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Roses…A small story of Seven Shots By Zaimal PART-1

Hello guys!

i came back to trouble yo?.please bear me and support me also.its a small SS of seven shots.i hope you all will lime it also.and please give your reviews in comments.


Sanskar is reading some files with full attention when door gets open and karan enters inside.sanskar looks at him.

“Sanskar why are you troubling maasi?”karan asked while sitting opposite to him.

“i didn’t do anything.”sanskar said in plain voice while their was seriousness in his voice.he sign on file and keep it on side.

“why you refused to meet girl?”karan asked,getting on point.

“i am not ready for marriage……why mom don’t understand this small thing”sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“enough is enough sanskar….move on please….forget her.”karan said in irritated voice.sanskar’s forehead got lined.

“from where she came in between?”sanskar asked angrily.

“are you still finding her?”karan asked in suspicious voice after a pause.

“i had forget her long back….”sanskar said with poker face.Karan stares at his friend.

He was so changed in these three months.Became serious in everything all of sudden.the person who was never interested in boring meetings,handled business so impressively.he was the one who used to drag all friends to night clubs and long distance picnics.

“you still love her….don’t you?”karan said,looking at his face deeply.sanskar clenches his fist tightly.

“karan i have urgent meetings……will you please stop this useless talk”sanskar said while getting up from his seat.he closed bottom buttons of his grey coat and leaves.


Sanskar came after attending tiring meeting and saw karan was still sitting there.

“you are still here?” sanskar asked and his eyes gets narrowed seeing red roses on his stable.

“i was leaving when part planners came….you are throwing party?”karan asked being interested.

“25th anniversary of company….so thought to celebrate at grand level”sanskar said and picks up fresh flowers.

‘who the hell bring these?…’sabskar asked angrily.karan shrugged. sanskar throw them on floor.

At that time two girls enters inside after a knock.both looks at them.

“actually i forget my phone and….”swara said and looks at flowers.

“hey bhagwan…”ragini shrieked seeing roses on ground.swara sits down on knees and picks her flowers and gets up,walks toward table,picks up her phone,looks at sanskar for a minute then walks back.

“swara your flowers….do you know she can”ragini said fully dramatic way.swara keeps hand on her mouth and takes her out.

“why were they?” sanskar asked in serious tone

“party planners… should not have thrown flowers on ground.i think she got angry”karan said chuckling a little.

“swara you didn’t say anything to them…i thought you are going to cut their heads off”ragini said with shocked expressions.Swara didn’t hear what she said.ragini waves hand in front of her eyes.swara comes in senses and looks at her.

“where are you lost…i am saying something to you”ragini said with narrowed eyes.swara shakes her head.


“i am not going to take design there…send someone else.’swara said while making face.

“decoration is your department…you will not take then who will take?”lucky said worriedly.

“lucky they throw swara’s flowers….please understand.”ragini said loudly.swara muttered something under her breath.

“fine i will send someone else….”lucky said hitting file on her head.swara turns toward decoration piece and starts arranging it with roses but curse herself in mind and turns.

“lucky i was thinking to take design…”swara said walking after him,quickly.

“just now you refused…’lucky said in confused voice.

“but now i am saying…i will take it”swara said while making a pout.

“are you sure…”


Swara knocks at glass door and entered inside.sanskar looks at her and signs her to sit.swara sits opposite to him and gives him designs.sanskar starts looking at design while swara stares at him.

“how to ask from him…’swara thought while fidgeting her fingers.

“i like this one…but i don’t want red roses.’sanskar said taking out one picture from her folders.swara looks at roses in her hand then looks at him.

“this one is also good..but No roses.”sanskar said taking out another picture.swara rubs her temple a little.sanskar closes the folder and looks at two designs.

“i like both…rest decide yourself what will look good but make sure no roses….i don’t like……”sanskar said,giving her folder.

“i got it…no roses.its not needed to repeat again and again.”swara said in annoyed tone,she takes folder from his hands,picks up designs and walks toward door.sanskar stares at her with one raised eyebrow.

