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Preetan FF : Truth of life Part 23

Preeta is laying on the terrace edge going into flashback.

“Hey Dhruv, look international flight Preeta looks to the plane on air to Dhruv

Both are laying on with the heads touching on terrace of the building

“You see hot chilly, you see I will travel in that flight even before you ” Dhruv points on air

Preeta : really? but make sure I get all the pictures first

Dhruv : of course, who will I send other than you ? after all you are my support till old age

“Of course why not, by the way tell me what kind of girl you want Preeta is lifted by Dhruv while doing exercise

Dhruv ; should I say truth? if only I get somebody very naive, sensible and little bit spicy than you, I will then get married

“Okay fine, I will make sure that girl is full hot spicy so she straighten your mind makes him fall down on other side by tickling


“Only you were there before Karan, that I could share everything, my happiness, pain, tears, please come back Dhruv Preeta looks at their pictures

Karan goes back to his hotel room as well as Tanya who starts packing her bags. A picture falls from her bag of the trio Luthra brothers with her.

“Why does this happen to me, I never did wrong to anybody Tanya complains to herself for getting torn in duty of daughter and responsibility of friend. She throws things around in room with venting out all the frustration and emotion she buried from many years.

Karan looks at the locket given by Pinky

“I know you will come tomorrow, my heart says that I will finally get what I want, my Pinky Karan speaks his heart out he had not been able to share with anybody.

Rishab calls Karan at night to talk with him about everything.

“yes bhai Karan says in sleepy tone

Rishab : what do you mean yes? I guess you are so busy with your fighting partner you forgot about us

Karan ; no bhai, I was just in practice whole day, so could not call

Rishab : how is everything? are you feeling comfortable

Karan : everything is good, we have final match tomorrow evening

“Good luck, Karan, everybody have lot of expectations from you and your hard work is behind all this Rishab tells him

Karan : don’t worry bhai, how is mom and dadi, I am missing them so much

Rishab ; they are sleeping right now, its just matter of few days now, focus on your career right, levee everything back

“Yes bhai, I will Karan sounds low while talking with his brother

“Karan, why do you sound so tense is everything okay gets doubt

Karan : I am perfectly fine bhai, just tired from whole day

Rishab : okay you take rest, and remember I am always with you

Karan’s heart always felt a relieve talking with his brother. Amidst all the storm in his life the only person giving him soothe is Rishab.


Rishab informs everybody about Karan’s final match coming live within few hours. Aroras and Luthras gather to watch his match on TV.

Shrishti : I am so excited

“Keep your excitement in control tall pole, match have not started yet Sameer pulls her legs in front of everybody

Shrishti ; don’t mess with my mood today shorty or else

“Or else what he moves forward

Rishab : stop it both of you

Preeta prays in front of for Karan’s success.

Cape town

Karan and his team goes to the cricket match for the biggest match of their life. Today’s match will decide their fate of playing in future. The stadium is filled with people’s hopes, expectation and honor of their countries. Karan recalls his brothers’ words of playing it for himself more than anybody.

The coin tossed gets in favor of rival team and starts with their batting. Karan bowls with all the energy but Rohan drops many catches.

The rival team score 295 runs, losing only three wickets in half time  Karan passes his century, while most of the later wickets fall. Rohan returns to bat with the help of a runner and passes his half-century, reducing the target to 30 runs of 18 balls. The game goes down on the last over with Vicky on strike and team remains for one ball and down five runs.

Luthra family gets anxious now about the struggle of the match. Preeta is restless thinking about Karan.

The whole country is praying for some miracle happening. Karan closes his eyes to find his motivation that is alive because of his baby doll’s wishes. His heart keeps pumping faster when he feels a presence of somebody of his own. His eyes fall on the girl standing in between with the locket. As his heart said, there was Pinky standing in the row becoming his strength like before. She gives him thumbs up as lucky charm. Karan lifts the bat for the last ball being motivated by two important women in his life, one is his strength other is his inspiration (Preeta).  He hits the ball up in the air towards the boundary.

Everything freezes in the moment and only focus on the ball in air. One of the rival team catch that but realizes he caught the ball outside the boundary giving it six runs to Karan’s team. This leads to the victory of Indian team and winning the international. People raise their flag up as the symbol of their honor and victory. The whole team lifts up Karan while Rishab and whole family gets in tears after seeing how their son made whole country proud. Pinky looks up is sky seeing her dream come true of seeing Karan’s victory from her own eyes. The academic head congratulates the whole team for their success and hard work. He give the medal to Karan being the captain.

