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Shani 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Shani brings Dhamini back home

Shani 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

|| It isn’t wrong to be ambitious but it is to be followed up to a limit only. Shani teaches that one should not be overly ambitious. ||

Shani asks Dhamini to wake up. She tells him not to worry about her. You must defeat Ravan. He agrees to fulfil her wish.

Ravan and Hanuman are fighting. Both of them are very strong contenders. Ravan pushes Hanuman. He warns all the planets not to intervene between their fight if they want to be alive. He tells Hanuman he wont be able to defeat Ravan! Don’t forget that you are just a monkey! You made the biggest mistake of their life by coming here. You came here but you wont be able to leave from here. Hanuman tells him that he comes and leaves as he pleases.

Narayan saya Hanuman is way more powerful than Ravan but he is unaware of his strengths

owing to the curse. Shani is also helpless as he isn’t Karamfaldata anymore. Mahadev agrees. Now Shani and Hanuman will give each other strength. The energy that will be born from their unison will destroy Ravan!

Shani covers Dhamini in a bubble and shouts at Hanuman. I am coming.

Hanuman and Ravan continue to fight. Ravan pushes Hanuman’s mace using his strength but Shani supports his friend.

Mahadev says Shani and Hanuman might appear to be weak and incomplete but their energies together complete what’s missing in the other. Even Ravan will be defeated when they will come together.

Ravan looks at Shani and Hanuman. He holds them off with his each hand. Do you think you will be able to defeat me? He points at his soldiers who come and surround the Nav-graha’s just then.

Devraj Indra is running away when Dev Vishwakarma confronts him Devraj. Where are you off to? Devraj says there is no pointing fighting when you are bound to lose. It is pointless to fight with Ravan. We will lose anyways. Dev Vishwakarma reminds him of his duty. You can maintain the dignity of your position. We aren’t strong as Tridev but all 3 of us can prove out to be strong together. Yam also advises Devraj to do the same. You will anyways be in trouble if Ravan wins.

Ravan asks Shani who will come to help him now. Shani replies that not they but Ravan would need help now. Look there. Ravan is taken aback to see the army of Gods. The Gods fight with Ravan’s men. Devraj Indra’s presence and commands anger Ravan. I might lose this war but I wont drop my plan! He pushes both Shani and Hanuman away and goes to where Dhamini is. She is my prey. I wont let Shani cast his safety net on her. He uses his powers on the shield but Shani attacks him. Ravan warns other Gods not to dare help Shani. Don’t forget that you have lost your powers. Shani says when one finger fails in doing anything then all the 5 fingers together make a fist. It is the biggest mistake of any opponent to not realise the strength of unity. You wouldn’t know of it though! These Gods here might not be the strongest right now but they are capable of defeating you together!

Hanuman and all the Gods lend their powers to Shani. Ravan tries hard and succeeds in sending a bubble of energy towards Dhamini. Shani comes running between the bubble and Dhamini and gets hurt in the process. It angers Ravan. Shani tells Hanuman this is the right time. Hanuman nods and comes in front of Ravan. He advises every planet to use their energies so as to stop Ravan. The planets surround Ravan. Shani frees Dhamini and holds her. He shouts at Hanuman that they do not have much time left. We must leave from Lanka before Ravan can get out of this bubble. Hanuman nods. He turns to Ravan. You were so proud of your strength and said that a mere monkey wont be able to do anything? Look at yourself. I am not doing much this time but remember that I will destroy your Lanka if you try repeating this ever again in future! Ravan struggles with the bubble.

Shani puts Dhamini on the bed. He begins to walk but falls down. Everyone gets concerned for him. Surya Dev explains to Devi Chhaya that Shani bore Ravan’s multiple attacks to free everyone from Ravan. He is under their effect only. Dev Vishwakarma says neither they were easy nor is the treatment easy. Devi Chhaya says a mother can make anything possible. Shani has been our support till now but now his mother will be his support.

Devi Anjana looks at the bowl of mustard oil in her hands and asks Hanuman to apply it on Shani. He will surely feel better afterwards. Hanuman sees flashes of his childhood with Shani. Shani will be fine soon. I wont let any harm come to him. He takes the bowl from his mother and walks towards Shani. Hanuman experiences something the moment he dips his hand in the oil. He sees a few more flashes of the past. What is all this mother? Devi Anjana feels helpless. How do I tell him that he has experienced this in the past too? I cannot do it as this is his fate. She nods at him to begin.

Everyone is teary eyed to see Hanuman apply oil to Shani’s hand. Even Hanuman’s eyes well up.

Precap: A very big fight is about to ensue between Ravan and Shani. The fate of world depends on it. Will Shani be able to save the world?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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