“and one thing…if you don’t like roses then ask someone to remove it,don’t throw them on ground’swara said,turning toward him then opens the door and leaves.

‘what the hell i was thinking,before coming here.”swara muttered angrily.she comes out from building and goes to near park.Her mood was ruined badly.

“excuse me…”someone calls her from back.she looks at him and he gives her a gift,beautifully packed.

“this is for you…”he said and left.

“who gave this?..’swara asked confusingly but boy was left.swara looks at gift and a sweet old memory strikes her.she was staring at gift when same person came again hurriedly.

“i am so sorry…this doesn’t belong to you.”boy said,giving her tight smile.

“actually i was told to give this to girl in blue dress….you and that girl is also wearing same colour”boy said pointing at another girl.

“its fine…”swara said smiling and returns gift to her.boy was taking gift toward girl when swara stopped him.

“give this also…”swara said,putting one red rose on gift.boy smiles and walks toward girl.swara smiles,seeing reaction of girl.she picks up her bag and folder and leaves.


“where are you lost madam?”ragini said,falling on bed beside her.swara cames back in her senses and looks at her.

“nothing….just a stupid guy.”swara said chuckling a little.

“EX-boyfriend..’ragini asked,getting excited.swara shakes her head side to side.

“Just friend…”swara said,putting stress.

“what about him?…”

“nothing just…..he used to send gifts daily with one red rose….”swara said and thinks..”but now…”

“Oh!!!!…’ragini said,streching it.swara looks at her with narrowed eyes.

“why you keep roses with you always…”ragini asked,looking at her deeply.

“i like them…these are so beautiful.”swara said staring at flowers at her side table.

“is this the only reason?..’ragini asked in suspicious voice.

“yes…this is only reason.what you thought?”swara asked with raised eyebrows.

“i just thought… keep them with you because it makes you remember someone.”ragini said shrugging.

“i have no such to whom i can remember…”swara said chuckling a little with a hint of pain in her voice.

“arra!…i am here what you want else….always remember there is a girl who is letting you stay here without any rent.’ragini said,making the enviroment light.

“i will give you…your rent when lucky will give me my salary.’swara said laughing.

“he will never do that…i can give you in written.find some other job.”ragini said making face.


“ma’am your coffee…”

“thank you….”swara said to him after raising head from book.he smiles and leaves.

swara picks up cup and takes sip from it while fully engrossed in book.

After drinking her coffee,she takes out mobile to see the time.she bites her tongue after seeing 15 missed calls of ragini.

she dials her number and puts her book back in her bag.

“hello..’swara said while calling waiter to bring bill.

“where the hell are you…do you know how many times i called you?”ragini screamed,swara moves phone away from her ear.

“sorry…my phone was on silent”swara said,walking out from small cafeteria.

“we are so late…lucky will kill us.”ragini said in anger.

“i will come there…you go and…”swara said and someone push her from back.swara falls down forward and gets injured.

she looks at her back and saw a man walking away.meanwhile few people gathers around her.

“can’t you see car was coming toward you…”one old woman scolded her.swara looks at her arm which was injured a little.she rubs her arm with hand and tried to get up.

Her ankle was twisted therefore she was not able to get woman helped her.

“thanks to that boy who saved you from major accident..”woman said who had helped her to get up and give her bag and broken phone.

“thank you..”swara said to her and she leaves.

“my phone..’swara said cryingly seeing its screen broken.she walks one step and feels a lot pain in leg.

“my bone got broke?” swara murmured worriedly and thought to go hospital.


“lucky please give my salary…i really need it”swara said like she was asking for candy.

“swara yaar…you know very well,just now we have three functions didn’t give advance therefore i am spending money from my own pocket but the moment they  will give money.i will give your two months salary”lucky said with puppy face.

“my phone is broken..i need to buy another one.”swara said worriedly.

“don’t worry about….i will buy you new phone from you own salary”lucky said chuckling a little.swara looks at him poutingly.

“you are my sweet sister..please.”lucky said and swara nodded a little.lucky leaves and ragini comes to swara.

