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Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhairavi plays deadly game with Simar’s life

Sasural Simar Ka 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Simar telling Sameer and Others about Bhairavi’s truth. Sameer says she can’t do this, she has sworn on me. Sanjana says Simar said right and shows her hands which was tied by goons. Sameer regrets to trust her. Avni comes to Simar. Simar slaps her for betraying them and asks Prem to give phone. She is about to call Police, when Bhairavi and Hema gets up, and she snatches the gun. Surprisingly in next scene, Bhairavi is wearing black saree and aims gun at Simar. Sameer says I hate you. Bhairavi says I know as you have given my love to Sanjana. Sameer says she is my life. Bhairavi says I gave you this life. Simar says you gave him birth and not life. Bhairavi argues with her and says I have lost my son. She shows the message on her phone and says she knew that it was

sent by her. A fb is shown, Hema tells Bhairavi that it might be sent by Simar as she didn’t give number to Rahul. She tells Sanjana that she recognized her seeing ring on her finger. Hema asks what she is doing to do with them. Bhairavi’s goons come and puts a box. She asks Simar to open it.

Prem says don’t open it. Simar opens the box and finds bomb. Everyone is shocked. Bhairavi says Simar will wear this and asks if she can’t die for her family. Mata ji asks her to kill her, but spare Simar. Bhairavi says your number will also come and asks Simar to wear it. Bhairavi tells about the game and says you have Simar’s life in your hand. She says now music will start and everyone have to follow the rules. She asks her to pass the ball to each other, when music stops, the person holding the ball have to press the button on Simar’s bomb jacket and after 3 mins, the bomb will explode. She says lets see who is that lucky person and laughs. She asks Prem to start the game. Mata ji says this will not happen in my house. Bhairavi threatens to kill Piyush. Hema plays music. Ball is in Pari’s hand when it stops.

Pari says I can’t do this and tells Simar that she cursed her always and wanted her to die, but today she wants Mata rani to save Simar and kill her instead. Bhairavi asks her to stop her emotional drama and press the button. Pari presses the button, but it doesn’t start. She gets happy. Bhairavi asks everyone to play game again. Mata ji turns come. She asks Mata ji to press the button. Mata ji blesses her and presses the button. It doesn’t starts. Mata ji says nothing happened, my mata ji saved her. Bhairavi says even Mata rani can’t save you and asks Hema to play music. They play passing ball game. Avni looks on. Piyush turns come. Bhairavi asks him to press the button. Piyush refuses and cries. He says you are so good. He says he will press button no 5. He presses it and thinks it didn’t start. Bhairavi shouts that it is on. Bomb starts beeping.

Bhairavi aims gun at family members. Simar picks Mata Rani’s trishul. Bhairavi gets shocked and asks her to leave her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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