“I have no words, but only want to say this is not my alone but hard work of my whole team, gratitude to my brother who guided me on every step and there are other people who are listening to me, thank for you being my strength and inspiration Karan holds the mike and pours his little emotion

Preeta’s heart melts like ice seeing the tone he is speaking. Now she got not patience to fall in Karan’s arms and giving him solace for his victory. She wants him to see only proud in her eyes for him more than anything.

“Please come soon Karan, I can’t wait to see your face now Preeta jumps alone in the room

Tanya is waiting for Karan on the same bridge to share his happiness.

“Won’t you give me hug, like wanted to for my biggest victory Karan opens his arms which she runs without wasting moment. She feels contended in his arms after many years of craving to get his affection.

“Karan, I can’t tell you how much I missed you, every moment my eyes awaited for this Tanya is caressing his hair

“Hey, listen, you know the rule of our relation, we both are made of iron, this tears does is bad image for us Karan wipes off the tears from her eyes

Tanya : what are you doing here? won’t you celebrate your victory

Karan : my every celebration is incomplete without you, after all you get the credit for bringing us here, thank you for everything

“Aye, you are forgetting that promised to not be formal with each other teases him

Karan ; well yes you are right I guess

Tanya ; you made everybody sweat at the last moment, I see you always do that

“Sweetheart I am the karan Luthra, everything I do is stylish Karan gets into his usual self

Tanya : I don’t know why you praise so much to yourself, I never see anything great

Karan : thats why you are hugging me in midnight on middle of road

Tanya : shut up, i am not shameless like you, flirting around with girls all the time

Karan : what should I do, my charm is like that no girl can resist falling for me

“Really? what about yourself? did you never fell in love with anybody both keeps walking

Karan has only one image in mind when somebody talks about love his baby doll. Her precious smile and gorgeous face.

Tanya : where are you lost?

“Nothing, I have got something for you wait holds her hands and bends on knees

Tanya : what are you doing

Karan : give me your hand

“What Tanya resists

Karan : give me your hand quickly

Tanya puts her hand on his palm but the other moment is shocking for her when Karan puts ring on her thumb.

“Its a promise ring, do you know what that means, I will always stand with you no matter what gives her friendship promise

“Promise bends down too

Karan : pinky promise (hugs her again)

Somebody captures their pictures.

Their moment is interrupted by Rishab’s call on Karan’s phone.

“Its bhai Karan goes on other side to get full network

Rishab : can you hear me

“Yes bhai, I have full signal here gets louder

“I can’t tell you how happy I am right, you made it through, just come back soon, I cannot wait to hug you, I really miss you Rishab gets emotional

Karan : don’t worry bhai, we will fly out tomorrow, tell mom that keep ready my favorite food okay, I lost so much weight in few days Rishab

“Alright fine, I will let her know now go and enjoy your freedom Rishab tells him

Karan : love you bhai, bye see you tomorrow (hangs up)what are you looking

Tanya ; that you both brothers still love each other a lot, ever after so many years

Karan : time changes relation but not love, Rishab is my life, nothing can happen to him till I am alive and before you talk about Sammy let me remind you I am very angry with him

Tanya : oh come on, its not his fault, I told him to not to open his mouth

Their conversation continues by reaching their hotel at night.

“Its too late, good night, and wake up early tomorrow, we have our flight in afternoon Karan informs her

Tanya : sure good night

Later at night Tanya gets calls from somebody that slips the ground underneath her feet. She packs off her bags and asks travel agent to arrange her tickets as soon as possible.

Tanya : how should I go without informing Karan, i can’t even tell him situation

She leaves small note “Sorry Karan for leaving like this but I have an emergency, I will see you again in bombay, take care throws inside his room from the space under the door. She takes her bag and leaves immediately


Preeta keeps looking at Karan’s number from an hour thinking if she should call him.

“No, Mr Luthra now I will directly meet you, no more calls keeps her phone away on bedside

Next morning Karan sees the note on floor and gets disheartened to lose his pinky again. He feels they were only destined for few moments and again taken away by destiny. He prays for her safety when she does not pick up her call. The team departs to india in few hours. Preeta gets ready to finally see her Karan after so many days. He went in search for his destination and is returning with new identity.