“he didn’t give your salary…’ragini asked angrily.swara shakes her head and walks away from there slowly and sits on small couch.(from where she can see arrangements).


“what is he doing here?”swara asked stopping lucky,pointing at sanskar.

“he came to check the food itmes…”lucky said.

“why you make him sit there…where will i sit?”swara said worriedly.

“there so much space,sit anywhere…”lucky said in careless tone.swara makes face and walks toward him,slowly and sits on couch,ignoring him completely.sanskar looks at her for a second then again starts checking mails on his phone.

Swara looks at him,thinking something then shakes her head and looks away.

“when this work will end and i will go home?”swara thought irritatingly.

“sir…’lucky called sanskar and two other men put different dishes in front of sanskar and leaves.sanskar put mobile on table and picks up spoon.he was going to taste it when ragini comes there crying and hugs swara.

Lucky looks at ragini angrily.sanskar also looks at her.

“how can you hide such a big truth from me?”ragini said crying vigorously.

‘what did i hide?”swara asked confusingly.

“why didn’t you tell us you have cancer..’ragini said,snatching ground from swara’s feet.

“cancer?…”swara asked pointing at herself with shocked expressions and gets up from couch.

‘what..’lucky asked,coming toward them.

“i found reports from her bag…”ragini said giving reports to lucky.lucky opens reports and gets really worried.

“but those reports were…’swara tried to speak but ragini hit on her foot(injured foot)

“AAA!…”swara cried in pain and holds her leg.her eyes gets filled with tears while feeling immense pain in foot.she sit down on couch while tears slipped down from her cheek

“everything will be fine..don’t cry like this.’ragini said worriedly(acting).

‘therefore you was asking for salary…why didn’t you tell me before.’lucky said,put report on table and takes out check book.he writes amount and give to swara.ragini takes it quickly while swara’s whole focus was on her foot.

“lucky i think she is feeling pain please go and get taxi for her..’ragini said.lucky leaves from there hurriedly.

“why in world you shouted so loudly..’ragini asked,looking at her with narrowed eyes

“ragini i wanted to give innocence award…..after hitting me at my injured are asking this?”swara said with red face.ragini bites her tongue.

“sorry i will bring water for you…”ragini said and leaves from there.swara takes out spray from bag and sprays on her foot and sighed in relief.

“they did X-ray of my ankle and find out i have cancer..’swara muttered and bends forward to picks up report.Sanskar gives it to her.swara looks at him and takes report from him.

Swara scratches her head,seeing the reports.

“swara taxi will drop you home..’lucky said coming there.ragini also comes there.

“lucky this report..”swara wanted to tell him truth but ragini shows her eyes.swara keeps reports in bag and gets up.

‘who had invented this spray….God bless him”swara said in mind and walks out.sanskar also gets up.

“sir dishes…”lucky asked worriedly.

“these are fine…’sanskar said and leaves.



swara was eating chaat when lucky comes there and throw daggers at her.

“swara you are eating here and there is so much work inside….guests are going to come.”lucky said angrily.

“i was just going…’swara said giggling.

‘i used to thought you are a sweet innocent girl but you played such a big prank on me.’lucky said annoyingly.swara laughed loudly.

“go inside now..’lucky said fuming in anger.swara puts small plate and walks inside,giggling continuously and strikes with sanskar and staggers back.roses from her hands falls down.swara looks at him angrily and sits down to pick them up.

“i am sorry..’sanskar said after sitting down and gives her remaining flowers.

“its okay…”swara said,in plain voice and takes flowers from his hands.she was going to walk inside when sanskar holds her arm.swara looks at him with jerk.

“what are doing here?…you should rest.’sanskar said,looking at her deeply.

but before swara could have answer him.she keeps hand on mouth sand run toward washroom.sanskar gets worried and goes after her.

swara comes out from washroom after vomiting and looks at sanskar with blurred vision.

“are you…”sanskar’s sentence was left imcomplete,seeing swara getting faint.sanskar holds her quickly.

“swara…”sanskar said in hell worried voice and pats her face.


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