hugged her happily.

Yuv: It was the best day of my life,

Without saying anything more, he went to his room.

Pratima asked Sharad; he told her everything that he knew, about how they met the sisters, then their parting and how Yuvani were forced to spent the together.

Pratima and Sharad went to Yuvraj’s room, he was lying down in the same clothes, which, by his character was a surprise for the two and he was smiling. They got in and sat on the bed. Yuvraj got up.

Yuv: Ma,

Prat: looks like your date was very good,

Yuv: (smiling) Yeah Ma, it was amazing, she is amazing, the funny thing is that all these started with a lie…. But it was worth Ma, I was able to spend a day with Suhani because of that…. (Excitedly and fast) Ma, I don’t know how to explain her, charming, fun loving, lively, mental, talkative, kind, caring….. God knows what more… Ma all I can say is that you will always be happy when you are with her, there is something in her, which attracts towards her…

Pratima and Sharad smile at each other.

Yuvraj was still talking; he told them all about their date.

Prat: You have talked so much that I feel like I know all about her.

Sh: And, guru, when did you start to talk this much?

Yuvraj smiles.

Prat: I want to talk to her, call her.

Yuv: (disappointedly) Oops, Ma, I don’t have her number. Nor I gave mine!

Sh: What? You were together till evening and you didn’t take her number?

Prat: (smirking) they both were so busy with each other that they didn’t get time to take other’s number.

Yuv: Ma…..

They smile.

Yuv: Sharad, you have Bhavna’s number na?

Sh: (sadly) How yaar? Amit was with us whole day, and for him I was her bf, how can I ask my gf her number?

Yuvraj and Pratima laugh.

Prat: Don’t worry boys, if your love is true, and if you are soul mates, you will definitely meet again.

They smile.

Yuv: Ma, Dadi…

Prat: We will talk to her, she want you settle with someone who, according to her is fit for you.

Yuv: I am sure Dadi will like her.

Prat: Let us see, I will talk to her.

Yuv: (hugging her) Thank you Ma, you are the best.

They smile.


Bhavna told about her day and asked Suhani about her day.

She turned a bit dreamy.

Suh: Di, I…. I really had a nice time with Yuvraj.

Bh: Looks like you finally met your SOMEONE.

Suh: Di….

She gives Bhavna a light slap.

Bh: Oh my God, peaceful reaction? Usually when I tease you on a boy’s name, you would go violent and would turn the house upside down, and now? Tell me, is there anything?

Suh: There isn’t anything Di.

Bhavna smirks and leaves.


Later that night,

Suhani was about to sleep and she was writing her diary, she was about to write about Yuvraj, when remembered their talk on soul mates and also Bhavna asking her if he is the one. And somewhere, someone inside her was telling her that he is her man, her soul mate.

Suh: If he is, then let that magic happen without writing in this book.

She smiles and writes nothing about him.



Yuvani meets again.

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