“Shrishti, i am so happy right, I can’t wait to see my Karan jumps like kid

Shristhi : calm down, by the way whats the plan for today, I mean he is coming today, won’t you give him surprise

Preeta ; I want to but how will I do this, his family won’t leave him for one second and here mom and dadi are also there

Shrishti :you don’t take tension of mom and dadi, leave them to me, and when will that shorty be useful

Preeta : really? you would do this for me

Shrishti ; anything for you my dear sister

Rishab and Mahesh goes to pick Karan on airport. They waiting desperately for him to come out.

“Bhai Karan jumps on Rishab giving the brotherly hug

Mahesh : give some hug to your dad, so proud of you today

Karan ; thanks dad, I am very hungry

Rishab ; lets go, mom is waiting for you, she has cooked so much for you today

At home Rakhi does the aarti for Karan of making the whole country proud.

“May god bless you with every success like this Rakhi kisses his forehead

Karan ; I missed you so much my girlfriend (refers to his dadi)

Sarla and Arora dadi too congratulates him. Karan’s eyes are craving to see the glance of somebody who is the reason of his success. He is surrounded with many questions, where is she, how is she not present?

“Karan sir, your baby doll had planned something for you, make sure you reach at time in evening Shrishti whispers him

Karan : what (shouts loud)

Everybody looks at him with confusion

Karan : nothing you all carry on

Rishab : by the way where is Tanya, she went with you, didn’t she came back

Karan’s smile disappears and makes an excuse she had some urgent work in her hometown as he is not aware of the reason. Sameer gets suspicious about his words.

“Bhai, its cause for celebration, but this time we won’t have party Sameer rejects the idea of having party

Karan ; then?

“Sir, we are going for holidays to Lonavla Shrishti interrupts them

Karan : what? lonavla

Rishab ; this girls decided to take some break, and invited us too so what do you say

Karan ; I don’t mind, lets go bhai I am very tired with this jet leg and game

Rakhi tells him to take some rest as everybody is going to temple in evening. Karan finds great opportunity to finally see that face his eyes were craving. In the evening he reaches Arora house to meet his baby doll. He rings the door bell but nobody opens. He slowly pushes the door only to find it dark but few candles in the middle.

“Congratulation spread on floor with red roses

Karan walks around the whole house but finds Preeta nowhere but is surrounded with candles and roses. She scares him with the back hug finding solace. Karan turns around and takes her into bone crushing hug. His hands runs around her whole silky hair. Both stays like that for long time as they found heaven in each other’s arms.

“I missed you so much baby doll, when are you not with me, my whole world is empty cups her face with both hands and sees her crying on his hands

“You don’t even know how each day had passed, it was killing me like thorn, please don’t go again like this Preeta does not look at him losing all courage

Karan : Even I don’t have that much strength to leave you alone, by the way nice decoration

Preeta : thanks, but surprise is not over yet, come (takes him inside her room)

She baked the special vanilla and chocolate cake for him.

“This is my favorite Karan is about to take bite but is stopped by her

Preeta : you really don’t have manners, you will eat all alone, come on cut it

Karan blows the candle and feeds her the cake. She puts big pieces in his mouth. Karan lays down on her lap for a while after long journey getting all the pamperness he missed.

“Karan, do you feel good, now after meeting your pinky caresses his hair while he keeps holding her hands

Karan : what should I say? her sudden disappearance made me tensed, I don’t know what could be the emergency that she left without even letting me know

Preeta : I feel there is something very serious she is hiding

Karan : lets give it some time and then think about her, right now its time for our romance

Preeta : that reminds me, get ready for next holiday, we are going to Lonavla

Karan ; why Lonavla? you girls didn’t find any other places

Preeta : whats wrong there? we will eat brittles

Karan : you girls are all same, fine then we will go there, at least bhai will also get some time off from his work.


Tanya is informed by doctors that her mom have very less time to survive.

Tanya : please do something, do anything you can but save my mom (begs to doctors)

Doctor : I am sorry but that incidence had left very big impact on her mind, only prayers can save her

Tanya rushes to church and asking the life of her mother.

“Please save my mom, I know I did wrong by breaking my promise but don’t punish her for my mistake, I swear after today i will never go back to india and meet them again please save my mom her loud noise echoes in church

Precap : Luthra and Arora sibling starts heading to Lonavla for new change in their lives.

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