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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 28th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratan And Diya Have Some Romantic Moments

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 28th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

CT stops Sakshi from pulling the carpet and scolds her. Diya and Ratan go to buy gift for Mohana. Sakshi scolds Mohak and calls him useless. She asks why can’t he become like Ratan. CT tells Nitya that Ratan and Diya are trying to fulfill their duties as husband and wife. Ratan gets angry at diya for taking so much time in shopping. He drives faster. Diya asks him to stop the car and says she will go by herself. Ratan and Diya have an argument on road. She says you don’t care about others. Ratan says I am selfish and says you always irritates me, we have to bear each other for 4 more days. Mohana hears them. Ratan asks diya to sit in car. They sit in car.

Mohana reaches Kesar Mahal and tells Yash that she got stuck in traffic jam because one couple was fighting

on road. She gives them gifts. Ratan and Diya come there. Mohana tells CT that they were fighting on road. She gets surprised when Ratan and Diya introduces themselves. CT asks why they got late and tells that Mohana saw them fighting on road. Sakshi taunts them. Ratan laughs and tells that Diya was demanding to take her on cycle. He arranged cycle and brought her home. Mohana asks why did you tell her that you will separate with her in 4 days. Ratan says he said that as Diya will be going to her father’s house. He holds her hand and says I will miss you. Diya says I will miss you too. CT blesses them. Ratan tells that he got pimple on his cheeks. Sakshi teases Diya and Ratan. Yash gets a message from Police dept and says whose blood is AB+. Mohana says she will give blood. They come to the hospital. Mohana sees Arpita there and gets upset. Ratan worries for his pimple. Diya says they shall be careful. Her bangles fall down. Ratan helps her and finds it. Their heads collide. Ratan asks if she wants to fight again. Diya says no and collides her head with his. She feels bad for hiding truth from them. Ratan lie down on her feet. Sakshi comes and asks if he is touching her feet again. Ratan says he is searching anklet and pretends to make her wear. Arpita tells Mohana that she will give her everything. Mohana says I am not your daughter, you left me and my father to marry a rich man.

CT tells Diya that after wearing padma ‘s jewellery. She will become Thakurani sa in real means. She asks Diya to sit and explains to her about its importance. She says she will do this rasam tomorrow.
Ratan checks the file. Manager asks if Diya will not work. Ratan says she will work being an expert.

Diya comes to Ratan and tells that CT wants to make her wear Padma’s necklace. Ratan asks why she is worried. Diya says she don’t want to do rasam and play with everyone’s emotions. Ratan asks her to handle her way.

Ratan comes to CT and tells that Diya will not do the rasam.

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