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Porus 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update: Faroos Burns Dasyu Lok

Porus 1st March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Puru rests Ripudaman’s dead body on wooden logs. He with all dasyus waits for Hasti. Mahanandini tells Laachi that she made a mistake 21 years ago by letting Pourav rastra’s senapati Ripudaman into Dasyu lok, she will not make mistake again, Puru is Pourav rastra’s prince and has to leave Dasyu lok. Laachi says Puru always considered himself as Dasyu and helped them, she will not leave Puru in his difficult situation. She tells Puru that Sajjan kaka always considered Puru ahead of Hasti and must have desired his last rights via Puru, so he should stop waiting for Hasti and perform Sajjan kaka’s last rights.

In prison, Shivdutt fumes reminisces Bamni insulting him for Anusuya and sending him to jail. Darius walks in calling him Amartya/chief minister and asks how is he feeling.

Shivdutt says he is not Amartya now and not even fit to become guard now. Darius asks to trust his partner and see how his fate changes. Kanishk walks in and hugs Shivdutt. Darius says he called Kanishk here as he is worried that Bamnni will make Puru as future king and not Kanishk. Shivdutt fumes that only Kanishk will be future king. Darius says he has a plan for that, if Kanishk marries his daughter princess Barsin, he can easily become Pourav king. Kanishk asks how will he get rid of Puru by this. Darius asks to leave it to him.

Kanishk brings Faroos and his Farsi soldiers to Dasyu lok. Faroos disperses his soldiers around Dasyu lok. Puru performs Ripudaman/Sajjan’s last rights and sets his body on fire as per rituals. Pritha cries. Hasti walks in. Pritha runs and hugs him. Hasti angrily walks towards Puru. Puru requests him to beat him as he likes, but not inform of baba’s body. Hasti angrily beats Puru shouting Baba was not his father. Laachi interferes and says she asks Puru to performed kaka’s last rights as Hasti waas found no where. Sumer also warns Hasti to stop. Puru stops Sumer and says let Hasti vent his anger out. Faroos thinks he will finish Puru and dasyu lok at once today and orders his soldiers to do as he says. Soldiers throw oil in all huts. Hasti continues trashing Puru shouting he may be prince, but his father died because of him and his mother became widow. Puru says he can beat him as much as he wants, calling him brother. Hasti shouts not to call him brother, he will burn him same fire today.

Anusuya sadly looks towards Jhelum river. Bamni says let us hope Puru will return soon. Anusuya says Puru may not. Bamni says he lost hhis wife and son and wants them to be in front of his eyes always. He asked Anusuya to apologize Darius, so he will apologize her. Anusuya says she did not feel bad as Pourav rastra’s king ordered her to apologize, but now her husband is in front of him. They both run and hug each other and cuddle each other emotionally. She turns and stops seeing Bamni’s second wife Kadika standing. Bamni introduces her as Rani Kadika,his wife.

Faroo’s soldier’s spread oil all around Dasyu pradesh and thinks Bharatis burn dead people, he will burn live people and celebrate diwali. Hasti picks big stone boulder shouting he will finish a leech who is pestering him since childhood.

Farsi soldiers burn dasyu lok. Alexander returns to Macedonia, and people greet him.

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